What I Love This Week

it started pouring rain as we were getting ready to go outside :(

Has it really been another week? The days have started to blend together, which explains why Daniel and I usually start our mornings debating what day of the week it is. The weather here in Massachusetts has been pretty bleak this week. Cool and cloudy with rain, which makes being stuck at home harder with a little boy who loves playing outside. But hey, we’re all still healthy and it looks like Spring will be coming out next week, so James will have fun then.

I’m now 16 weeks pregnant and finally over the morning sickness. I had a prenatal appointment over the phone this past week and everything seems to be going well. I have to order a blood pressure cuff online before my next visit (weird question but do you have one? Any recommend it?). In food news, I saw a Papa John’s commercial for something called a “Papadia” which is a pizza- sandwich- calzone hybrid, and had the strongest pregnancy craving of my life. Apparently, there are no Papa John’s near us so Daniel got me a Philly Cheesesteak pizza from Domino’s and it was shockingly delicious! It was also our first takeout meal since being isolated because I’m just so, so fearful and risk-averse right now, which I think made the pizza taste extra delicious.

I hope all of you are staying safe and staying at home if you can. Please share any fun activities you have been doing with your kids or any shows or movies you have enjoyed.

Here are some other things I loved this week:

Onward, the latest Pixar movie, is streaming now on Disney+, which a lot of parents might already have. James is a little too young to pay attention to it, but Daniel and I have been enjoying it for him :)

John Krasinski has started a Youtube show where he shares uplifting news stories from across the internet. The first episode featured Steve Carrell as a guest and they talked about some of their favorite memories from The Office.

I tried to recreate this simple pom pom drop activity from Busy Toddler. James did have fun for about 5 minutes, buuuut then he ripped all the tubes off the wall within about 45 seconds. So it didn’t exactly work for us, but it might for toddlers who are a little older than 18 months?

Here’s a refreshing take from the New York Times about not putting too much pressure on yourself to optimize your productivity during these times.

15 simple recipes you can make with your kids



8 thoughts on “What I Love This Week

  1. Emily

    Thank you for that article on productivity, it really hit home. I hope the weather gets better soon so sweet James can get outside, and I’m so glad you’re finally feeling better!

  2. Rachel

    Aw his hair is still so cute! I gave my 2 year old his first at home haircut today and it did not turn out how I envisioned.

    I’m 31 weeks pregnant and picked up the only cuff blood pressure monitor they had at Walmart. It’s fairly consistent even though it does vary every time you measure. I think that’s normal and you’re just supposed to record 3 readings within 1 minute. Another good tip I read was to bring the cuff with you to any in person dr visits so you can compare your cuff’s reading to the dr’s office reading.

    Our favorite indoor activity has been lining up a bunch of different pillows of different sizes across the carpeted floor. He jumps from one to the next as I narrate: “the round pillow! the square pillow! the dog bed!” I call it his “American Ninja Warrior course.” He thinks it’s the greatest game ever.

  3. Albertina Geller

    Great post! The link about recipes and productivity were very useful and so was John Krasinski’s show. He and Steve Carell are such legends and it’s always great to see them together. Very positive and uplifting post. Than you so much:)


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