We’re Having Another Baby!

Daniel and I are so happy to announce that we are expecting another baby in September! We’ve had a few doctor’s appointments so far, even an ultrasound, and everything looks good and healthy. The baby’s due date is very close to James’s, so it looks like I will have a similar pregnancy timeline (can’t wait to get my huge pregnant body into that kiddie pool in the hot summer months!)

James practicing reading to his sibling

The months following my miscarriage were filled with grief and turbulence. The loss, physical ordeal, and hormones made me feel anxiety on a level I hadn’t before. I was so thankful to have James to take care of day to day because it kept me focused on the present. Throughout all the struggle, I just knew in my heart I wanted to be pregnant again. So we started trying immediately after getting the OK from my doctor.

My period has never been regular and my hormones were still making me feel a little out of sorts so I really wasn’t sure if I was pregnant. We took the early pregnancy tests and the first one seemed to be negative. I took another one without Daniel there two days later and it seemed like there might be a very faint line to indicate a positive. When Daniel got home and I excitedly showed him, he said he didn’t think it was positive. So then we spent the next few minutes like the conception Hardy Boys, staring at the test under a light trying to discern if that was indeed a line or a shadow or nothing. Honestly, I think Daniel thought I was just going crazy and trying to humor me. Eventually, Daniel decided to run to the 24-hour CVS to get the tests that just digitally say “pregnant” or “not pregnant.”

He got home and started carefully reading the instructions as I tore into the box and headed to the bathroom. We did both tests and both ended up saying “pregnant.” We were so happy. Relieved and excited and also nervous. And that’s just another sad aspect of miscarriage that you don’t really think about until you have one—that you probably won’t ever feel pure joy at the prospect of pregnancy again. I think it’s natural to worry about what could go wrong. I never thought I’d be celebrating rushing to the bathroom to vomit, but the morning sickness was the first clear sign that things were going to be OK.

Cuddling with James


29 thoughts on “We’re Having Another Baby!

  1. Lyndsey

    Congratulations! My kids due dates were apart by almost exactly two years too (six days out). I thought this was perfect because they’d fit in the right baby clothes in the right season! Wishing you a healthy and comfyish pregnancy xx

  2. Anita Humphries

    My last two girls were exactly one week shy of two years apart! (Also Sept!) Good timing. So happy for you, Andie!

  3. Jennifer

    What wonderful news!
    My sister and I are 3 years minus 8 days apart and we love it. We call it “Birthday Season!”

  4. Nonna Nancy

    I’m so happy for you, Daniel and James. I love the picture of James with the books. When my granddaughter asked to read her a book called “ I’m a big sister” it didn’t sink in for a few minutes while my daughter just rolled her eyes.

  5. Colleen

    Congratulations! Best of luck with the pregnancy :) James is such a big boy now. He’ll make a great big brother!

  6. Carol Beattie

    So happy to hear this wonderful news! James will be thrilled to be a big brother. Please keep us posted as the time moves along!

  7. Lynne Soukup

    My girls are 10/1 and 10/4 – both had 9/24 due dates – almost 3 years apart – I love them more than anything in life – They’re 17 and 20 !!

  8. Sara

    Congratulations! My 15 year old son is a September baby and my 13 year old son was born in November 2 years later. It’s the perfect distance apart for siblings. I had 2 miscarriages before I had my children and they were devastating. I’m so happy for you!

  9. Theresa West Mautner

    That pregnancy test is so stressful haha Good detective work! Glad you got the digital one! Congrats! So excited for you and the fam

  10. Sandy

    I knew it! LOL We are not close friends, but probably 3 times over the last couple of weeks it just popped into my head that you were pregnant. Actually just a couple of days ago, the thought popped in that told me the next time I read a post from you, you’d be announcing it!! Yay! Now I can stop thinking about it!!

    So glad for your family! Congrats Big Brother!

  11. Paula

    Congratulations! Such lovely news! Yay! (And as always, it is such a pleasure to read your beautiful writing.)

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