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Daniel’s Grandma Pauline died last Wednesday. She had such a big, beautiful personality and I loved her very much. I’m so glad I got to know her over the past 16 years. She was unique in so many ways, a Jewish grandmother who didn’t cook (that was one of her favorite jokes) and was the life of the party. She loved old Hollywood elegance and tried to make everything extra special, like she was the star of her own movie. The first time I met her was in college. She and Daniel’s grandfather, Bapa, came up to Amherst and took us out to lunch. When it was time for the drink order she asked the Chili’s waitress, “Now how is the house white wine here?” No matter where she was, to her it was the pinnacle of class and excitement.

She was such a key part of our family dynamic. At all our family gatherings she would hold court, regaling us with stories from her life. She got a big kick out of pushing the envelope with some PG-13 content. She was a true extrovert, could talk for hours, and was never happier than when she was around family reliving her greatest hits.

She also had a wonderful marriage to Daniel’s saint of a grandfather, who passed away five years ago. She described their love as perfect because, “He was a giver and I was a taker.” She was 90 years old and had been in declining health, but the last few months of COVID-19 isolation were really difficult on her and she deteriorated quickly. She died peacefully at home with her two sons by her side. We will miss her so much, but we’ll tell the boys stories about her all the time.

Links I Loved

This week I posted about my DIY kitchen counter project. Counters look like brand new granite for under $100.

It’s been amazing seeing James develop new skills through play. Here is some of the science behind it.

Something I always tell Daniel when we travel is not to put the suitcase on the bed! Here’s why.



4 thoughts on “What I Love This Week

  1. Maryellen Loiacono

    I loved Pauline, she welcomed us into their family with open arms and you could be yourself around her. She was kind, complementary and so interested in your life too! She was such an inspiration to me and someone I will never forget. I always dreamed of having a wonderful relationship with my children’s in-laws and Pauline made that happen when she welcomed the Mitchell’s into the Woolson family. I will keep your love alive in your grandchildren, I promise!
    Maryellen Mitchell Loiacono

  2. Laura

    She looked like a lovely, spirited woman anyone would have been glad to know, with a definite sparkle in her eyes. That was a nice tribute to her.

  3. Kelley McVey

    I enjoy all your posts — but this one is one of my favorites. What a special lady Pauline was! Thanks for sharing her antics, they made me smile.

  4. Judy Caywood

    Hi Andie,

    That picture shows what a loving, fun person she was. That she cared about her family and was very involved with letting them know they were loved and enjoyed. People like that are rare and we learn so much from them. I thank the Lord you got to experience someone so wonderful. To have her be a part of the tapestry of your family.



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