What I Love This Week

After a very cool and wet start to the season, it finally seems like Spring has arrived. It’s so great to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. James hit the 20 month mark this week and he seems to be aging more and more each day. It’s amazing to see his development. A few months ago, he could barely walk and now he’s running across the yard. His vocabulary has exploded over the past month. We used to keep track of his words but it’s become impossible lately because he’s just continuously adding new ones. This has been my favorite period in parenting so far—watching him rapidly become his own little person.

I discovered Normal People on Hulu this week and I devoured the series in a few days. If you like romance shows, this is one of my favorites in recent memory.

After seeing a documentary about deep sea divers, I’ve become interested in ocean exploration. This is a fascinating story about the explorers who went deeper into the ocean than anyone ever has before them.

You probably remember the ransomware computer hacking attacks from a couple years ago. This is a story about the hacker who helped stop them. This is an interesting profile about a complicated young man.

If you’re looking for a guide for cast iron maintenance, here is a pretty easy and straightforward guide.

This might be tough to read for parents but you really do need about eight hours of sleep if you want your brain and body to work optimally.

To end on a positive note, the cast of The Office recreated their wedding dance for the Zoom wedding of a fan.



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  1. Colby Rottler

    I had the opportunity to donate platelets and plasma to the Red Cross. I spent two hours giving at the donation center. I will receive and email letting me know where my donation goes to help someone. I am happy to help people.


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