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Hi friends! I like to start most of these by complaining about New England weather but I’m really thankful we don’t get the really terrifying stuff like this hurricane in Texas. I hope the worst of it is just property damage (which is still awful), and that everyone stays safe.

We are now just four weeks out from our wedding and I am really excited. There is still a lot of little details to figure out, but I think everything will come together.

Here are some interesting links I came across this week:

There are hundreds of thousands without power in Texas. If you ever find yourself in that position, here’s a guide on how long food stays safe in the fridge.

I really like shopping at Whole Foods but the prices can be a big turn off. After buying Whole Foods, Amazon has announced they plan to lower prices on many staples starting Monday. Hopefully they retain quality and are able to make things more affordable.

I am definitely a cheeseburger person but Daniel is a lover of fried chicken sandwiches at fast food places. Here’s an article reviewing 11 different versions of chicken sandwiches from different restaurants.

I’m generally interested in organization and I thought this article about how to get rid of stuff when you’re downsizing (or helping older parents downsize) was pretty informative.

Here’s what different kinds of athletes eat for breakfast. (I’ll take the french toast, skip the run)



6 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Gardenia

    Thanks for thinking of Texas and sharing all these interesting things! I’m currently in Houston, working as emergency staff in a hospital and am thankful for little bright spots (like reading your blog) that can take my mind off of everything going on around me if only for a bit!

    1. Jodi

      Sending prayers to you in Houston and those you are working with to keep everyone safe. Hope the rain stops soon and you can get on with recovery!!

  2. Belle

    It’s incredible how much those breakfasts vary! If I start the day with 2 scrambled eggs, and a side of Greek yogurt with berries, things are usually off to a good start. My body seems to need both the protein (from the eggs) and the probiotic (from the yogurt) to function properly.



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