What I Love This Week

I only have three weeks to go in this pregnancy, but those three weeks seem like an eternity to me right now. Thankfully, the baby is healthy, I’m healthy, and everything seems to be going well, so I really can’t complain; I can’t wait to meet this precious baby! Daniel and I have been showing James the baby’s room and playing a game where we ask him, “Where is baby (we use the baby’s name, which seems to help James get familiar with him)?” and we look around the room for him. Then we point to my belly and say “the baby is in mumma’s tummy!” It actually feels like he sort of gets what’s going on—one time he looked at my belly and gasped haha—but I’m sure we will blow his mind when we play where’s the baby and actually find a baby :)

I was so sad and shocked to hear about the death of Chadwick Boseman. He was a wonderful actor and seemed to be a wonderful human being. We are going to watch some of his films this weekend in his honor.

Ten countries managed to keep COVID-19 out, but because most of those remote countries relied heavily on tourism, they still were badly hurt by the pandemic.

A math problem that stumped the brightest minds for 50 years was solved in days by a Maine grad student.

Police are working on an algorithm to identify potential serial killers.

We all rely on some convenience foods to make cooking easier. Here’s a pretty good list.



2 thoughts on “What I Love This Week

  1. Luisa Bellissimo

    You look fabulous!
    It’s so exciting and new!
    Our James is a twin with Michael!
    They just turned 7 and both are so very inquisitive!
    My 2 sons are 4 years apart!
    Alexander was very protective of Kristopher!
    They are the best of friends to this day!
    Kris used to always say that Alexander was his hero!
    They are now 41 and 37 years older!
    Wonderful and joyous times despite this horrid pandemic!
    Prayers and strength heading your way!
    Blessings to you and yours!


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