Weekly Coffee Date

Weekly Coffee Date - photo by aleks

Hi friends!

Summer is really chugging along, isn’t it? A few days ago I saw a Halloween candy display being set up at the grocery store and I had to do a double take. This week we’re doing some small house projects with my stepdad (replacing baseboards, new balusters on the stairs…), which should be fun. He’s super helpful and incredibly handy with all sorts of odd jobs, and Daniel and I are so fortunate to have him. In between supervising the work (nodding along, pretending I know what he’s talking about), I’m going to be meeting with our florist for the wedding and having a bridal hair and makeup trial! 9 WEEKS TO THE WEDDING!

What are some of your mid-summer plans? Are you taking it easy around the house or do you have some fun vacations planned?

Here are some links from throughout the week:

A nice solid cast iron pan is a must-have in any kitchen. It turns out flaxseed oil might be the best oil to use for seasoning.

I am not too too big on selfies in general, but I found this article talking about how selfies can be inappropriate in some settings very interesting. Here is an excerpt:

“In what ways should we occupy a given space? Today, the ideas we hold about ourselves eclipse the grandness of the world. We want dominion over it, rather than coexistence, rather than empathy.”

Half of all plastic ever made was created in the past 13 years. Here’s an interesting look at the effect of all that plastic on the environment and the outlook for the future.

Read one woman’s experience following a ketogenic diet (high fat, moderate protein, low carb) for two months. She found it beneficial in many ways but also very hard to stick to.

A guide to finding out if you have a “bad boss.” I work for myself and am preeetty sure I already know the answer.



3 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Savvy

    I’m willing to do the time to ‘re-season’ a matte black Staub pan once it cools off!! Summer in the west has been a scorcher!! Have fun with your hair stylist and photoshoot!! You’re my start to a PERFECT day!!


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