When Should I Start Losing Weight?

When Should You Start Losing Weight? (photo by mara zemgaliete)

I’ll start after my birthday. Once the weekend is over I’m finally going to do it. After our vacation next month, we can finally buckle down and get healthy… These are just a few examples of my past plans to embark on a healthier lifestyle—all of which never quite worked out like I thought. There have been countless times in my life where I knew I couldn’t continue on the path I was on, and yet, I also wasn’t psychologically prepared to change. I reassured myself I would start as soon as the next (arbitrary) date on my calendar passed, until I was left with only regret after regret. Why didn’t I start sooner?

One of my more popular posts was about not waiting to lose weight to start living. https://www.andiemitchell.com/ill-do-it-as-soon-as-i-lose-weight/ I wholeheartedly believe that you shouldn’t avoid putting yourself out there, enjoying life, or pursuing goals just because you happen to be overweight right now—think of all that you’d miss! But if you do want to get on a healthier path, you can live your life and pursue a healthier one simultaneously. You can love your body while working on it.

Change is a terrifying thing. Giving up your one source of comfort can be torture. But living a life you know is wrong, a life you know will lead to more and more pain, is unsustainable. You can keep reassuring yourself that it’s going to be easier after this or that imaginary event or date passes, but a small part of you will always know the truth: it’s not. It’s hard, and it’s getting harder every day. Any more time you wait to correct course will make it harder and harder to find your way back. If you can’t jump in with both feet, at least dip your toes in the water. Start by making small changes—cut out soda, smoke half the pack, go for a walk after dinner with your family. Whatever you do, start your journey now, not after memorial day, or your birthday, or the weekend. Now.



6 thoughts on “When Should I Start Losing Weight?

  1. Kristen Wybieralla

    Andie, thank you so much for what you write and your message. I read your book a few months back and it really resonated with me. (I’m 30, born and raised in Mass, a UMass Alum from 09, and even lived in Orchard hill) and I was the chubby friend. College was tough for me in ways I couldnt have imagined. I graduated at the heaviest I ever had been. And so began my journey of learning to be an adult and learning to be healthy. Over the past 8 years I have weighed more, I have weighed less. After a particularly difficult year that brought me to North Carolina with my husband for his job, I found myself back st square one. I am currently getting myself back on track with my eating habits and exercise. I feel so motivated by your story,I love reading your posts and plan on buying your cookbook for some great new recipe ideas. Thank you so much for being so brave to share something so personal for you.

  2. Susan D'Angelo

    Andie- thanks again for another inspirational message. I was just having this conversation with my therapist and it is a conversation I have with myself several times a day even an hour. And your advice was the same as hers it doesn’t have to always be about the shot from the cannon and a big endeavor. Start with something small and then move forward. I am famous for setting arbitrary dates and the easy part is that they are easier to re-set than to start. Another win for me is giving myself credit for things I am doing. Making better choices, eliminating diet coke, no artificial sugar, eating clean food, limiting carbs- so I guess I should count those as wins. But I know I need to start moving my self to move the needle on the scale. I am feeling optimistic about this part of the journey- thanks for sharing your. Susan

  3. BArbor Rjka

    Wow, did this hit home! I have lost 90 pounds, and need to lose 70 more. I have been coasting since Feb. 1st. Up 5, down 5. Just can’t get my groove back and get in the zone. Make no mistake, when you are “in the zone”, you never take it for granted. You rejoice every day, every pound lost. Thanks for a good reminder of what I need to be doing. A lot really is a mental game. Really enjoy you’re writing. You GET IT!

  4. Amy Grove

    Most people I have encountered who want to loose weight but can’t seem to start haven’t truly faced their dependence on food. We have to look hard at how we use food to get through life, our fear of giving it up, and the devastation it has caused to our lives. We make excuses because we can’t bring ourselves to say out loud — I’m scared of life without excess food.

    Andie: I just read your book and signed up for your newsletters. You inspired me to start my own blog! Thank you!!!


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