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weekly coffee date - photo by jodie johnson

Hi friends! After enjoying a beautiful week of temperatures in the 50s I was finally embracing spring and now somehow it’s snowing/sleeting outside in April. Maybe it was a mistake to move back North? I wonder how the real estate prices are near the equator. This week I spent most of my downtime browsing furniture and home decor¬†sites, daydreaming about decorating a new house. When my eyes glazed over from trying to tell the difference between 10 different shades of white, I came across some links that might be of interest.

My parents have a wooded area behind their house that Dee loves to walk in. But when she comes home we have to check her meticulously for ticks. As tick season approaches here is what to do if you are bitten by a tick.

I really don’t like pranks or April Fools but some of these horrific pranks from the 19th century are pretty interesting.¬†

If you know my history with running you will know I would never be able to run a marathon. But I came across this article that says the kidney function of runners who have just completed a marathon resembles those of patients who have just undergone heart surgery.

Here is a guide that tells you what to do if you want to learn to appreciate the taste of vegetables.

Usually when approaching a vending machine for a snack, we aren’t in the best head space to make a healthy decision. But an interesting experiment reveals if people are forced to wait 25 seconds for an unhealthy snack they are more likely to choose a healthier option that is available instantly.



3 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Brittney Wade

    That marathon article! I ran one in January (my first), and Im totally not surprise by that information. My kidneys were giving me a fit during and after!

  2. Mariana

    Great links! Specially the one about the veggies. And since it’s the first time I comment: congratulations on your successful journey, you’re an inspiration! Love from Portugal

  3. Emma

    That article about eating your veggies is so interesting! Though I’m sad that they left off roasting-it’s a great way to bring out the sweetness in vegetables usually experienced as bitter.


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