Weekly Coffee Date

Weekly Coffee Date - kitchen window photo by jodie johnson

Hi friends! We have a super exciting day today! We’re expecting to close on our hoouuuse!! Ahh I truly can’t wait to share more of the specifics when it’s a done deal (is it really weird that I’m so scared of us jinxing ourselves?!). Until then, here are some of the more interesting links I came across this week:

As a huge procrastinator, I found this article about the inverse—precrastination—very interesting. Excessive planning ahead and doing things too far ahead of time has its own problems.

An article that focuses on the importance of survivorship bias when looking at success stories.

Jack White spent 5 years and a lot of money to send a turntable playing a record into the stratosphere “to be an eccentric and produce a beautiful moment that people will talk about.”

The problems with airline travel have been in the news a lot recently so the NYT made an infographic about the economic realities of cheaper air travel. (We probably can’t expect first class service while paying greyhound prices.)

An article that talks about the importance of thanking people for doing household chores.

This is a pretty amazing weight loss story. She lost over 700 pounds!



3 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Christel Goetsch

    So excited for you, Andie! Best wishes and many happy and healthy years ahead in your new home… (and, of course, many ‘great-smelling smells’ are being wished for your future!)


  2. Anne F.

    Hey Andie! So excited for your closing on the house!!! Don’t think you are silly at all about jinxing the closing….as we say,”It ain’t over til the fat lady sings!” Things fall through all the time. Pays to be cautious. Hope you get possession today too! Have a much anticipated fun-filled day! You are now embarking on a new chapter in your life! It IS a BIG day! Know the house will be more wonderful then you remember. ❤️


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