What I Love This Week

breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast with jam, avocado
breakfast in bed, anyone?

This week was the first time since isolation started where I really struggled with it mentally. I was thinking ahead, wondering when I could resume some normal activities that I love—everyday things like browsing the aisles in the grocery store with an iced coffee—and I realized it probably won’t be until 2021, which made me feel claustrophobic. I’m being extremely cautious since I’m pregnant, and then after I give birth in the fall, we’ll want to continue being extra cautious with a newborn for another several months. It’s not terrible, I know. We’re so unbelievably fortunate to be safe and secure right now. And being at home hasn’t been the worst, it really hasn’t. It’s just the endlessness that’s a little tough to adjust to—for all of us, no doubt.

On a brighter note, Happy Mother’s Day weekend! Let’s carve out a moment to celebrate the women in our lives that we love. What are your plans?

A few great reads:

If Zoom has you feeling more lonely and stressed out than a typical phone call or in-person meeting, there’s some science behind why video calls are so taxing on the brain.

This article from the NYT highlights some of the disparity in household responsibilities between men and women.

I recently wrote a post about gaining a new appreciation for my mother through the lens of being a mom myself.

If you’re looking to fill a pantry with healthy staples, this is a pretty comprehensive list of things you will need.

Are you getting sick of all the work that goes into planning and cooking dinner every night? It might be time for a “snack supper.” Here are some ideas of things to throw together, but really you can just use anything in the house. Grab a blanket and make it a picnic in the living room.



4 thoughts on “What I Love This Week

  1. lee

    Hi Andie: WIshing you a Happy, Healthy Mother’s Day X’s 2! The baby you prayed for is growing. The child you love more than life itself, your James, makes you smile EVERYday… what a blessing. Enjoy your very special day xxx Love, leelee

  2. Cathi

    I love, love, love the photograph of James running!! The expression on his face is priceless!! I pray all is going amazing for you with the pregnancy and baby boy.


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