Weekly Coffee Date

Weekly coffee date - photo by jodie johnson

Hi friends! I hope everyone had a nice week. It is finally starting to resemble spring in Massachusetts as the snow starts to melt. We had a crazy week of home buying related stuff but we are pretty close and feeling good. I can’t wait to share it with you when it becomes more definite. Here are a few links I saw this week as I sat next to Daniel and pretended to help him scan various mortgage related documents.

Here’s a helpful guide on cleaning a kitchen. Or you could try Daniel’s method of making a mess and then waiting for someone else to begin cleaning it before declaring “I was just about to clean that.”

An interesting article about how to become a great cook without being a chef.

Chris Pratt is on a pretty strict diet and shares some of his snacks.

The University of Maryland has declared turmeric the superfood of 2017.



2 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Judy Caywood

    Thank you Andie. Headed to the gym and then home to relax and read your links. They sound like all things I will enjoy. Happy Sunday!

    I have been married 40 years to a man who can’t boil and egg without melting the pot down into a throw away mass so at least yours can cook. : )

  2. Sherrie L. Scharbrough

    I can defintly relate to your man not cleaning up after himself. My hubby was a Chef in the Navy. He always had someone to clean up after him. A personal mess cook who cleaned everything for him. I swear he peels potatoes while staring at the ceiling. He will make major messes and then walk out of the kitchen!! I love it when he cooks for us but man he can make the worst messes for me to clean up!! I guess I should just be Thankful that he even cooks at all. Enough of my belly aching I sure hope he doesn’t decide to cook tonight. It’s a ham sandwich and cheese kind of night. But the truth is he can make a huge mess making his sandwich. Have a great one!


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