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It might be a liiittle early to start planning, but James’ first birthday is coming up in early September and I can’t help but think about themes for the party. What are his favorite things? Dogs, swimming, books…Daniel told me he had the perfect idea but that he couldn’t tell me about it or it wouldn’t work, so of course I pressed until he told me, “The theme would be ‘mumma,’ because you’re his favorite thing, but I’d have to plan it and execute it or you’d just seem like a complete narcissist.” Picture my face on balloons and napkins and a cake ha! (please send me your theme ideas :)

tiny vampire eating a bell pepper


Cancel Qatar
The next World Cup in Qatar is controversial for a number of reasons. The most important issues are the reports of slave labor being used to build the infrastructure for the 2022 event. Here is an interesting idea for canceling the tournament altogether.

The Troubling Business of Bounty Hunting
A fascinating look at the modern business of bounty hunting.

The History of the Super Soaker
As a kid I remember there was nothing better than the super soaker. No other water gun came close. Here is a story about how a NASA engineer invented the perfect squirt gun.


The Big One
I pick and choose which episodes I listen to, but it’s interesting and slightly terrifying to hear about the earthquake that’s due to hit California any time now. Here are the show’s details:
There’s a 50 percent chance that some time in the next 30 years, Southern California will be crippled by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. It’ll take less than two minutes for more than 10 million people to lose water, power, internet. Host Jacob Margolis and Producer Misha Euceph go on a journey to understand what the disaster means for Los Angeles, the U.S. and the world.


I Love You, Now Die (HBO documentary)
On July 13, 2014, 18-year-old Conrad Roy committed suicide by carbon-monoxide intoxication in his car. When investigators discovered text messages in which his long-distance girlfriend Michelle Carter, 17, relentlessly encouraged Conrad to kill himself, she was arrested for involuntary manslaughter, sparking a controversial case that grabbed national attention.


Hasselback Zucchini with Lemon and Feta

Southwestern Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken

Fresh Corn Salsa with Avocado

Watermelon Feta Appetizer Bites

Jerk Chicken Lettuce Wraps



10 thoughts on “What I Love This Week

  1. Angela Watts

    Its not too early to start planning! I am already planning my daughters 2nd birthday and its in November. Last year I started planning in September and found that all the great cookie bakers who could make awesome royal icing Sophie the Giraffe cookies were already booked up. It got real desperate real fast! So this year I already have my baker booked for our baby shark birthday party!

    For theme I recommend you just pick something he really loves. We did Sophie because she was obsessed with the teether toy. I had a friend who did a starfish themed one because her daughter was obsessed with a bath toy and carried it around everywhere. Dogs would be a fantastic theme.

  2. Elizabeth Hasan

    Please, please do whatever kind of birthday party you want!! I know you’re a public figure, but you owe zero explanation for whatever fun theme you chose for your son! A “Mumma” theme would be very special (and hilarious). I can just imagine his little face light up in delight seeing your face plastered everywhere

  3. Su

    He’s going to be one, and won’t care what you pick, as long as he’s the center of attention (which will happen automatically). Do a theme that the rest of your party-goers will enjoy.

  4. Denise

    Since he loves books (yay!), may I suggest a book-themed party, and ask guests to bring books to donate to a local charity or library? He’s turning one, doesn’t need much of anything, and it would benefit some needy kids.

  5. Naomi Mimnaugh

    It’s never too early to plan your child’s Birthday party. The First one is one of the most significant, although kiddos don’t remember any of it. So, do whatever theme you want. I too, vote for the “Mumma” theme. It’s original, meaningful and Fun. Enjoy these magical moments/memories, Andie. xxx

  6. Mimi

    When my daughter turned one she was totally clueless and didn’t have favorites yet. I did the theme “Emma is ONEderful” and used pink and gold decor because I thought it was fun and pretty…my husband didn’t care. Do something fun that will make the planning (and photos) more enjoyable for you! Your baby will love it ;)

  7. Esso

    I finally found something that works for me Down 14lbs since June 21st!! PM me if you want to give it a try! #DOSEhttps://bit.ly/2YDD5Ru

  8. Rachel

    We did a Cat in the Hat theme when our little guy turned 1 last year because it was the first book we had ever read to him. It was more about us being sentimental than about him, but the bright red + light blue everywhere (to match the book’s colors) wound up being adorable and fun.


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