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Acadia National Park

Hi Friends! I hope everyone had a nice holiday. Daniel and I went to Acadia National Park this week and it is utterly breathtaking. We had a blast hiking and exploring the different areas of the park. They have beach, mountains, forest, lakes, everything you would ever want to see. It was a nice time to go because there were so few people there it was so serene. The little tourist towns surrounding the park were dead this time of year but I imagine they’re so cute in the busy summer season.

Acadia National Park

Today I’m so happy to be going to Daniel’s childhood best friend, and all around great person, Alison’s wedding! I hope the rain will go away by this evening but even if it doesn’t I know it will all be beautiful and lovely. Have a great weekend, friends!

For the organization junkie in me, here is a helpful infographic on closet organization.

People going to Panda Express or Domino’s probably aren’t going there for their health, but Goop has an interesting guide on healthiest options at fast food places.

The key to stopping bad habits is breaking your daily routine according to this interesting blog post.

Short, intense workouts seem like a good idea on paper. But does anyone actually do them?

Here are the 11 most popular kitchen-related cleaning hacks on Pinterest right now



7 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Jessica

    Dave and I were just talking about Acadia! We went there about 12 years ago now and would love to go back!! Love the foggy, serene shots you captured!

  2. Ellie

    This looks like a wonderful place! I think regardless of the weather it still has a lot of beauty. The air itself must be very refreshing, I would love to hike there. Great photos!

  3. Juliette @ Namastay Traveling

    I love Acadia National Park! The Beehive trail to date is my favorite hike ever! Really interesting article on the super short workouts..I read about them all the time but I wonder if anyone actually goes to the gym for a seven minute sweat sessions. Awesome read.

  4. Rebecca

    I live about 45 minutes from ANP and it’s breathtaking. The coast of Maine is the best place to live. I am convinced. Wish the weather had been better for you! April showers bring May flowers….

  5. Sabrina

    looks beautiful, never been there, love the mistiness of it! thank you for all of the interesting links, love the “hack”, even for those I’ve seen before it’s often a good reminder of how many things (lemons, for ex) that are so simple work so well!


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