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snow day for a pug

Last Thursday we got walloped with a massive snow storm in Massachusetts. My parent’s pug, Dee, slept over the night before so she could be with us during the storm. Daniel walks her on weekdays while my parents are at work so we thought it would be easier to just have her here. She shared the bed with Daniel while I moved to a twin mattress we dragged into our bedroom. We’re both so lucky and so thankful that we work from home and don’t have to worry about going anywhere in the bad weather. On Thursday while the snow came down outside, we made pizza bagels for lunch, cookies in the afternoon, homemade mac and cheese for dinner, and cuddled up on the couch watching movies all day. Every few hours, Daniel would shovel a path for Dee in the backyard to go to the bathroom but she would inevitably just jump into a pile of snow in the middle of the deck. Around 7 that night when the snow died down, Daniel went out with his new snowblower (about 5 minutes into shoveling the few inches we got on Christmas morning he declared we were buying a snowblower immediately). He cleaned up all the snow in a couple hours as Dee and I watched from the window. Then we drove her home, sharing the quiet road only with plows. It was such a great day. I know a lot of people around here complain about these brutal New England winters, but sometimes the snow is just so cozy and special.

Did you get hit with the snow? 

In other news, here are a few links I found interesting this week:

Here’s where you can watch all the Golden Globe nominees

Why you should schedule a Personal Inventory Day each month

The psychological origins of procrastination—and how we can stop putting things off

8 things every person should do before 8 a.m.



10 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Amy

    We’ve been hit by the snow, too; although we’re in NC. I have to admit, sometimes a lazy day around the house with a cup of something warm and card games is the way to go. My son would die a hundred deaths of happiness if I got him a pug. :)

  2. Beth

    No snow yet where we live in NC but it’s currently 10 degrees at my house. Would love some of the white stuff because pretty much everything shuts down here when it happens, and we take advantage of the down time as you did. We watch movies & read. Our dog loves the extra snuggle time too.

    Thank you especially for that last article you linked to: 8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M. Wow, that is really, really good stuff! I’m going to apply those tips to my life.

  3. Amanda Lapinski

    These links are fantastic! I really needed to read these! Also, glad you had a great snow day! We got hit a little bit, but it wasn’t as bad as I would have thought.

  4. Judy Caywood

    I’m in California. It has been quite cold here and a bit rainy but no snow.

    I love Benjamin Hardy. I thought the article you linked to had a lot in there about procrastination and how to handle it in addition to so much more. Benjamin is offering a free training on the best science and strategies for upgrading your mindset and productivity this year.

    I’ll check to see if it is okay to share the link and if so I will post it here. Ben also has a book coming out I am looking forward to titled WILLPOWER DOESN’t WORK. It is out in March 2018.
    Andie may I ask where you got the gorgeous blanket on your bed?

    Always looking forward to your blogs.
    Sounds like a lovely day for Daniel, Dee and you. Any new movies to share?

  5. Cassie

    We got hit by snow in Boston and I agree – I LOVE a snow day. I had to work all day, but at night, I snuggled up and watched a bunch of movies, and with the windchill this weekend making it -20, I’ve spent all weekend decluttering and organizing. I love winter for this reason. As an introvert, it’s my jam! You can get so much done and all the things you need to do but can never get around to when the weather is nice out. Plus, it sure is beautiful. Also, I should note, that I paid someone to shovel/plow my driveway so I didn’t have to step outside once. Best $45 I’ve ever spent!

  6. Audrey

    Andie, thank you for sharing your stories. You have a way of writing that conveys serenity. I also really appreciated the links, particularly the one including the Personal Inventory Day. What a helpful concept!

    As for the snow, I’m in central NY, so lots of that & brutallly cold temps. It was a great weekend to nest!

  7. Deepika

    Hey Andie, I love the way you tell all of your stories. Thank you for sharing these beautiful stories. I agree with you that snow is just so cozy and special. I love winters. :)

  8. Rosemary

    Hi Andie…I’m New! Love your site. Some other followers have mentioned an article you posted called “Eight things s person should do before 8am” (excuse me if I didn’t get it correct). Sounds really interesting but I haven’t been able to find the link to it. Can you please direct me?


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