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Can we just sit down for coffee? And talk about anything we want for a little while? I’ve been thinking for a good while now about starting a Friday series—to share a little update about life that week, a few favorite things, what I’m reading, what I’m listening to, advice I’ve heard or found that’s made a difference…really just the kinds of things we’d chat about if we were to sit down, drink coffee, and catch up. Lots of my favorite bloggers have posts like this, and I look forward to how casual they are. Also I’m a voyeur so the more I can see into someone’s everyday life, the better. So let’s do it.


Andie Mitchell

Last Friday, I filmed an episode of Dr. Oz! I was on for two segments talking about the phenomenon of women wearing stretch pants all the time these days, and how that can affect us—physically and mentally. I’m turning INTO a stretch pant, so I had a lot to say—both about the blinder effect that stretch pants can have on us, but also about that kind of “stretch pant state of mind” we might slip into when we wear them day-in and day-out. As someone who works from home, this is the struggle, isn’t it? Anyway, there’s so much more (even an experiment where we tracked a person’s food while wearing stretch for a week versus jeans for a week—results were interesting!), but I’ll post the air date when I get the word!

using a standing desk

I started using a standing desk. I shared this on Instagram and Facebook already, but it’s worth repeating because…I love it. I’m a woman reformed. When I considered it months ago, it just seemed so ugh. Who wants to stand all day like that? But then, 3 weeks ago I just up-turned a sturdy plastic storage container, set it on the counter in my kitchen, set my laptop on it, and I haven’t looked back. My feet were sore for the first week. I thought wearing sneakers might help (for support, stability…), but surprisingly no! You know what helps? Being barefoot. I sound like a barefoot runner who swears by the natural strike of the foot on the earth…but maybe placing my feet directly on the hardwood floor forces me to stand less on my heels and naturally adjust my whole body for comfort and posture? It’s that or my sneakers are pure garbage.

photo by olaf on flickr

photo by Olaf on Flickr

This Saturday is Sabrina’s 30th, so we’re going to Fire Island from Friday to Monday! Every summer, we take the ferry out with our friends from Long Island and 14 of us rent a house for a long weekend. Fire Island is magic—especially as a retreat from the chaos of Manhattan. No cars, just bikes and the occasional golf cart. It’s like summer camp. And the house makes it feel that way, too. I’ll be drinking a Rocket Fuel, so pray for me.

Advice I Love

Choose the Bigger Life.

On this week’s episode of Gretchen Rubin’s podcast, Happier, she talked again about making the decision of whether or not to get a dog for her family. And in describing how to make her decision, she listed all the ways she weighed her pros and cons…before finally remembering a piece of advice she was given years earlier from a friend: “Choose the bigger life.” Now, choosing the bigger life, when it comes to a dog, could mean either getting one or not. For some, getting the dog is a bigger life—it’s a richer family life, a new member, an adventure of getting acclimated and then building memories. And for others, NOT getting the dog is choosing the bigger life: it’s being free from the obligation and commitment of a dog, the ability to travel, and maybe less stress. Regardless of the decision (to get a dog or not)…this piece of advice—choosing the bigger life—struck me and stuck with me in a profound way. I can already sense that it adds such clarity to big decisions—a clarity I seek, but often muddy. Take this with you, too.

Say Yes More.

Kristen from Dine & Dish shared the highlights from her “Summer of Yes.” She said “yes” to adventures, to her kids when they asked her to do things she didn’t always want to do, to new experiences…and I was again reminded that I love how I feel when I say “yes” more, too. We know when we want to say yes, and…don’t. We shouldn’t be saying yes to every wild thing that comes our way, but sometimes my intuition tells me I should do things, and then laziness kicks in, or my self doubt creeps up and I start to fear looking foolish and being out of my comfort zone. The last time I said a big YES when I secretly wanted to say no, was my TedX Talk. I worried about my weight (Am I too fat for that? I wondered). God I am so glad I did it. Say yes—big and small.

Recipes I Love

6 Ingredient Oven Baked Salmon with Parmesan Herb Crust by A Spicy Perspective. Crumb-crust anything and I’ll take home the leftovers. I love a straight-forward list of ingredients and a method of preparation that’s EASY!

I’ve never used PB2, but my friend Liz from The Lemon Bowl made a healthy (chocolate’s healthy, right?) chocolate peanut butter magic shell. My calendar says it’s still ice cream season.

Whipped coconut cream for absolutely everything. My friend, Gina, shows you how.

Curried Chickpea Avocado Salad Sliders by Love  & Lemons. This is like an amazing chickpea burger…without all the fuss of having to cook it. Lots of texture since it’s only pulsed in a food processor, and flavored with tahini, cilantro, curry, and of course, lemon.

the inspiralizer

My friend Ali Maffucci just sent me her INSPIRALIZER! Can you imagine designing your own machine? I honestly had to read the directions on the Vegetti, so you can render me useless in the design world. The happy news is that now that I’m on the spiralizing scene, I can retire that little Vegetti and use this! I’ve got her book, and her blog, and both have been a blessing because I would never think to make some of the things she comes up with—hello potato noodle scramble with lemon-basil pesto. Stay tuned.

Song I Love

Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow singing Smelly Cat. Man I miss Friends.

Yahoo Health

This week I interviewed the fantastic Brooke Birmingham of Brooke: Not on a Diet…all about her incredible journey through weight loss and beyond. Read it here.


Have a great weekend everyone! xo



19 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. katy

    Andie, I just want to say how much I enjoy you :) I read your blog years ago and was just captivated by what you had to say and how you said it. Somehow I fell out of touch with your blog and stumbled upon your book earlier this year. As I started listening to it (Audible), I thought, “gosh this story sounds familiar” and sure enough, I was so happy to see it was your lovely story. It made me search out your blog again and I’m just so happy to see a new postings from you. You have the magic/genuine way of writing that makes me smile and look forward to each word. Thank you.

  2. Kristen

    I first of all want to tell you how much I love this idea for a weekly chat… it’s my kind of blog reading!
    Secondly, thank you so much for including my “summer of yes” post. I really appreciate it! You brought up such a good point that I should have also brought up in my post and that is in order to say yes to things, we’ve also got to decide what to say no to. For me, this summer I said no to work and pretty much took the entire summer off for the first time ever. It was one of the reasons the summer was so fantastic!

    Love your links – can’t wait to check them all out – and am inspired by you, as always (and need to try this stand up desk idea!!

  3. Casey

    Perfect timing! I juuuust finished your book. I could write and write about all the things I loved about the book, but I will say this: It’s a parade of hope between to hard covers for me. The end of chapter eight left me crying into my neck.

    So, I close the book and wondered about you. How are you now? What’s up with Andie? Count me in for coffee! :D

  4. Jenna

    Fun fun fun! Loved this cozy chat! Thanks for the introduction to the Gretchins podcast.

    Cant wait to hear more on your stretchy pants! Seriously – its a pet peeve of mine. Such a love/hate relationship.

  5. Joy

    I loved this! I hope you keep it up as a series. Also really liked the advice you shared. I’m pregnant with my first child and choosing to get pregnant felt like choosing a bigger life–even though I knew a ton of hard work and discomfort would come with it!

  6. Ali B.

    I converted to a standing desk 6 months ago and can’t imagine any other way. Barefoot helps and I bought a standing desk mat on Amazon- that has been the key to successful all day standing! Also, the book “Supple Leopard” talks about the benefits of standing and how sitting is the new smoking. Looking forward to more Friday posts.

  7. Bri

    I love this idea! My update, I am on holidays from uni right now until Monday. I just finally finished your book with my time off! Loved it and was inspired xx

  8. Pamela

    I love this idea. And I totally agree with the standing desk decision. I use my kitchen bar for my computer and my back thanks me. On a side note, I’m still trying to figure out when I missed the fact tha Daniel is back in the picture. (???)

  9. Gina

    I live for these types of posts!

    Super interesting about the stretchy pant life! We are headed to Italy on the honeymoon in a few weeks (!) and I plan on bringing only one pair to keep my indulgences in check…as in one gelato trip per day versus 3:)

    I love the tip on standing barefoot at your counter. I an guilty of putting too much weight in my heels. Remember back when wii fit was super popular? That is how I found out I’ve been standing wrong my whole life! They measure your weight distribution and mine was all in the heels. I wondered why my feet always hurt after walking or standing for long periods of time. It’s really hard to correct!

    Your trip sounds amazing, have so much fun!

  10. Dacia

    Thanks for sharing that chickpea salad recipe. Can’t wait to try it out next week for lunch. Oh, and I also love coconut milk whipped cream- it is a holiday staple in my house. I always keep cans of coconut milk in the fridge just in case :)

  11. Jessica

    Hi Andie!
    I love the idea of chatting every Friday! I, too, love all the glimpses into other people’s lives, so chat away! :) I really should look into a standing desk. In the meantime, I’ve been working on getting much better about intentionally getting up and moving every hour. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that most of my daily step goals are met because I do loops around my living room. Lol. Whatever works, right??


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