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Hey hey! It’s been a while since I’ve written a ‘What I Love This Week’ and I’ll tell you, there’s been so much to love lately. First, our sweet Levi (who is somehow FOUR weeks old today!). He’s already growing up too fast and oh my god he’s irresistible. Just pure sweetness and sunshine. Before I had him, I had this idea that going from 1 child to 2 would feel easier for me than 0 to 1 and so far that’s been true. It’s busy and chaotic around here, for sure, and there are a lot of logistical challenges to figure out all the time, but emotionally I feel so calm, so much more prepared and capable of caring for and loving these two boys. Anyway, it’s 4am now and my little guy needs holding so I’ll be back again later this week with more :) Working on his birth story a little every day. Hope you’re doing well!

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2 thoughts on “What I Love This Week

  1. Lee Lee

    Look at them all snuggly together! I love that you are feeling good inside Andie. I just know that these moments of bliss… never go away and remain deeply embedded in your heart and soul. I encourage all new Mommies to Collect Beautiful Moments and Cherish them….God Bless your family Andie. & Thank you for sharing them with us…

    Love & Peace


  2. MaryJane Rings

    Hold your little one as much as you can. Cuddle him and let him snuggle. This is his bonding time and it will influence him the rest of his life. They grow up so fast. It looks like James likes his baby brother. That’s a good sign. Take your time and remember we your fans are out here supporting you. Times are so much better now that we know mothers and babies go through the 4th trimester “The Bonding”

    From a supportive mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.
    MJ Rings


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