Weight Loss Win: How Caitlin Leach Lost 100 Pounds

Weight Loss Win - Caitlin Leach lost 100 pounds and shares her inspiring journey

I have been writing a weekly series over at Yahoo Beauty called Weight Loss Win, featuring incredible weight loss stories. I find all different sorts of people who have made successful and often radical changes to their lifestyles. I interview them to find out what their motivation was, what worked for them, what they still struggle with, and ask them to give advice to other people trying to make a similar change.

I thought that this series would be of great interest to many of you so I have decided to share a link to the weekly story here. One of the biggest joys of writing the blog has been the countless people who write to tell me that my weight loss story inspired them to start living a healthier life. I hope these weight loss winners will be similarly inspiring.

This week: Caitlin Leach Lost 100 Pounds: ‘Fitness and Living Healthy Have Become the New Norm for Me’

Caitlin Leach is 30, 5 feet 9 inches tall, and currently weighs 150 pounds. In 2016, after reaching her highest weight and suffering a health scare, she made a pact with her sister to get healthy together. This is the story of her weight-loss journey. [Read the full story here]



4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Win: How Caitlin Leach Lost 100 Pounds

  1. Dami

    Well for me, cardio has really helped me a lot in my weight loss journey and keeping off the scale too. I think the most important secret to losing weight is to eat healthily. By controlling out diet like eating less sugar and carbs and eating more protein goes a long way in helping us to lose weight the right way. I’ve been following this diet for a week now and I’ve lost close to 3lbs.


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