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coffee date - photo by africastudio

Hi Friends! I hoped all of you on the east coast stayed safe during the storm. We got walloped here in Massachusetts and the snow blower broke about halfway through, Daniel and I started to reconsider our home ownership goals after shoveling out my parents driveway. Most of my web browsing has been on Zillow this week but here are some interesting links I found:

Daniel almost chopped his hand off trying to cut through a spaghetti squash the other day. This infographic showing how to cut tricky vegetables would have been helpful.

The Paleo Diet isn’t so much Paleo as it is simply low carb. Scientists examining Neanderthal dental plaque concluded “The true paleo diet is eating whatever’s out there in the environment.”

Lately it seems like I’m getting more and more scam calls. You? Here is a list of area codes that you probably shouldn’t pick up unless you happen to have a chatty uncle in Grenada.

Humpback whales are hanging out in huge groups off the coast of South Africa and scientists are completely stumped. No one can explain why the typically solitary mammals are gathering together, especially in a place they don’t usually inhabit this time of year. So be on the lookout for the great humpback whale world domination plot.



7 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Anne F

    Thankful Daniel’s hand is okay!!! Going to look at your website suggestion cutting difficult produce. Thanks. af

  2. Jennifer Sils

    Thank you for the infographic on how to cut up Spaghetti Squash – it always scares me, too!
    Just wanted to say I am a fan of everything you write.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. B in Montana

    I always prick and then microwave spaghetti squash for 4 minutes or so before attempting to halve… then finish roasting in the oven. Had the same scary experience trying to cut one raw!

  4. Kristen

    The best tasting and textured spaghetti squash I’ve ever had was also the easiest to cook! Seriously, how often does that happen?? Anyway, roast those suckers whole. Then let it cool a bit before cutting in half and scooping.

  5. MaryC

    I did lower carb for quite a while, but low carb is hard for me to exact for any length of time….too restrictive. Do you stay at your current weigh by doing low carb?

  6. Joanna

    I got stitches in my finger after a spaghetti squash cutting incident. Since then I’ve looked up how to do it correctly. It really is a tough one!


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