Weekly Coffee Date

Weekly Coffee Date - photo by aleks

I hope you had a great weekend, friends! Daniel and I are in the midst of a big move to Massachusetts so it’s a whirlwind around here. But in between boxing up our stuff, I stumbled upon some great links!

Improve your day’s focus by answering “What Would Make Today Great?”

For Gmail lovers like me: Gmail Sender Icons Adds Favicons to Gmail for Easier Skimming

Some important questions to think about when house hunting

Three questions to avoid asking during a job interview

How to figure out what’s slowing your computer down

If you haven’t mowed through all your Valentine’s chocolates yet, here’s a way of identifying chocolates that don’t come with those handy guides (Andie pro tip- just take a bite of each one.)

Emma Stone looks to be a lock for Best Actress Oscar after winning most of the key lead up awards



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