What I Love This Week

james in the rain

I’m entering my 40th week and am ready to go at any moment! There has finally been a break in the oppressive heat in Massachusetts and we have had some beautiful fall weather the last few days. It’s allowed me to get outside and waddle around the neighborhood for a little exercise. James had his second birthday this past week and we spent the day with just the three of us. We had balloons and gave him presents and had a Mickey Mouse cake. He loved singing happy birthday to himself. It was a really nice day and I keep thinking about how it will probably be our last permanent memory when it was just the three of us. It makes my heart break even though I know our newest addition will bring more love and happiness for all of us.

I hope everyone is staying safe. Have a great week and I can’t wait to share the news when we welcome our new baby soon (fingers crossed)!

These are the 101 best pizzas in America. Scanning the list I have had the number 1, Frank Pepe in New Haven, and the number 3, John’s in New York. Both were excellent. Which one’s have you tried? Who deserved to make the list?

Could robots be the answer to pandemic loneliness? For some elderly people, robot pets seem to help.

Carlton Banks was more than just a dance. A fun look at the character’s legacy.

A fascinating story about a multimillion dollar heist from the Carnegie Library.

The best way to make bacon.



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