How Josh Bartosz Lost 141 Pounds

Weight Loss Story: Josh Bartosz

Weight-Loss Win is a weekly series I do for Yahoo Beauty. Here is an excerpt from this week’s inspiring story:

I had been overweight my entire life. But in 2015, I got a job as a software developer and the job was located up a set of stairs. While climbing up the stairs, I noticed that I struggled with every step. I would sweat and gasp for air. I expressed my concern to my wife, who then came up with a challenge:  “Whoever loses 10% of their body fat first, wins!” This was my initial motivation. [Continue reading…]



One thought on “How Josh Bartosz Lost 141 Pounds

  1. Anne F.

    Thanks for keynoting this story. As an inspiration, it helps to read about other’s struggles and victory over weight loss. I’m glad to see you write for this Yahoo Beauty. I will now have another post to move me forward. Thanks. Now I’m just going to mosey back over to that website to continue reading the other stories that are provided. I’d say Andie that you are a pretty ( literally) busy young lady! I don’t know if you write for anyone else. If you do, please give us a heads up! Have a fun and safe weekend. Anne F.


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