What I Love This Week

(James’ first ice cream truck experience!)

With everything going on in the world, it feels so silly to give these little weekly updates. But I’d like to stay connected to everyone, so I figured I’ll keep posting them for anyone who is interested. One positive aspect of all the heartbreaking and infuriating news is that it puts our smaller daily problems into perspective. Our biggest issue this week was dealing with James’s second bloody nose. He was wrestling with dad (one of his favorite things to do) and dove on top of dad but hit his nose on the floor. One side had blood coming out but luckily it stopped after a minute or so. He cried at first but once we gave him a freeze pop he stopped and seemed to forget about it. My worst fear was that it was broken but everything seems to be fine. I’m not sure how to ever get used to my little guy getting hurt without earth-shattering panic setting in. It’s going to be tough being the mom to this rambunctious little guy. Does it ever get easier to see your kids hurt or does it always feel like a catastrophic emergency?

If you are struggling with the right way to talk to your kids about the protests going on in the country and issues of police brutality, USA Today talked with some experts in psychology.

If you are a white parent struggling with exactly how to discuss race with your kids, NPR had an interview with a professor and author who wrote the book “Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children in a Racially Unjust America.”

This week Daniel and I watched two movies that we both enjoyed:

The Hunt is a satirical horror movie about liberal elites literally hunting conspiracy theorist conservatives. The ideas aren’t completely fleshed out but Betty Gilpin gives an astonishing lead performance that makes it extremely watchable.

In Dragged Across Concrete Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson play a couple of bad cops who get involved in a robbery. The build-up is slow but once the action gets going this is a thrilling movie.



13 thoughts on “What I Love This Week

  1. Jan

    I enjoy your updates but please remember to be tone and content aware. Maybe not the week to post about your son’s bloody nose when other mothers are trying to keep their black and brown babies alive. I say this with respect to you. I do not think you are racist but like others with white privilege we need to examine our words and deeds.

    1. Missy

      Seriously?!? She says she knows there are bigger things in the world, but wants to stay connected. If this post offends you, maybe you shouldn’t be reading it, not censoring what is written.

    2. Sarah Bamber

      Andy has already said she is aware of all the awfulness going on. This is the most difficult time that the world is navigating and I look forward to hearing news of life on the other side of the globe. Andy has also posted links to articles that advise on how to communicate with your children those the difficult topics

    3. Mary Kennedy

      oh my goodness, the comment telling you to watch your tone says more about the commentor than your actual post. She feels so superior to everyone because she is morally PERFECT. get over yourself. and, Andie, it gets better, I’ve raised two boys and have spent my time in the ER. You get used to it. Wait till your new little guy is here, then they’ll be partners in crime!

    4. Lana

      Oh give me a break! “Tone and content aware”? Black and brown babies don’t get bloody noses from too much rough housing? Honestly. Our lives go on regardless of what else is going on in the world. That is the way it is.

    5. Andie Mitchell Post author

      Jan, I understand. It’s hard balancing the mundane updates of my life in the context of much bigger and more important things happening in society. I realize how fortunate I am to be complaining about problems that are comparatively insignificant. This is a weekly post I do where I give a little life update. I completely understand that people might not care to read these right now, that’s ok.

  2. susan evans

    Thank you Andie, I appreciate the information as I am caring for my 6 year old grandchild. It is hard to have him hear and see the news and to answer his questions.

  3. Kerry

    With everything that is going on in the world, it is NOT silly to share your weekly updates. It helps me to redirect my focus to the everyday things that are within my control, especially when I am feeling overwhelmed and often powerless. Thank you!

  4. Kirsten J

    LOL at the Karen comment. What. Ever. Thank you for sharing a spot of normalcy. Balance is key in life, and you’ve nailed it. And no, it never got easy for me when my kids were hurt. My baby girl plays D1 college softball. I could probably own a physical therapy business with al the money we’ve spent fixing her body. At least the university pays for her medical stuff now….yeah, that hand shatter fracture from a hit-by-pitch? Ugh. That was a tough one. Thanks again for your constant happy inspiration!

  5. Andi

    Andie- You said nothing wrong! Keep up the posts…James is adorable and I (I’m sure it’s “we”) enjoy seeing him have new experiences. Getting to meet the Ice Cream Man is a fun expanding of his world. My only advice about bloody noses or anything where blood is involved, use a blue, brown, or darker colored wash cloth…the sight of bright red blood on a white cloth can be scary. YOU’RE DOING GREAT!
    ~The Orher Andi

    1. Katelyn

      I enjoyed The Hunt, too! I’m not usually a scary movie fan, but this one looked really interesting. I did NOT know it was a satire before watching it, though, so that was pretty jarring! :-)

      I, personally, specifically read the news and then came and read your update knowing it would likely have some more uplifting content. Sometimes we all need to take a short break from the horrible things going on. You’re doing great!


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