Camille Does Noni

Camille takes a shot of noni to combat her cold. The noni fruit is known to have healing properties, but it is undoubtedly the most disgusting food in existence. I gag just upon smelling it.



14 thoughts on “Camille Does Noni

  1. Vicky

    Have enjoyed you girls adventure and photos, I tried noni juice once, and thought it was horrid too. Have discovered the BEST thing to use, when you feel a virus coming on. Elderberry extract, take 3-4 capsules at the first hint of trouble, and it totally eliminates the virus. Olive leaf extract is another great natural
    remedy, but I count on elderberry a lot, and have told
    many people about it, all having success. I never travel without it especially. Good Luck!

  2. Becca

    I’ve been trying to subscribe to your RSS feed….and I”m having major problems. When I click on it, it takes me back to your main homepage, and when I add the URL to my google reader, nothing shows up. Can you help?

  3. Meg W

    I get jealous of your travels every time I see an update!! The weather has started to get nice here in Boston, but it looks just so lovely there. Such good food, such beautiful scenery.

  4. Jen

    Hi! Where are you living while you are traveling? In a rented suite? Do you intend to return to the States? Seems magical.

  5. Brenda Christophersen

    If it is SIGNIFICANTLY worse than Jagermeister…than I must respond with: wow….bleck. Although, in my youth, Jagermeister cleared my sinuses!

  6. Donia

    I am from Jamaica and my grandma has 2 noni trees in her yard, she swears that noni is the cure for everything and produces batches of the drink for us all to take home weekly. It is AWFUL tasting and smells worse but it does somehow kick start the feel better process when you are in the throws of an awful flu. Hope it helped.

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