What I Love This Week

Welp, I’m sad to say that our sweet little guy was sick again this past week. James had a high fever on Monday and then it slowly lowered over the course of the week. Likely another viral illness, maaaybe Roseola, because he did develop a slight rash at the end of the week, although we have no idea where he would be catching it from because he hasn’t been around any other kids in months. Has your kiddo had Roseola? He seems to be all better now, so hopefully that is the last illness for a while. Like all parents, I just hate seeing my boy feeling cruddy.

What I Watched

This week Daniel and I watched Hamilton…twice. We’re head over heels in love with it (and hey we’re only about 5 years late to the Hamilton craze, but whatever). We’ve been streaming the soundtrack every day at home and in the car. We even bought the CD of the soundtrack for some reason. James seems to love it, too. It’s a masterpiece.

We also saw Palm Springs, a new romantic comedy on Hulu starring Andy Samberg and Christina Milioti. It’s best not to read anything about the plot and go in fresh so I won’t spoil anything. But it’s a really terrific movie, good script with two extremely likable leads. I would definitely recommend it.

What I Read

A great article about cognitive dissonance and how it relates to the pandemic in The Atlantic.

Here is how you can catch a comet that won’t be around again for 6,000 years.

A fascinating read about the future of AI and problems it will face as the need for more computing power makes more complex tasks difficult.



5 thoughts on “What I Love This Week

  1. Greg

    That Atlantic article is terrific. I posted it to my FB and was shocked by how many people read it! The only problem is that now have one more habit to avoid. Will check out Palm Springs. Cheers, Greg

  2. Jenny

    I recently read an article about quarantined kids getting sick. It basically said that you can carry all these germs/ viruses/ whatever and they can just spring up. Makes so much sense thinking back on when my kids were younger. Google it. ❤️ Glad he is better. Scary times.

  3. Carmela M Gersbeck

    My son and DIL watched Hamilton with us for the first time (we saw it twice before on Broadway) and they have been listening to the soundtrack daily since then! It’s such a great musical. Your son is adorable. I hope he feels better soon.

  4. Nadia

    Hi Andy, I had to comment because of the rash. My 2 year old was sick recently with a high fever, after the fever improved he got a rash all over, so we went back to the doctor. We were told that viral rashes are very common after a fewer with a viral infection (so any virus could do this) and the doctor called this „textbook“. The rash went away again after two days. Sounds like James might have had a similar „viral“ rash.


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