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Hi friends!

I hope everyone is having a good new year so far. This time of year can be difficult after the excitement of the holidays wears off and we’re still dealing with short dark days and nasty weather. It’s around this time that I inevitably question why I choose to live in a state where the temperature reaches 15 below zero.

This weekend I will be traveling to New Jersey to attend my best friend Sabrina’s bridal shower and I’m so excited to be celebrating with her. Honestly I think I prefer the role of bridesmaid over bride. There’s a lot less pressure and I just like having fun and supporting my friend. I’m sure it’s going to be a lovely shower and it will be great to see my New Jersey/New York friends again.

Here are a few links I came across this week.

It might be a good idea to avoid romaine lettuce for awhile. It has been linked to a dangerous strain of E. coli bacteria.

It has been insanely cold recently in much of the U.S…Here’s an explanation of why it has been so unusually freezing.

Here is an interesting video of an arctic fox and snowy owl appearing to play with each other. Most likely they are sizing each other up looking for an opportunity to harm the other to decrease competition for food. It’s a pretty cool visual though!

I recently talked about my problem of answering emails in a timely way. Here’s an article discussing how communication has changed and specifically talks about ignoring texts and emails.

How is your post-holidays winter going? Does anyone else who lives in New England check real estate in Santa Barbara this time of year?

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Jane Evenson

    Just started being “a friend” with you. At age 71 with a life of “diets” behind me and FINALLY a plan that works, I am enjoying your insights and wisdom for such a young, beautiful person. Finding out this year that I am a HSP in personality has made all the difference in my life in a positive way, too. There are many unique ways to have a positive influence when being sensitive to others through one’s personal pains and struggles. Keep on sharing.

  2. Kathy Black

    My whole family of three loved your Petite Lasagnas, your meatloaf is the best I ever ate. Also your doughnut recipe wonderful.
    Making your PJ meatball tonight with zucchini noodles. You are an awesome chef and will let you know how our weight loss goes.
    I love your cookbook Eating In the Middle. My daughter and I lost 23 pounds last year but tried calorie counting, low carb, keto, but your eating in the middle strikes just the right note. I felt like we were getting to the same place as you. We hope to lose 40 pounds this year but it is all about your choices for the day. Thanks for all you are doing for us. I think your way is the very best and I have tried everything. Kathy

  3. Lisa

    I can totally related to what you describe as the post-holiday blues.
    Here in Ontario, sathe weather hasn’t been much better and we start to get cabin fever and just need to go outside but its soo cold.
    I’d love to just pack up and move to Florida.


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