I have not forgotten you.


I haven’t forgotten you. This is the week my book edits were submitted. I created 250 some odd pages, organized them into 14 chapters, rewrote every bit of dialogue, and gained ten [unevenly distributed] pounds in the year-long writing process. I’m very happy with the state of the manuscript, even if revising it induced night sweats, adult-onset acne, and an unrelenting fantasy of being trapped in a bakery.

Fresh posts coming your way just as soon as I shower and change out of my nightgown.





29 thoughts on “I have not forgotten you.


    I can’t wait until your book comes out! Any idea when that will be? Christmas New Years 2013? SOOOO looking forward to it. Will you write here about how you are going to take off the re-gained 10 pounds? By the way, I think no less of you for that.-It is part of the process. I believe our bodies fight us, once we have been fat, to get back to that new set point. A lot of re-gain is physiological. Knowing how you handled it will just enlighten us. You may decide to keep the 10 which is also fine. With love and gratitude-Glenda

  2. Theresa


    Don’t get down on any gain of weight. Youre still you, that was what drew me to your site. You haven’t slammed yourself like others who have lost weight. I admire you as a blogger THE MOST!!!
    You are #1 out of every blog I’ve read! :)
    Your gentle love and kindness for the person …..at any weight……. Is what I love most about you and your writing!

    With great anticipation……

  3. Rose

    Very exciting news! I can’t wait to pre-order it. :)

    It might be interesting to see posts about how you intend to respond to the weight gain, if you’re comfortable with that.

    … that sounds odd. I don’t mean it to be!

  4. Bridget

    I CANNOT wait for your book to come out- Will you be including a DETAILED section about your time spend with Leonardo Dicaprio!?!? Just kidding…
    Kind of.

    Best wishes during this exciting and stressful time!

  5. Lanae


    So looking forward to the book! Congrats! Now, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the accomplishment. The pounds, I have no doubt you’ll deal with those in due time.


  6. Michelle Meaney

    hey Andie – huge congratulations on the book.. do u know if the book will be published and sold in Ireland…

  7. Morgan

    Are you still in the shower? It’s been two days since this post came out and I’ve been checking back constantly for a new post….I miss your regular posting. Excited for your book to come out, but glad those edits are done.

  8. Erika

    Andie, I know that this isn’t the post for them but I wanted to tell you that I made your favorite meatball and marinara sauce yesterday and it’s now become my absolute favorite. I’ve never taken the time to make my own marinara sauce before and I now realize how huge of a difference that makes. Thank you so much for posting those recipes! AND for posting in general, your blog is my favorite :-)

  9. Chelsi

    I seriously CANNOT wait for your book!!! I never read for fun during the school semester and this book will definitely cause me to break that rule :D

  10. Liz

    Just recently found your blog and love reading about your journey. It’s so inspirational. I’ve told many people about your blog and I can’t wait to read your memoir. Please let me know when it is out.

  11. Stacey

    thanks so much for the inspiration. time to step out of the mom jeans, strap the baby carrier on my back, and get busy moving. no need to miss out on the world, right?
    can’t wait for your book!

  12. Lisa

    Hi Andie-
    I have looked everywhere on your blog, and even searched you on google to find the name of your book. Is it out? What will the name be? Just need a few answers so my stalking stops. :-) Hope all is well.

  13. Tracey

    Can’t wait to buy it! From one writer to another, everything I read on here is amazing. Everything that you will write in your book will be even better. Have fun with it!

  14. Tery

    Do you have a newsletters I can sign up for? I looked for it because someone else mentioned having signed up but I can’t find it. I’m going to start a weight-loss program and can only hope my husband will let me sign up for WW again. Failed several times already. I depending on those around me for support and forget to depend on me for my success. Wish me luck and much will power…something I’ve never had.


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