Weight Reflections of 2010

New Year’s Day is a blink away. And with it, the resolutions, and the bittersweet potion of hope and doom.



I spent seventy eight million New Year’s Eves thinking this would be the year I would lose weight, that I would change my life forever and that this time, well this time would be it.  I prayed that for the very first time in my life I would find a healthy weight.  And though that one time I did follow through to lose 135lbs didn’t begin neatly on the first of the new year, the resolve to change can happen this year for you. Because even if you’ve tried and stopped and fallen and gotten back up and then thrown in the towel a hundred times over, one of those attempts will stick. Trust me, one of these times will be your time.



It’s not about a specific diet, not a plan, not quitting everything that tastes delightful cold turkey. It’s just listening to your body and your heart. Doing all the things you know you should be doing- like moving it for thirty minutes a day or eating vegetables with dinner- and letting that momentum drive you onward and upward to your goal. There are small changes that make a world of difference. But the real work starts upstairs in your mind. Put pen to paper, get unbearably honest with yourself, and write down two lists: what you want out of your life and yourself and what obstacles are in your way to living that life. Spend time with those lists; look them over; analyze the columns. Use adjectives for how you want to feel- energetic, positive, and productive. Think about the things you could add to your life, or the things you could do, to make those adjectives the way you feel everyday. I did this.



I made lists and wrote a letter to myself. I exposed every nook and cranny of doubt and fear and anger and resistance and hope. And then I made one final list. But this one contained the small steps and additions that would allow me to move into those optimistic adjectives I’d written. The list stated things like, ‘walk for 10 minutes in the morning before starting the day, walk for 10 minutes after dinner, take the stairs, make half of my dinner plate filled with vegetables, add an apple everyday, drink 5 glasses of water, ask Kate if she wants to meet for a walk in the afternoon, take a pause each night before bed when I’m really craving not one, but four packs of Ring Dings and ask myself why I’m dying for them, switch to whole grains.’ They were manageable. I could do these things.


Think about it, we make ‘To Do’ lists all the time of things we need to accomplish outside of ourselves. Why not make one for your mind and body? I can’t tell you how much this helped me. Because even if you think you know all about your goals, your obstacles, your wishes and desires for your life, you really see more when it’s inked on paper. Lots of times we have big ideas floating around in our heads and we think they’re formulated and supported without question, but when you really force yourself to articulate those things- to assemble them into coherent facts and figures- you see so much more. Some of them aren’t true and you realize you’ve been toting around a duffle bag of false information for the last five years. Some of them allow you to read more deeply into who you are and how you’re hurting.




Whatever you want this year- to lose weight, to find a more fulfilling job, financial stability, stronger friendships- know that they’re not unattainable. Having a big, beautiful picture of the future in the clouds of your head is unbelievably helpful, but live each and every day as a unique experience. Be in the present moment, always. This will help to make the days and weeks more manageable. You won’t feel as overwhelmed.




Ask yourself- Can I do it today? Just today? And you’ll find, you can.




Here are my favorite posts that I’ve written about weight loss and maintenance in the past year. If anything, they might just help to give you a sense of shared experience- that someone gets what you’re going through. Maybe you’ll feel hopeful. I want that to be true because I wish you the best for 2011. The very very best.


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20 thoughts on “Weight Reflections of 2010

  1. Cindy

    this was beautiful, and so so true.

    weight loss (or any goal accomplished) is a series of steps. We have to love ourselves and be patient.

    and we have to be present.

    btw…that second picture (the flower one) looks like a chicken to me.

    big eye, orange beak.

  2. Heather

    you look so beautiful! just this past year i’ve come to realize that i’m beautiful no matter what weight i’m at…and since then have been able to try to eat for health and not just to fulfill cravings or satisfy emotions :)

  3. Karen Matthews

    Your post has come at a time when I am ready to be DONE with all the emotional baggage I’ve been carrying around for way too many years, and to finally have a heathly relationship with food. Thank you for your words, they help more than you’ll ever know.
    Have a wonderful 2011

  4. Kelly

    I LOVE when you write posts like this. No matter how many leaps and bounds I make with making peace with myself, my health, my weight, I always needs little reminders that it’s the little everyday choices we make consistently that make such a big difference. But ultimately exploring the depths of my heart is the only way to really make big changes in my life. Thank you for sharing your heart. :)

  5. Lu

    You’re an inspiration to me. Seriously. It may sound cliche and cheesy, but your ability to lose 135 lbs. and be candid about it makes it seem within reach. I don’t have 135 to lose, I have more like 30. However, my 30 are daunting and torturous. I’m making a list today. A couple of days ago for me was a realization I didn’t like. This post just makes me feel like I can reach my goal, too. Thanks. I’m still making that frosting though.

  6. Curt Stimpson

    You are amazing Andrea and such a wonderful example for your readers to listen to. It’s not about what you are eating or what kind of exercise routine you are doing today. It’s about making up your mind to change your life. All the little things add up and help a tremendous amount but at the end of the day is about establishing a new way to live. A diet only lasts as long as you commit to it. A life change lasts forever. You have changed your life forever. Have a wonderful 2011! Let’s get together soon.

  7. KatieG

    I’m endebted to this blog. You have made me examine the way that I look and think about food so differently. I wish you the best in 2011!

    By the way, I’m not sure if you’ve ever done this (I’ve looked back in previous posts and I didn’t see any unless I missed it), but will you ever post some “before/after” pictures as far as your weight loss? I’ve ended 2010 with an excellent start to my weight loss plan, and sometimes seeing the concrete success of others pushes me even harder. In this case, I have to lose exactly what you lost in pounds, so you’re my biggest inspiration. Just a request! :)

    Have a wonderful new Year!

  8. LeNell Heywood

    Thanks for your wonderful posts. I ate anything I wanted during Christmas now I have 5 pounds to lose. I needed something to motivate me to get going again and your blog was just what I was looking for. Maintenance is so difficult. I love all the ideas you have. It is good to know that we can still have junk food. What would life be without chocolate.

  9. patridew

    Why has some big-name magazine not swooped in and hired you? Or maybe that’s what you do, but I just don’t know it. Either way, you are my favorite. Such an inspiring story and it’s great how you encourage us with ‘Trust me, one of these times will be your time.’ You know what? I believe you!

  10. Niki

    Oh, how I hope this year is my year!!! This year I have a lot more than I have had in the past. A boyfriend who is way supportive and even joined a gym with me. A trainer who never pressures me, but is always there to tell me that I can, and I believe him. And as sappy as this sounds, you.
    Thank you for being so open about what you’ve been through and how you’ve tackled dropping 135 pounds in such an amazing and so not intimidating way. I’m so glad to have found your blog and cannot wait for the day I get to tell everyone about reaching my happy weight!

    Happy New Year Andrea!

  11. Nicki

    I am so grateful for your blog. Your attitude toward life is inspiring, uplifting, encouraging and comforting. Even though I don’t need to lose weight, my goal is to get physically active for my health. I have been glued to your blog for the encouragement I need, as well as the much welcomed distraction through your entertaining recipes and pictures. My huge goal has an emotional/mental obstacle but I feel your blog applies to anyone wanting to set and FINALLY reach a goal that will make them a better version of themselves.

    Thank you for your honesty.

    BTW, you are a gifted writer and I hope all of your talents take you where you want to go!


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