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Halo Top ice cream flavors (photo by Raul Velasco)

photo by Raul Velasco

Hi friends!

I hope you’re all enjoying summer so far. This weekend I’m headed to Las Vegas with my girlfriends for my Bachelorette Party! I’m not sure what my fabulous bridesmaids have planned, but I’m sure it will be the best time. I love Vegas even though I’m not much of a gambler. I like all the restaurants, shows, hotels, and pools mostly. What would be your perfect bachelorette party destination? While you ponder that, here are some interesting links I came across this week:

There is a solar eclipse coming on August 21. This will be the first total solar eclipse that can be seen across the entire country in almost 100 years! Looking directly at an eclipse can cause eye damage or even blindness, so here is a guide on how to best safely enjoy the show.

According to two new studies, drinking coffee may correlate to living a longer life. If this is true I might live to see the next several total solar eclipses!

Even though I can tend to have an all-or-nothing approach to diet and health, that isn’t quite the right way to think. A study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health finds that improving the quality of diet over time, even with modest changes, may significantly reduce the risk of premature death.

Here are a list of the 2017 Emmy nominations. The Emmys can be frustrating with nominations. More popular shows that are merely good are definitely favored over niche shows that may be great (looking at you, 5-time best comedy winner Modern Family). But they bring up a fun opportunity for debate. My favorite shows this year were Better Call Saul and Transparent. What were yours? Did they make the list?

Here’s a fascinating case where a monkey took a selfie with someone’s camera and PETA is arguing that the monkey owns the copyright since he is technically the “author,” and others shouldn’t be able to profit from it.

A Wish for You

In these crazy times, it’s good to get behind something positive and heartwarming, and that’s one thing that reader, Vicki, is doing. A month ago, she sent me a Wish Package—a sweet, spontaneous card and gift—made by A Wish For You. The company offers the delivery of a keepsake card with a personal message and a small memento to special people in your life. It was so nice to receive a “just because” gift out of the blue from Vicki (and I love snail mail), and I imagine some of you might want to send a little gift to people you love, too!

A Wish for You is offering all of you a 10% discount off your first order. Just enter code Andie on the checkout page to get the discount! (*Note: the code entry space is on the right-hand side of the checkout page, under the summary of your order items. The 10% discount will be applicable on any order, no minimum required. Shipping and one card (with a personal message) is always included.)

Seattle Map Poster

Another sweet gift: A reader named Jennifer sent me a fun print of Seattle that she made and I thought I’d share it with you in case you want one, too! Here’s the link!



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  1. Kristee

    If you have the chance eat at the outdoor patio at Mon Ami Gabi. There are some amazing healthy options on the menu and you have an amazing view of the famous Bellagio fountains! Have so much fun!


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