Welcome to Vegas!


Ahhh, Vegas. So glad you could greet me in your finest neon and bling.

Daniel and I arrived in Sin City yesterday afternoon after a largely uneventful plane ride. Is it me, or is Hudson News the most profitable business in the western hemisphere? I can make fairly substantiated claims that they’ve been the lucky recipients of at least half of my life savings in magazine sales, candy, gum, and velour neck pillows. To get back at them, and the airport for their repetitive rendition of the Broadway show I like to call “Security,” I did my fair share of monkeying around. I’m not sure what the protocol is for handling reptiles in airports but I think I handled it quite well.

A cab ride later, we were walking through the bronzed doors of the Venetian. Though my experience with five star hotels is limited, I think it’s safe to say that this place is quite beautiful and upscale. Much less of that gawdy flash than, say, the Tropicana. The hotel has a glamorous, grand appeal- a bit of old world meets new. Lots of marble, molding, and decorative detail.

There’s even a “Grand Canal” running inside and out of the hotel and casino with gondolas and singing gondoliers. Having been to Venice, this is a treat.

The shops inside the Grand Canal are largely upscale. Nearly every item in the designer shops and boutiques sports a hefty price tag. A window shopper’s paradise.

The collection of cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs are all well-rated and reasonably priced for their level of quality. Vegas has such a variety of top notch eateries, that you’re sure to dine well while you’re here. Nearly every casino has a “must try.” Many of the restaurants in the Venetian and the Palazzo are owned by celebrity chefs like Mario Batali and Wolfgang Puck.

Note: these pictures are taken inside the Venetian and Palazzo. The ceiling is painted with beautiful blue skies and puffy white clouds.

I really enjoy the heavy-handed Italian flair throughout the hotel. To be honest, it is quite similar to what you’d find in the boot country itself. Pillars, statues, and oil paintings. And gold. We can’t forget the gold.

Our suite is fabulous.

The bedroom overlooks a small but cozy sitting area, complete with a sectional couch, table and chairs, and a desk with a fax, scanner, and printer. For all my business needs. Or to photocopy my hand, whichever I get to first.

The room feels very modern and sleek. Those two aspects go a long way to making the space feel cleaner and swankier. I live for king sized beds. At home, Daniel and I combined sleep with five fluffy pillows on our bed. We’re verging on six, but for fear that one or both of us will suffocate in the night, we do our best to fight the urge.

See that drapery? We have a remote control to open and close it. I’d call it outrageously unnecessary, when perhaps a simple rod could do that work, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t open and shut the curtains five times upon arrival. My finger is exhausted.

See those red boxes? Those are the contents of the food portion of the mini bar. Let me talk a bit about the food contained in hotel rooms. While I generally love organics, gourmet products, and price gauged natural foods, I need my mini bar to have a Snickers. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the mixed nuts, adore the fine quality chocolate, and even praise the appeal of gummi bears made to feel gourmet in dressy packaging, I also just want two ounces of trans fat sometimes. Preferably containing a nougat center, caramel, peanuts, and milk chocolate coating. Thank you.

Gold sofas remind me of my grandparents. Though theirs was covered with plastic. That way we could safely pee on it and awkwardly stick to it in the hot weather.

And my favorite room in any house- the bathroom. Love the double sink, the granite countertop, the flat screen TV, and the spa products.

That door leads to the toilet. And the telephone. Because they know I have to call my mom everyday.

Don’t even get me started on the big bathtub. It’s a blessing. Listen, I’m 5’9″, and for most of my life I was morbidly obese. For a tub to be large enough to fit me comfortably- without bending my legs, and to fill with enough water to cover what was once a buoy of a belly- well that’s just magic. Though I don’t still carry the weight, I’ll always know the importance of space.

And now, without further ado, I present to you my favorite part of the five star hotel stay: The bathrobe. I love robes. Thick, velvety terry cloth numbers with extra long sleeves. The kind that weighs about five pounds in cotton.

There’s something so special and therapeutic about taking an hour long bubble bath and slipping into a luxurious robe. I make a rule to do it every night of my stay. And then I complain about my bathtub at home for the rest of the year.



38 thoughts on “Welcome to Vegas!

  1. Nicole

    Oh my gosh, I loved this post. Ha, ha. I love that you captured EVERY detail of the room, because I’ve never been to vegas. So it was cool to live it through you!

  2. Amy @ Second City Randomness

    Ahhh… snickers. Sometimes it really is better than all the rest. :)

    And I think you’re smart for making the coffee pot purchase- people often don’t think ahead enough to justify it like that!

    And you get the cute coffee mug out of the deal…

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman

    That is exactly how I pictured a Vegas hotel that’s not the Vegas hotel in Rain Man. Retractable curtain around the bed? Why not?

    But I have to say, my favorite line was this: Though theirs was covered with plastic. That way we could safely pee on it and awkwardly stick to it in the hot weather. HAHAHAHA

  4. Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

    The Venetian is gorgeous. It’s a lot like Venice, but newer, not sinking, not humid, and doesn’t have the smell of fish and the sea lingering in the air. Oh and the gondoliers can actually sing well at the Venetian.

    Try the Mario Batali restaurant. I’ve never eaten there but my dad said it’s awesome (and judging by how well his recipes always seem to turn out for me, I bet that’s true)

  5. Kelly

    FUN FUN! I have never been to Vegas but my husband swears I would hate it because I don’t gamble, drink or like to stay out late. haha!

  6. foodiefresh

    Aw! Too bad about your camera! That really stinks. I probably would have done something drastic and tantrum-esque like throwing it off the balcony. Don’t you just love nice hotels? It’s really the small things that make you feel comfortable. I wish all hotels understood that. Have a fabulous time in Vegas! :)

  7. Ashley S

    OH you MUST eat at Trevvie’s at Cesears Palace if you enjoy Margarita Pizza..It’s to die for! Oh and visit Encore, that’s where stayed. Awesome hotel!

  8. Shanna, like Banana

    That room looks divine! I’ve wanted to stay at the Venetian and now I will make it my next stop..love the room :) AND Venice is my favorite Italian city so I’d get a 2-for-1.

    Be sinful girl, be sinful!

  9. Cindy

    I don’t care one bit that there is not a to die for recipe today….I want to go to that hotel…and die there! it is so beautiful! we would have gone and bought a coffee pot too. perfect-o!

    I also want to go play with that big gecko thing. love stuff like that!

    tI have seen pics of that “sky” cieling and I thought it was outside! oh my gosh, someone can paint!

    ENJOY, and hopefully when you get back, I will have remembered to find your book! so sorry…home life is busy and my day brain and my night brain don’t communicate!

    have fun for us all!

    1. Can You Stay for Dinner

      Ah Cindy I wish you were here! We could lounge. Or actually, I could play in the pool with your son because I want to kidnap him. But you could relax! Please don’t worry about the book- you are one busy lady! Hope all is well with you!!

  10. Michelle

    Fun fun fun and your room looks absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to next installment …

    PS – love your airport pic on the iguna. I have one of those too :-)

  11. greensandjeans

    I can’t believe that they didn’t have a coffee maker in the room! I’m pretty sure even Motel 6 has a coffee maker!

    1. Can You Stay for Dinner

      Mad, I was devastated. I think they’re trying to be all upscale and snooty about it and wanting guests to order room service. I called and they were like “we’d be happy to bring you some coffee…” Um. not for $16, thanks!

  12. Lara (Thinspired)

    This is deja vu…my husband and I just got back from Vegas less than a month ago, and stayed at the Venetian in a suite just like that (but flipped). Very smart to go buy a coffee maker! Whatever you do, don’t go to the continental breakfast if you have the coupons…it’s in this shady back room and all they offer are gross pastries and red apples. Yuck.

    Have FUN!

    1. Can You Stay for Dinner

      Oh, Lara, thanks so much for the advice! I contemplated it but I was nervous what the offering would be. And what is it with these mealy, no flavor, Red Delicious apples??? They’re everywhere and I hate them. The Venetian is great- glad you liked it too!

  13. Decor Girl

    Cute post. It reminded me of when my hubby and I stayed there, your commentary was on point. Those are great rooms.

    Maybe they got rid of it, but did you also notice the piped in scent in the lobby and hallways? A bit much.

    Olives, the Todd English restaurant at the Bellagio is awesome. For pure design eye candy, head over to Mix at the top of Mandalay Bay. Evening only and dress appropriately or they won’t let you in. Enjoy!

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