The healthy habit I swear by



a massive


and Lord, I mean massive



for lunch





I have done this for six years. And I promise you,

after just three days,


will feel


Vibrant and full.



48 thoughts on “The healthy habit I swear by

  1. Kate

    Wow, this is so inspiring! I’m normally kinda averse to salads in the winter, but I might have to start doing this! I would love for you to breakdown your favorite things to put on your salad every day!

    1. Liz

      I’m not a blogger, but a killer ranch dressing is:
      1 part nonfat plain greek yogurt
      1 part light mayo
      garlic powder
      dill (all to taste)

      KILLER light homemade ranch.

  2. Prairie Mother

    I started this habit a couple years ago and YES! It is amazing how great it makes me feel. And how lousy I feel when a couple days go by when I can’t get my salads. Yay for veggies!!!

  3. kelly

    I agree! It is a wonderful way to get those veggies in and it has kept me right where I should be healthy weight-wise!

  4. Jennifer W.

    I love salads so much, and I’ve been having a long term love affair with salad dressings for most of my life (homemade are my current fave), but I have a question for you though…do you make your salads individually or do you prepare several of them at once?

    I’m trying to work out a good system, because sometimes I just do not feel inspired to cut up all those veggies no matter how delicious they are.

  5. Heather

    I looked in your recipes for some great salad recipes and didn’t see much. I hope you will post some more in the future! I just started following your blog and love it. I am trying to get back into shape after having my daughter. She is a year old and I have finally told myself no more excuses. I loved your recipe for your Rosemary Chicken. Thanks!

  6. Tawn

    I beg you to post some salad recipes. Especially for homemade dressings that aren’t gonna rack up calories. I can throw together a mean salad but I’m at a loss on how to make a good dressing.

  7. aimee

    thanks for the tip! will try to do… but perhaps could you elaborate on what type of salads dressings? what you put in them? and just how big to you mean big? because some salads can reach 800 kcal…. which is still a lot of kcal… or will you be addressing these issues in your book?

  8. Hannah

    I would love to see some of your salad recipes! Some of my favorite salads pack some serious calories. I’d be great to find some tasty, filling ones that are also healthy.

  9. Liz

    Will you please share with us some of your favorite salad recipes? I get so burnt out on salad, so hoping you have some tips after eating them for 6 years!

  10. Amy

    I agree. I would really like to see some of your favorite combinations (dressing recipes included) and how you keep them interesting if you eat them for lunch each weekday. Thanks!

  11. Biz

    Words to live by! I’ve been so disorganized with my husband’s recent surgery – hope to jump back on the healthy bandwagon – soon!

  12. Ana Maria

    I find that my stomach doesn’t like to eat too many veggies at a time without a carb, which it calms it down a bit.

    Anyone else get this problem? I LOOOOOOVE vegetables, too, so it is a little sad!

  13. Lynners

    Lettuce and my stomach I don’t get along, sometimes. Perhaps if I just kept it up, they’d come to some sort of an agreement, though.

  14. Christin

    Yep, I would also like some inspiration! Because I can make a mean salad that’s calorie laden, and plain lettuce is no fun. Soooo…. Fill us in! How do you make it interesting yet still low calorie/low fat?

  15. Tracy

    I agree with the masses and want some ideas of what to put in the salad. How about salad dressing? Now I know you live in the Northwest where you cannot get farmers market veggies year round, what do you do during the winter?!?

    <3 Tracy

  16. Rivki Locker

    Terrific advice. The challenge for me is always figuring out how to fit that into my workday since I work out of the house most of the week. I guess I could start by incorporating this habit on the days I work from home… LOVE it.

  17. Tracy

    I’m hooked on this dressing as this has become a staple in my frig – I’m not the genius who thought this one up as it comes from another food blog I follow “Salad in a Jar”

    1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
    1 tablespoon light soy sauce
    1 1/2 tablespoon Dijon mustard
    1 1/2 tablespoon honey
    3 tablespoons nonfat Greek yogurt (may substitute regular nonfat yogurt but finished product will be a little different)
    1/2 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil.
    Mix well. Store in refrigerator.
    Calories: 62 Fat: 4 g : 6 g
    Makes 8 servings/2 tablespoons each.

  18. Jasanna

    so simple yet so true. I haven’t done this in a while because I just look at that lettuce after the 3rd day…and start to cry. ok, not really, but I feel like it. :) I need to get back into the swing of it though and make a salad with lots of fixings!

  19. Jenn

    I couldn’t agree with you more! I eat a ginormous kale salad with healthy & delicious fixin’s and homemade dressing for lunch. DELICIOUS!

    Happy Holidays to you!

  20. Katie

    I have a similar healthy habit. Since I can’t always have a salad for lunch, I make sure that I have one “heavy” meal and one “light” meal a day. So that means if I take dinner leftovers for lunch and it’s a rice-based stir-fry, I make sure to have a salad or smoothie (sometimes with greens in it) for dinner. If I take a salad for lunch, I can have a heavier meal for dinner. Sounds simple, but I was in a habit of eating a lot of heavy food (i.e. carb-based, little protein, less veggies, more fats like coconut and avocado, etc.) and once I switched to salad at least once a day, 5-10 pounds just melted right off.

    Thanks for the great salad suggestions – love the dressing and combination ideas!

  21. tK

    Hear hear! A mere week ago I decided that I needed to eat healthier, and (inspired by reading about the Paleo diet) I have been eating mainly veggies and proteins (with small helpings of my beloved carbs). The result? An OVER-abundance of energy and general good feelings! Hooray for vegetables! I love that I can still eat the same amount of food as I did before but feel way better.

  22. erika

    So true! I just found your blog last week and I found your story to be so incredible! I come from a long line of women with “food issues” and it took me many years to begin thinking in a healthy way about food and my body. Your blog is so honest, positive, reasonable, and sometimes downright hilarious. I am anxious to read your upcoming book(s). Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. It really is inspirational and so much fun to read!

  23. Monessa

    Day 1: Beef taco salad w/ salsa as the “dressing”. I hate salad. I truly do. Green food *tastes* green. Plus the greener it is, the slimier it is.

    I also hate cleaning the toilets and filing but I do it. If I feel better after three days of this; I can do this too. (I think)

    Tomorrow I’m going to have lemon pepper chicken w/ bell peppers and hummus on a salad. After that, I have no idea.

  24. bread angel

    I love salads and will give you some hints from my mother who made the best salads.
    1. Have the greens really cold.
    2. The best dressing is a little olive oil and wine vinegar, salt and pepper. (Mom would just pour in the oil, but I measure no more than 1 Tablespoon per salad for two people.
    3. Toss the salad very well, making sure all of the leaves are coated.
    4. I like butter lettuce for its mild flavor and the fact that it requires very little dressing.

  25. Susannah

    Ahhh, I love salad, and you’re absolutely right, eating salad every single day does make you feel full and fabulous.

    Thanks for this great post.


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