Weekly Coffee Date

weekly coffee date

Hi friends! It’s been nice living without wedding stress for a while. Daniel and I are so excited to go on our honeymoon this week. When we were planning, we decided to wait a couple weeks after the wedding to go on our honeymoon, thinking it would give us a chance to catch our breath and get all our normal life stuff squared away before going. But now we realize that two weeks was probably too long of a gap. It’s been weird trying to get back to our normal routine while also being excited to go on a big trip. I think it’s probably best to go on your honeymoon right away if you can. But the wait is almost over and we’ve been having a lot of fun planning what we’re going to do, see, and eat in Hawaii. I loved your suggestions for Maui and Kauai, so thank you! Keep the advice comin’!

In between staring at yelp reviews of every restaurant on Maui, I came across some interesting links:

Here is an article from National Geographic about why archeologists haven’t been able to find any of Columbus’s ships despite years of searching.

Warren Buffet has a notoriously kid-like diet, full of fast food and soda. He famously joked, “I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among 6-year-olds, so I decided to eat like a 6-year-old.” I’m not sure if he always eats like this or just publicizes his love of Dairy Queen and Coke because he owns so many shares in the companies. But this reporter tried the diet for a week and found it pretty difficult.

A survivalist who stockpiled 45 years’ worth of food decided Puerto Rico needed it more than he did.

A man who was arrested in Wyoming for public intoxication claims he is a time traveler from 2048 and came to warn the citizens of Casper of an impending alien invasion.

Here are some bizarre sandwich combinations from restaurants around the country. Does a PB&J burger sounds good to you?



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  1. Amy Mahon

    Congratulations on your marriage and enjoy your honeymoon! Hawaii is where we went too, but Maui and Honolulu. Maui was baeutiful. Drive the road to Hana. Don’t know if it’s still there (our honeymoon was 15 yrs ago), but when we drove to Hana there was a run down shack with a sign “last food before Hana”. We decided to eat there and the bbq was delicious! Got back on the road and arrived at Hana about 5 minutes later (also before GPS was common). So even though the road sign tricked us, it was well worth the stop and we had a funny memory :)
    We also drove up to see the sunrise at Haleakala.
    Have a great time!

  2. Lacee Mitchell

    My husband and I actually just got back from our honeymoon to Maui a few weeks ago! I absolutely loved everything about it– what’s so great about Maui is that there is no bad view no matter where you are. We did the basic things like the Road to Hana, Haleakala sunrise (which you need to make a reservation the day before to go to it, we learned the hard way so we actually ended up having to come back for the sunset since we were turned away!), the lavender field was my favorite– pay for the tour as you get to learn a little about the lavender and sniff each plant, plus grab a lavender coffee or tea while taking the tour. We spent a day in Lahaina & went to baby beach, we ate dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise which sounds corny but the restaurant overlooks the ocean and is absolutely amazing, typical bar food. Mick Fleetwood also has a restaurant across the street called “Fleetwoods” which we spent a whole afternoon at listening to live music and drinking their awesome craft cocktails. Our condo was in Kihei, so we spent the majority of our time there– my favorite restaurant there was Three’s– awesome brisket and delicious cocktails. Our last day we spent at Mama’s– I doubt I will ever eat a meal that expensive again but the view alone was worth it. We went for a late lunch, 2pm, which made it nicer and less crowded. Be sure to make a reservation and let them know it is your honeymoon– they will do their best to get you a great seat!!! After lunch, go sit down by the beach, sea turtles love to hang out there. :)

    Enjoy your trip– you really can’t go wrong in anything that you do… & please post a ton of pictures!!!

    1. Shannon Boggs

      sorry this is a long Reply!
      (in exchange for this info…I want wedding pics!)
      Kihei- Maui brewing here also original in Kaanapali (?) I don’t usually like BBQ, but theirs is great!!!
      South Shore tiki lounge-dive bar, but cute lil area with great sunset views right across the street. I also went to a thrift store near here…I love thrift store shopping while on vacation

      Lahaina- Pacific ‘o is a MUST!!!- but…I didn’t want to go back to the room, take a shower, put on make up and I certainly didn’t want my husband to have to put close toed shoes on! UGH!!! Not in paradise!! So, we got there right as they opened and sat at the bar! Has the same amazing food as everyone else and got to talk to the local bartenders. (yes, I was in my bathing suit with a sundress/cover up, sand actually on my toes- no one cares!)

      Wailuku- the scariest road (we didn’t do Hana)- there’s a shack that sells Julia’s famous Banana Bread- you must GO!!!!
      If you continue on that road, you come across a really lovely place on the right that sells artwork and quality souvenirs. But as I remember, the rest of the way down isn’t 100% interesting and you end up near the airport….but, better than going back the scary road!

      Paia-totally fun funky lil town, there’s a health food store that you will freak over. There’s a fish market on the corner that you MUST eat at…. you also must use the access road…as you’re getting close to Paia, you’re on Hana Rd (along with EVERYONE else) everyone wants to turn right on Baldwin….but before you get to Baldwin, there’s a small street called an ‘access road’ (just have your phone out and keep looking) even though it doesn’t seem like much, it will save you at least 20 min and lots of frustration. Park immediately and just walk…parking is not your friend in this town. Also, look for Baby Beach in Spreckelsville (it’s right there off of Hana Rd.) you enter through a residential neighborhood, but I think it’s worth seeing this pristine beach.

      You gotta keep your eye out for the small blue signs that say “beach access”, immediately pull your rental to the right and enjoy what is usually an uncrowded or local beach. OH…. keep snorkel gear and floaties in the car at all times. Along with a cooler and towels…. You just have to keep getting in the water!!! Also, as my husband drove, I had my phone on map and just keep looking for the “beach” and we’d pull over get out and take a dunk….then move on to the next adventure.

      Do have Macadamia pancakes with coconut syrup whenever you can. Don’t have Loco Moco on principle!

      PICTURES or it didn’t happen!!!
      love- Shannon

  3. Kathy

    Congratulations on your marriage and enjoy your honeymoon! Hawaii is the place where we went too, but Maui and Honolulu. Maui was beautiful. Drive the road to Hana. Though considering overall I would say this would be the most lovely place for the honeymoon.


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