Casual Friday

I should preface this post with: this is a list of inane musings. It’s nonsensical at best, disturbing at worst. But it will give you who come here often a tiny glimpse at the life of the zany person who writes this blog. Maybe we’ll start a tradition? Casual Fridays—I like the sound of that. We can have drinks?


corned beef

1. The promise of Guinness-braised corned beef and cabbage this weekend is precisely what has driven me through the week.

My massive Irish family is gathering TWICE this weekend to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Saturday for a corned beef and cabbage dinner and Sunday for brunch—which I told them should naturally condense to a Guinness-braised slumber party, but what do I know?


2. Speaking of brunch—I have a problem with it. World, are you asking me to skip breakfast or are you asking me to forgo lunch? Because truth: neither is happening. My disdain for brunch is very similar to my disdain for the oft 3 p.m. mealtime on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas—it derails my eating train.


makeup brush


3. I am obsessed with makeup. Nothing new here; I’ve been this way since seventh grade when I bought my first concealer and then shuffled through the whole year with raccoon eyes. In eighth grade, one year later, I begged Mom for a subscription to InStyle magazine. And Mom, a woman who has never a day in her life worn anything more than a thick lacquer of plum lipstick, looked me squarely in my raccoony eyes, and relented. Thus, a product obsession was born.
Today, you will rarely find me without something on my face. My sister-in-law loves to tell a story about when I showed up at her house to help move furniture. “Everyone’s there in sweatpants and tee-shirts, ready to do some heavy lifting, and Andrea steps out of the car—in sweats, mind you—with hot pink lipstick.”
I’m thankful that my best friend indulges me. Sometimes I email her lists of “The Best Beauty Products of Our Lives to Date.” And then sometimes I text self-portraits to her to show off a simple new makeup look I’m working for the day. And yet—she still loves me. Bless her.


4. Lately, I’ve been struggling with the oddest, most frustrating nighttime anxiety. I fall asleep just fine, but then—sometime around 4 a.m.—I’ll wake suddenly and all of these crazy thoughts will rush at me. “The shrimp stir-fry recipe is all wrong!!” (It isn’t.) “I have to do my taxes!” “When was the last time I called Lori?!” Every deep-seated fear, every past humiliation, every heart-hurt just whooshes at me full-force, as though it had been pent up all the while I’d been sleeping. And for the next ninety minutes, I’m fraught with worry. Last night it didn’t happen, though—thankfully—so I wonder if it was just a strange few-days-long kind of thing. Or at least, I hope.


5. Longtime readers of this ol’ blog know that I love travel. In 2012 alone, I traveled to Costa Rica (twice), three parts of Mexico, Belize, and the Dominican Republic. I believe in travel. I wish more people could do it, more often. I wish I could fund it for them. I wish I could fund it for myself.
Recently, passionate traveler, Kelly, emailed me about a contest she entered in which she has the chance to potentially win a 6-month all-expenses-paid trip around the world to blog about her travels. Naturally, I want to support that in any way I can. To win the contest, she needs lots and lots of votes on the video she created, and I’d love it (and be very, very grateful) if we could all vote for her.

To vote, simply click here to visit Kelly’s entry page, then scroll down to the green box on the right and share via the social media links. Shares only count as votes if they’re done through the links on her entry page. Thank you!


photo by: stu_spivack, wei li graphic designer


So. Tell me something about you. What’s new?



40 thoughts on “Casual Friday

    1. Andie

      Thanks so much, Kate! I have a post planned for next week about the book release date! Really sorry to have kept everyone waiting.


  1. Cinnamon Vogue

    What better than a make-up wearin wee wee Irish Lass! Aye, how I long for a pint of Guinness. I do have a weakness for them combination. Must remind me self to visit the pub for a pint.

    Well I did the voting for Kelly before the pint of Guinness. Ah Toronto, by my second home town where I spent 8 years and the best food in all of North America. Hopefully my fellow Canucks will vote for her too. I have appealed to them with a Facebook posting and link.

    Andie if you visit Toronto I will get my friend Sam who has a large Tibetan Restaurant on Queen Street to look after you and Kelly for an evening of Tibetan food with our compliments. So don’t be shy. Happy St. Patricks Day to ya, Andie!

    1. Kelly

      Oooh, which Tibetan restaurant?? I LOVE Tibetan and Nepali cuisine! I would SO take Andie out for Tibetan if she ever came to Toronto! ;D

      And thanks for the vote and the online support!

      1. Cinnamon Vogue

        Kelly it is called Everest Cafe & Bar- 232 Queen Street ((416) 977-6969). I have told my friend Sam to expect you for a complimentary meal, even if Andie won’t go. Push Andie to drive up, It’s only a few hours for her. All the best on your competition. You and Andie should apply to go on the Amazing Race. Yeah that would totally work. With Andie’s followers I am sure they will say yes. Now that would be fun to watch. And if you are and Andie are in LA I will host.

  2. Megan

    Omg you described the same exact night anxiety I was getting a few months ago! I’d wake up almost every morning around 4 am, thinking I needed to accomplish something and I’d get really stressed out about it. A common one was stacking boxes. And I couldn’t go back to sleep until all the boxes were stacked (strange half-awake/asleep dream world where you know there aren’t actually any boxes and yet it still plagued me). It doesn’t happen to me much anymore- I have to be really cold at night and a little drugged too, honestly (melatonin), then I don’t wake up as much. Less stress obviously helps as well ;) hope they stay away for you too!

  3. Sarah

    I think you are absolutely fantastic! I love your “what you see is what you get” down to earth nature. Your blog is a lovely read every morning =)

    And your recipes are DELICIOUS, fun adventures for me!
    Thank you


  4. Diane @ Vintage Zest

    Ha! I totally feel that way about Thanksgiving/holiday mealtimes. What is this strange 2pm lunch/dinner we have, so that we are starving since we skipped breakfast and lunch while cooking the whole day. Then, stuff ourselves silly only to be hungry at around 10pm. Insanity!

    That’s awesome that you’re supporting your friend’s travel dreams. I am going to travel around Europe for a month very, very soon and I feel like it’s going to be such a long time and cost an arm and a leg. Needless to say, I’m totally jealous! But I’ll vote for her nevertheless. :)

  5. Brooke

    Uhm, so now that I’m drooling for Guiness Braised Corned Beef are you going to share a recipe? I’d much rather know I’m following something you have made than take my chances out there on the interwebs! Lol. Oh and I voted for Kelly and shared on FB! :)

  6. Brooke

    If you are obsessed with makeup, you should check out Lisa Eldridge’s video tutorials. She is intoxicating to watch and one of the top makeup artists out there. You won’t be disappointed. If you watch, let me know what you think. :)

  7. Tina Cook

    Oh how happy I am that I stumbled upon this blog via Pinterest (my new latest obsession since I am planning my daughters wedding). I love everything food, chocolate and makeup! We have so much in common. Never apologize for showing for a workout or hard manual labor with a full face of makeup and your hair done…one must always look her best! Looking forward to reading more, trying out your recipes, and reading the cookbook!

  8. Anna

    The picture of your Guinness-braised corned beef and cabbage is making me swoon. Can you please post or forward me your recipe?? It sounds and looks better than any recipe I’ve used!

  9. Sonal

    Hahah hot pink lipstick! :) You go girl! I’m not such a great fan of make up nor do I dislike brunch – you don’t love that you can sleep in and then eat fun things like eggs benedict? :) The best brunch i’ve ever had is in the states! Enjoy you’re Irish weekend !

  10. Camille Willemain

    Bunny, how could you forget our five rainy days in Panama? Also, I had no idea you had these feelings about brunch. I share them, but going to brunch, making plans for brunch, shopping after brunch, just makes me feel so cool I have to do it anyway. Love you miss you.

  11. Miss McBooty

    Okay, I’m glad I am not the only one having crazy, vivid dreams lately! I have been dreaming about people I haven’t connected with in years, waking up in a frenzy, and then I either fall asleep again two hours later (after my mind calms down) or I am up for the day. What is going on?? Maybe the sandman took a vacation or something ;)

  12. RBee

    Agreed on hating brunch! When given the choice–one meal or two–is there really any question? And trying to justify matters by stuffing myself at brunch just throws my body out of whack. P.S. I like the idea of casual Friday posts. And since you just keep on insisting, I’ll have a glass of wine while I read.

  13. LG

    When I wake up like that in the night, I try to focus on the sounds around me and listen really hard. It helps to bring me into the moment and most of the time I can fall asleep again.

    Or I eat a protein bar and read magazines for a 1/2 hour. :0) I try not to, but sometimes I think my body just wants some “me” time, and it’s willing to take it in the middle of the night if need be!

  14. Rocio

    Lol racoon eyes. I have always had rings under my eyes so when I discovered concealer, I don’t know what looked worse, the rings or the yellow concealer you could see from a mile away. Classy!

  15. Amanda morey

    I love that yur family gets together twice for st pattys! I’m sorry you’re having anxiety; I’ve been there myself. It’s frustrating. I usually end up journaling, praying, or doing yoga breaths. I also hug my dog. A lot.

    What’s new you ask? I’m booking my vacation to Mexico this weekend (can’t wait!), tried four new recipes in the past two weeks, and have learned the new hobby of crocheting.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Hootie

    Hmmm….. I don’t think you are crazy :) recent professional development taught me that those with a high intelligence have the characteristics of a wide variety of interests and are easily overwhelmed because of the number of items of interest and an ability to over-focus. Hence the highly developed high number of nuances that may seem odd or that can relate to such a wide range of people when paired with social skills (maybe you are just a well adjusted nerd like i am). I related to that PD so I remembered it. Turns out that emotional intelligence is actually more important in the workplace :) who knew?!
    I said all that to say this, even though me and Jesus are real tight I also like eastern medicine, holistic health, alternative medicine, science and the list goes on….anyway #1 full moon on sat the 16th and any OBGYN or teacher can tell you that messes with things on very tangible levels and #2 I thought my mom and I were only ones waking up recently, so when you said that i googled it and found this Chinese medicine chart interesting bc I have been up around 2-3 each night and have been concerned bc my liver has been hurting and an accupuncturist said she was concerned about my liver although blood tests are normal…this chart says 2-3 means liver issues and anger, frustration and its like its reading my mind since I’ve been angry/frustrated about my job more than usual….for 4am it says grief/loss and lungs… the feeling of it taking your breath away may be an actual health indicator so be mindful
    Anyhow, no your not crazy, or if you are it’s the best possible brand of crazy :) keep it up

  17. Jeff

    Speaking of Gueneess-braised corned beef and cabbage, I can’t find the recipe and had planned on fixing it tomorrow. Im sure I can wing it but really loved your recipe. Is it still up anywhere?


    1. Andie

      Hey Jeff!

      This is the recipe I made and used years ago:

      I’m such a dope that I forgot to include the cabbage in the ingredients and directions, but add a roughly chopped head of it in the final 30 minutes of cooking.

      Today, I’m having a different version because my stepdad, PJ, is making it and he has a very secret, very tried and true recipe that he may or may not share with us on the blog on Monday? PJ? Hello?


  18. Kristy

    Andie, I think your friend Kim has it in the bag, I checked everyone’s votes and she beats everyone by over 300 votes, but just in case, I voted again. :) Thank you for your blog, very inspirational and helpful to me. Many Blessings to you, keep writing. -Kristy

    1. Andie

      Thanks Catherine! And OH MY GOODNESSSSS. We had so much.

      Here was what we served at the corned beef and cabbage dinner:
      Apps: Chips and dip; cheese and crackers; chicken pate and crackers
      Dinner: Guinness braised corned beef, cabbage, turnip, carrots, and potatoes. 2 loaves of homemade Irish bread. More butter than you’ve ever seen at one time.
      Dessert: Homemade chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting decorated with green sugar sprinkles and Andes mints, sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, green Rice Krispie treats, and chocolate -vanilla graham pudding layer bars.

      It was a feast.


  19. Janet Vaught

    Do you think my boss will understand why I am having a beer at my desk reading your blog? My first thought when I read your line on having drinks was “I can has drinks?” (damn ridiculous meme) Did you get your slumber party?

  20. Mila @ Simple Harmonic Motion

    The way I understand it, there are two reasons to enjoy brunch:
    a) You’re celebrating having slept in, preferably with friends+family. Lazytimes. Only I haven’t done that in.. three years? And I guess a lot of bloggers don’t, either.
    b) You get to spend the entire morning surrounded by the aromas of *simultaneously* cakes, coffee and whatever’s roasting for lunch. And munch on ingredients along the way. Again, preferably with folks.
    Reducing the number of meals in the day by one is neither of the above ;)

    1. Andie

      Mila, I think you make lovely points–and for those reasons, I do adore the idea of brunch. Brunch can be so wonderful. And yes, I have to say that there have been hundreds of amazing brunch experiences in my life and there will be many more. It’s just…I wish we were doing breakfast, rather than some sort of almost-lunch thing, you know? It’s the in-betweenness of it that bothers me.

      That said, if I’m pressed, brunch buffets have to be some of the MOST INCREDIBLE things on the planet with regard to food.


  21. Katie


    Would you email or post your Best Beauty Products to Date list? From one enthusist to another, you must know that little tease has me pining for the list! Please please?

    1. Katie

      Also, we disagree on one thing- brunch is a beautiful, wonderful part of life, filled with some of the best food ever. Screw the rails, let’s get this train some eggs and hash browns!

      1. Andie

        Ha! I will consider sharing the makeup in a post–though I do fear all of my food-loving friends here will be less than thrilled. But it would still be really fun :)

        Also, I’m totally a breakfast lover. I absolutely hear you on the awesomeness of the foods served at brunch; I just can’t get behind the weird timing thing.


        1. Ellen Renee

          I personally like whatever you feel like sharing…food…makeup makes no difference to me! I come because I like your “voice”.

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