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Happy Friday, friends!

I spent a good portion of last week in Pittsburgh at DeLallo Foods. I stayed in the company’s “stone house,” which is only a short walk from the flagship DeLallo store (heaven, let me tell you), and though the stone house may sound quaint, and even kinda-sorta look it from the outside since it’s stone-covered and surrounded by woods, inside it’s the sleekest, chicest, baddest house I could ever have imagined. Truly the stuff Pinterest decor inspiration was made of.

I was there to film recipe videos, and we did–for two full days we cooked and filmed–but! all the while, I managed to eat endless antipasti, prove that the only nook of my memory that remains completely intact is the 90s music collection, and make a handful of new friends. What’s more, I got to spend 5 uninterrupted hours catching up with my friends, Jess, Eddie, cutiepie Max, and finally meet Jess’ cousin, Lacy, who I’ve been friends with on Instagram for years (strange and lovely the connections we make, isn’t it?). I didn’t think it’d be possible to adore her more in person than I already did online, but it was. Just like Jess, she’s completely irresistible. Funny without trying, warm, and thoughtful enough to bring me a whole box of sweets (the key to my heart).

Enough about me, though. What’s new with you?

Here are the links that caught my eye this week:

Let an algorithm find the perfect emoji for you.

Don’t tell me you knew this and never told me: how to pick a good eggplant at the store.

The best time to schedule a meeting for your productivity? Tuesday at 2:30pm.

“My biggest financial mistake after leaving college was allowing my spending to very quickly inflate to fill up my new salary.”  – What I’d Do Differently in My Career If I Graduated From College Today

According to the Environmental Working Group, these are the high-priority chemicals the EPA should act on quickly.

Giada De Laurentiis, Joy the Baker, Freddie Prinze Jr…what are their favorite pints of ice cream?

A simple decluttering habit: Leave no trace.
“When you do something you should burn yourself completely, like a good bonfire, leaving no trace of yourself.” – Shunryu Suzuki

What to do with near-empty condiment jars. I know I’m a psychopath because cleaning out the fridge is a pasttime of mine. “Open your refrigerator. Pull out all the nearly-empty jars, bottles, and containers of ketchup, mayo, fish sauce, yogurt, tahini. Spend a few minutes turning all those dregs into one of these 10 ‘clean-up’ sauces that repurpose all your condiments into straight-up delicious dips, dressings, marinades, and more. Reap the benefits of your own resourcefulness.”




4 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Gloria Boose

    I live in Somerser Pa and have been visiting Delallo’s since I was a child. Isn’t that store amazing!!! The employees are so nice. I would love to see your videos…….how is that possible. I enjoy your emails!! Have a great day. Gloria

  2. Rochelle

    So it isn’t just me with the fridge cleaning? Haha ! Weirdly having a ton of food in my fridge makes me anxious, I’m much more calm when it’s all organized and I know exactly what’s in there

  3. Lucie Mewes

    OMG? Where is Can You Stay For Dinner? Yes, I’ve been away, sailing the Sea of Cortez, with no internet…and I’m just now catching up. But!?

    I love your blog!

    This new, unapologetic Andie Mitchell…can it be in DARKER type so my older eyes can read it n my iPad?


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