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making popcorn for movie night at home

During my first pregnancy, I was obsessed with horror movies. I went into labor just hours after Daniel and I went to the movies to see The Nun, which was a terrible movie if you’re curious. This time around, I’ve been more interested in feel-good, wholesome shows, like Bob’s Burgers and Parks and Recreation. But recently I’ve been drawn back into thrillers and horror, even though they truly make it hard for me to sleep at night. I’ve come to the conclusion that I enjoy watching horror movies because I can’t just passively watch them (like I might with a drama or comedy); instead I’m gripped. It forces me to be present, an art I’m always working on, and I like that. I crave that. So this week, Daniel and I watched The Autopsy of Jane Doe on Netflix. It had a really nice slow build to some creepy scares. And Brian Cox was great as usual (have you seen him in Succession on HBO? He’s the best).

If you can’t go out and protest but are looking for a way to help, here are some ideas.

This is an older article but it’s a great read from Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Case for Reparations

Disordered Eating in a Disordered Time
Social isolation and unstructured days add to the anxiety of those struggling to achieve a healthy relationship with food.

I can’t wait to try these par-cooked sweet potatoes that you finish on the grill—a great side for a summer meal.



5 thoughts on “What I Love This Week

  1. Kate W.

    Should Oprah get reparations? She’s got more money than God. How about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, or Snoop Dawg? Spike Lee? What about people who are half white, half black, do they get half reparations? People who’s grandparent was black? Do they get one quarter? What about people who were born in Jamaica, but moved here two years ago? Convicts who killed a family of 4? Do you honestly believe money will solve the tensions? Money never has. Why this time.
    I like your cookbook very much. You have a nice personality and your writing is fun. Your baby is adorable. But I’m unsubscribing.
    It’s annoying when people assume everybody thinks alike, when that is absolutely not the case. There is no reason for people today, who had nothing to do with slavery, should have to pay for people 400 years ago who did. As the truly great black educator Thomas Sowell just said, “Are we really at the absurd point in history where people who did not commit egregious acts are held responsible, and people who did commit them are not?”.
    Yes, that is where we are.

    1. Sarah

      Hi Andie, I’ve never commented before, but contrary to this poster — I’d like to thank you for sharing articles (even beyond the initial reactive wave) to help people expand their thinking on race relations and the complexities of our world.

  2. Luna @ Healthy Kitchen 101

    Haha. I love horror movies too. My bf and I always search for ones after dinner. For me, I think horror movies give me a sense of deep adventure and mysterious beliefs. I will try The Autopsy of Jane Doe :) Stay safe and healthy!

  3. Marina

    Being pregnant is a tiring time, but it will be over soon
    We all have to stay in the our own house right now, maybe cooking and taking care of family is the only way to help reduce stress right now.


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