Whole Wheat Pancake Recipe

This whole wheat pancake recipe is not only delicious but healthy. Made with Greek yogurt or sour cream, these little pillows of goodness are light, tender, subtly sweet and a touch nutty. Great for weekend or weekday breakfasts!

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These whole wheat pancakes make the perfect morning. These are ones I’d serve to the queen, or better yet, Oprah, were she so obliged to pop in for breakfast. Daniel swears it’s the best pancake recipe he’s ever had. They’re light as a feather, unfailingly tender, and just so shockingly fluffy. Flavor-wise, they’re faintly sweet and slightly nutty from a blend of whole wheat and all-purpose flours. I add a few spoonfuls of sour cream to give them moisture and a silky texture.

I love that they’re not only delicious, but healthy and wholesome enough for a weekday. Essentially, they won’t send you on a trip to the tropic of sugar, but you’ll think you’re eating cake for breakfast.  A win by all accounts.

Most recipes call for added oil or melted butter, but you really don’t need any. Instead, Greek yogurt or sour cream adds a bit of fat and richness, and that’s all that matters taste-wise.

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So, today is my 26th birthday, and I feel nothing short of elated. One part overjoyed and one part overwhelmed with gratitude….for giving me the chance to share my life, through food, with you.

I’d like to thank the internet for how far we’ve come. Really. Because blogging, well, it’s felt a whole lot like a home away from home for me. Where else but the world wide web would I be able to step inside, take off my shoes, eat, sleep in a plush pillow-top mattress (what’s the thread count here?!), and make myself at home for a full year without being politely and respectfully asked to leave?

But then I guess the real place I’ve stayed is in the homes of all of you. Cramped inside your desktops and laptops, just practically shouting about this food or that food, this ooey gooey or that crispy crumbly. It’s not always easy, being 5’9” and all. And I imagine it’s not all that easy for you, either. Either I’m trying to feed you up to your eyeballs, I’m writing a dissertation on the melting point of chocolate, or I’m asking you to dig as deep into the very trenches of your soul as I do mine. I want to share food and wisdom and understanding and circumstance. And really, I’d imagine myself to be fresh out of content by now.

Quite honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Without writing and recipes and taking lustful photos of food.

Thanks for staying with me. I’m blowing out my candles and wishing for another year of this feeling.

How To Make This Whole Wheat Pancake Recipe – Step By Step

  • In a large bowl, whisk the flours, baking powder, sugar, and salt.
  • In a measuring cup or small bowl, whisk the egg into the milk. Pour into the dry ingredients and stir just until combined. Add the Greek yogurt (or sour cream) and give the batter one final stir.
  • Spoon a quarter cup of batter onto a griddle or skillet set over medium heat that has been coated with nonstick cooking spray. Flip after 3-4 minutes, just as you notice bubbles forming around the edges of each pancake, and cook 2 minutes more.
  • Serve with a pat of butter and pure maple syrup.

Freezing Your Pancakes

You may want these delicious whole wheat pancakes over the weekend, but you know it’s going to be hectic You can cook up this whole wheat pancake recipe pancakes in a batch and freeze them for later. 

To freeze pancakes, cook them as you normally would and then let them cool to room temperature. Freeze them in a freezer bag and reheat in the toaster or in a warm oven. Make ahead pancakes, done!

Use This Whole Wheat Pancake Recipe For A Healthier Pancake!

This whole wheat pancake recipe creates light, fluffy, subtly sweet and stone cold delicious pancakes! Plus they are healthier than your traditional pancakes. These bad boys clock in at just 229 calories per serving (about 3 pancakes).

I used whole wheat flour, and whole wheat is awesome! Whole wheat flour is rich in vitamins B-1, B-3, and B-5, along with riboflavin and folate. It also has more iron, calcium, protein, and other nutrients than white flour. Since there isn’t a calorie difference, choosing the nutrient-dense flour will add to your healthy diet rather than retract from it.

This Whole Wheat Pancake Recipe – Perfect For An Easy Breakfast

The homemade batter takes just minutes to whisk together, and since pancake better benefits from the least amount of stirring possible, this means less prep time for you! Just 5 mins prep with ingredients, many of which you’ll, most likely, already have in your kitchen. Great for a busy morning when the hungry masses descend!

Top Tips For This Whole Wheat Pancake Recipe

  • The perfect time to stop stirring the batter is when you don’t see any more flour streaks, but there are still lumps in the batter.
  • Use an ice cream scoop to dispense the batter, for two reasons. First, it is easier to make uniform and evenly-portioned pancakes. Second, using these tools gives the pancakes a rounder shape.
  • Flip the pancakes when the bubbles just begin to pop.
  • Serve with a smattering of fruit, blueberries work great with this whole wheat pancake recipe

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Whole Wheat Pancakes

These whole wheat pancakes make the perfect morning.
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time15 minutes
Total Time20 minutes
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Keyword: easy pancake recipe, whole wheat pancakes
Servings: 3 servings (10 pancakes)
Calories: 226kcal


  • 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 cup all purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup milk dairy or nondairy
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tablespoons low fat Greek yogurt or sour cream


  • In a large bowl, whisk the flours, baking powder, sugar, and salt.
  • In a measuring cup or small bowl, whisk the egg into the milk. Pour into the dry ingredients and stir just until combined. Add the Greek yogurt and give the batter one final stir.
  • Spoon a quarter cup of batter onto a griddle or skillet set over medium heat that has been coated with nonstick cooking spray. Flip after 3-4 minutes, just as you notice bubbles forming around the edges of each pancake, and cook 2 minutes more.
  • Serve with a pat of butter and pure maple syrup.


Calories: 226kcal | Protein: 9g | Fat: 5g | Cholesterol: 77mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 3g


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    HAPPY, HAPPY 26th Birthday!!!! It’s been a reeeeaaaal long time since I’ve seen that age. I hope that this day brings great joy and special moments! The pancakes look great and me and my wife will be trying them this weekend. Don’t EVEN think about overstaying your welcome! I just came on board this blog and can’t imagine a day without it. Thanks for ALL you give each of us. YOU’RE GREAT!!!!

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    Happy Birthday!!!!!! Is it bad that the only pancakes in the world I like are IHOP’s pancakes? I never liked any pancakes growing up, then I had those and I loved them, but can’t get into pancakes otherwise. How weird is that??

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    I’ve never tried to make a whole wheat pancake! This seems like the perfect recipe to start with. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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    Happy Birthday! I know your day will be great! I love your blog…..You are very insightful and inspirational! Your food looks absolutely fabulous and I love the way you relate a story along with a recipe! Stay for a long time……I am hooked!

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    I can’t tell you how much I love that you blog and how many of your amazing recipes and philosophies I have absorbed.

    you are a treasure.

    Here’s to a billion more pancake rich birthday mornings!


    ps the Chicken Cordon Bleu BLEW our brains out!!!! Y.U.M.

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    happy birthday! i’m not really the biggest pancake fan (unless they are filled with chocolate chips of course) but you make these sound absolutely delicious. eat up and enjoy the day!!!

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    Happy belated birthday!!! I’m turning 29 tomorrow and still not coming to grips with the fact that it’s my last bday in my 20’s *sigh*… thinking I need a big stack of these delicious pancakes to celebrate that one! :D

  15. Adie

    First off, happy belated birthday!

    Secondly, those pancakes look amazing! My family has a sour cream waffles recipe, and whenever I offer to make them I get a fairly standard “ew, no, gross” face. I tell people to just trust me, and after the first bite it’s always the same “I’m so sorry I doubted you please let me grovel at your feet”, which comes out more like “these are delicious!”. I’ll have to try the pancakes :)

  16. Suzy

    Happy Birthday!!! Those look awesome!! We’re a ‘every Sunday morning’ pancake house (it’s the husband and the daughter’s ritual)-we’ll have to try these!!!

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      I just found your site and I’m so happy I did. I have an allergy to gleutn (not Celiac Disease) so I can particularly appreciate your gleutn free recipes. Oh and a question, can I get one of those pizzas to go? =)

  19. lauravirginia

    Hi! Found your blog off of How Sweet It Is and I think it is great. I just wanted to let you know that I just made these pancakes and they were incredible. Thanks for the recipe… definitely bookmarking it! :)

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  21. Emily

    I just made these and they were amazing. I also made your chocolate cupcakes and they were delicious. Thanks for the wonderful recipes!

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  26. Michelle

    I just made these and added a ripe banana to the mix that I didn’t want to go to waste. I also added some cinnamon and vanilla…b/c why not right? I had to substitute 2% greek yogurt for the sour cream. I was really pleased with result. Thanks for sharing they were nice and fluffy & moist!

  27. Sarah

    These look so good. I love whole wheat pancakes so i cant wait to try these. I’m sure these are just wonderful!!!

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  29. Kris

    I made these this weekend, and had to comment to let you know how much I loved them! I have been on the lookout for a whole wheat pancake recipe that wasn’t too dense or flavorless, and this one is AWESOME. The recipe comes together so easily and is easily doubled. I used 0% Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and it was perfect. I also added blueberries & chocolate chips to some, because sometimes pancakes want to party. So this will now be my go-to recipe! :)

  30. Melody

    I have used this recipe three times for my little family now and we all love it. I have been making whole wheat sour cream pancakes for a while, but I like your recipe the best. Perfect amound of fluffiness. Sometimes I add vanilla and a little cinnamon. I actually found this blog searching for a recipe for these exact pancakes and now I am a frequent visitor : )

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  32. admattai

    Just made these pancakes for brunch, and they were great! Will make again soon. I did add a dash of cinnamon & some chocolate chips mixed in :)

  33. Kelsey


    I just made these pancakes for dinner, but put a diced apple in the mix and used wheat bran instead of wheat flour because that’s all I had. Do you think this is why they are burning before the center cooks? They are indeed nice and fluffy though!

    Thanks for this recipe!

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    1. admin

      Hey Laura, I’m sorry, I don’t have it. I’d recommend the recipe calculator on SparkRecipes.com to get the nutrition info if you’re interested, though!


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  40. Jessica

    These are my go-to pancakes now. They are the perfect texture! I’m linking to them on a blog post now (everyone needs to know about your recipe)! :)

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