Let’s renew our vows.


Friends, it’s been nine whole days since I last posted. What’s interesting here is not that I’ve been swept up in the process of writing a memoir, no, what’s interesting is that despite how much you mean to me, despite the fact that none of my writing would mean a damn thing if it weren’t for you here reading it,

iPhoneograhy 037

I’ve been out of touch, and worse,

I’ve let us both down. Again.

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For about three months now I’ve had this feeling that all the meaningful writing I do should be for the book. I’d explain it as: the blog and the book both need food, and I’m only serving the best of it to the book, thinking of the book somehow as more important, more deserving.


The truth of it is, both need care, both need nurturing and all manner of delicious. I can’t give to one and not the other, when both exist because of writing, and both exist because of your reading. 

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I’ve written an apology like this before, with a promise to be better at checking in more often, but I haven’t kept it. This time, I mean to.

belize costa rica 088

From now on, you and I won’t go more than 48 hours without communicating. When I started this thing, I posted three times per day. 2010 was mayhem of the mind. I knew then, that building any connection with others grew from frequent, consistent communication. Over the years, I’ve lessened the frequency, the rigidity, but not the passion for what I do here. In the blogworld, there exists a debate between quality and quantity, even though the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Quality of posts being how good, how meaningful each blog post is. Quantity of posts being how many blog posts there are in a day, in a week, in a month. As a blogger, of course we aim for quality. It is the content, after all, that matters.

belize costa rica 022

Bloggers vary in what they perceive quality to be, and how often they can produce quality work. However, knowing that readers prefer regularity of posting, or being reliable in terms of what you produce and when, some find that quantity is slightly more important than quality. They know that content, perhaps of any kind, is better than stagnation. A post is better than no post.


Other bloggers are against this. They do not post just for the sake of posting.

I fall somewhere in between these two camps. At first thought, it may seem obvious that putting out posts just for the sake of having more on your blog is distasteful, a bit insincere. Readers want bloggers who care, bloggers who respect them enough to not simply consider their readership as pageviews.

This is true. However, and this is important,


bloggers who post frequently, who check in consistently- sometimes with long ones, sometimes with simple, ‘oh hey!’ ones- they’re extremely caring,

they just care in an outwardly different looking way. I’d explain my appreciation for frequent posters in terms of friendship. In the following example, you are the blogger and your friends are the readers.


Friendship, like blogging, is about interacting. Sometimes it’s about meaningful heart to heart experiences, sometimes it’s about quirky, spontaneous ones, and sometimes it’s about nothing more than being around.  If you only contacted your friends when you had something meaningful, something important, to tell them (as in a quality crafted blog post), your relationship wouldn’t be as dynamic. You wouldn’t talk as often, and maybe, you wouldn’t get to know the intricacies of each other.

We all know that as friends, the best ones are serious and funny and odd. They call you just to tell you that they saw a sign on the highway and it reminded them of you. They check in frequently, on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Thursday afternoons, just to tell you how badly they want a cupcake, how seriously they hate their boss, how much they love you, how often they’re tempted by the daily deals on CheapCaribbean.com.


As friends, we feel good knowing that we’re included in the daily lives of the ones we love, no matter how mundane. We matter in small times and big ones.

This is how I think a blog and reader relationship should work.


Because truly,

honest to my sweet pug’s delicate lady ears,


I think about you all the time.

At least ten times a day. I’ll find myself grocery shopping, in aisle six with my paws on a new product, and think that you might have tried it. I wonder if you liked it. I’ll find myself on a walk, thinking about how much I hate when people walking in front of me stop in the middle of the sidewalk and don’t move to the side in consideration of others behind them. I’ll wonder if you hate that too. I’ll find myself reading an article about a celebrity on a diet, and I’ll want to tell you what I think of it. I’ll wonder what you think, too. I’ll cook a meal that costs very little calorically yet tastes like a million bucks, and I’ll want to take a picture of it just to show you. I’ll want you to taste it off of my fork, even though that’s a little more intimate than we’re used to. I’ll find myself depressed, and I’ll want to talk it through, with you. I’ll be shocked beyond shocked when 273 of you can relate.

camille_photos 515

I want to love what I’m sharing with you, want to feel like each post means something to me and to you, but I also just want to be in touch. So I’m figuring out a way to be the writer, the blogger, that you come here to read while also being the friend I want to be.


And what I’m really saying is,

I’m sorry for being an inconsistent friend, a sporadic blogger and

I’m sorry for thinking the book mattered more, because we both know it doesn’t, and

I’m sorry for thinking you wouldn’t be satisfied with just anything I’d think to share. Because maybe you would. And in that case, maybe I wouldn’t overwhelm myself so much, so often.


I’m here again. Fingers crossed, for good.

**Note:The photos in this post are random ones I take with my phone on a daily basis. Though nearly incoherent and unintelligible, I’ll be honest in telling you that they’re fairly representative of me. They make even less sense than the outfit I’m wearing right now. I’m sorry and you’re welcome.



82 thoughts on “Let’s renew our vows.

  1. Rachel C

    This is the first time I’ve commented on your blog even though I’ve been an huge fan for about 6 months. This post really spoke to me, and made me want to talk to you. I’m not a blogger and I can only imagine how hard it must be to blog consistently, but one of the things that I love about your blog is your honesty. Whether you are discussing your love for dessert, your depression, posting pictures of your trips or being brutally honest about how some days you simply need something unhealthy, your posts are always so honest and real. This makes me feel like I am building a friendship with you. I love the random check-in posts and the more meaningful ones. Keep up the good work! I’m not going anywhere.

    1. Becca Grace

      Rachel, you have expressed my thoughts exactly.

      I’ve never commented before, but have been reading the blog for a few months. Andie, I enjoy all of the quirky and real thoughts you share on this blog. Please don’t censor yourself. We are your readers because we like you, all of you. Please continue to share your journey with us, I know I appreciate and enjoy taking the journey with you!

    2. Shannon

      Agree with Rachel! I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and love it. Inspired me so much that I’ve started my own blog about my weight-loss self-discovery journey. Just for myself right now – I’m not quite brave enough yet to publish it to the public yet. Anyway, I love the formal posts and the informal posts. You make me feel like I can do this!

  2. Shelley B

    I just found your blog (about a week ago). It’s my favorite blog…ever…I love the content as well as your beautiful writing style. I’m glad that you’re going to publish a memoir, and I’m even more glad that you’re keeping up with this; I was so disappointed when I thought you didn’t do many current posts!

  3. Erica

    I’ve missed you friend! I agree with Rachel C. it feels like we’re building a friendship with little check ins and long elaborate conversations. PS, please know that we’re here for you in case you need anything at all :)

  4. Mel

    Like the woman before me, I have also been reading/following your blog for over 6 months and have never commented. I have wanted to several times; like once, I tried your black-bean burger recipe, and loved it! And another time, tried your salad ideas, and loved it! I am constently trying new recipes, and then using your ideas to spawn new ones. Tonight I made zuchinni-squash-carrot latkes (like a potato latke, but no potato) and I thought ‘this is an Ande approved meal.’ Thank you for your encouraging words, honesty and bright outlook, even when things get you down.

  5. *Andrea*

    I was so excited when I saw this post pop up in my google reader. I LOVE your blog so much, but understand that your book is also taking up your time. (Can’t wait to read when it comes out!!). Back in college I used to be really disordered in my eating and only read blogs that posted 3x per day or more, focusing on quantity of food and “diet” type patterns disguised as “healthy living.”

    I now read blogs for completely different reasons. I love your honesty, especially about issues with eating and depression (things I have experienced). I also love your poetic language – I read a post and feel inspired to be ME and find beauty and truth in my own life, rather than how to make a sugar-free, low cal meal with a high intensity workout for “perfect” abs. (Not that I’m labeling these things bad, they’re just not what I need in my life).

    Anyway, this was a very long-winded comments, but I just wanted to say I look forward to reading more of canyoustayfordinner :)

  6. Bailey

    I’m glad that you’re going to try and be more connected, because I need your inspiration! I’m failing terribly at my healthy life style change. I got sick and had to stop going to the gym for a while, and I haven’t been able to make myself go back! I’ve been eating horribly delicious food, and not counting a damn thing! I need your help! Inspire woman, inspire!

  7. Marie B

    Oh Andie :) Since starting my own blog about 6 months ago (that you inspired, in fact) I feel the same things you do. I don’t post everyday, every other day or even every three days for that matter, but I would like to. Having a 5 year old really gets in the way sometimes, haha, kidding… a little ;)
    I was just searching your posts about Costa Rica, today, in fact. Planning on Honeymooning near where you and Camille stayed, next March.
    Know that you friends/readers LOVE you! Can’t wait for the book!!

  8. Anna

    Be kind to yourself, you are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace within your soul.

    That quote has always helped me remember the importance of taking care of yourself. We, who read your blog, are all too familiar with the term, self-loathing. No one will judge you for taking care of yourself. Be gentle to yourself. We will be here when you are ready.

  9. Cori

    Andie ~ I absolutely love your blog, your voice, your photos! I anxiously check your blog each night before I go to bed and let me tell you, on the days you don’t post I just look forward to the day you do … No hard feelings. But I am super excited you hope to increase your check-ins with us. And if you didn’t have my loyalty by now (9 months and counting), you for sure did when you mentioned your pet peeve of someone stopping in the middle of the sidewalk without even the tiniest hint of moving over … because it’s mine too. I wonder what else we share in common? Looking toward to finding out as we continue to build our friendship. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. xo

  10. Carolyn

    Hakuna matata, Andie. We love you and your posts whenever they happen. A new post is like getting good mail, or having a favorite show on tevo or like the first iced coffee of the day. It’s just great stuff!

    Did you really put a piece of cake on your salad, though? I’m a huge fan and daily consumer of the garbage-bowl approach to lunch, but I’d honestly never thought of slapping the dessert right down on top. It would align nicely with my priorities, though. :-)

  11. Dana

    Love seeing your posts come up on my reader. I get ridiculously excited. Just another perspective on friendship – as much as I love and need the friends that check in with me, there is another set that I hold just as dear… The ones that seem to fall off the face of the earth then show back up days, weeks, or even months later and it feels as though no time has passed and no apologies are needed. I am happy to have you as either one of those!

  12. Amanda


    Like many of the ladies before me, this is my first comment on a post of yours. I have been following your blog for over a year, and I must tell you that it is my absolute favorite. Your open and honest approach to life is truly inspirational. I honestly feel as if I am reading the words of a friend. Two posts ago, On Depression, was probably the most enlightening and relatable thing I’ve ever read online. And the comments where extraordinary, we are all in this together.
    Keep doing what you’re doing! And I can’t wait for your book!

    Much love,

  13. Ingrid

    Hi Andie,

    I adore your blog – you write so beautifully and I can’t wait for your book.

    With very best wishes,


  14. Elsa Montalvo

    I love knowing that we, in fact, are friends. And that I have this wonderful blog to fall back on when I need a great read. I absolutely adore everything you write here..

    I have always treated you as a friend or at least that is the roll you play in my life, and when you post something new and exciting like your recent vacations or something so true and real for me like your post on depression I say to my mom.. guess what happened to Andie.. or so you know Andie.. well she just posted the most delicious dinner..

    And with those words, we become friends, even if we dont ever get to meet.

    I admire you so much, and I am so glad I found you here.

    Your friend,


    Ps. Keep posting, its a must.

  15. Mikayla

    Your book is like a new boyfriend. And if we’re truly your friends we know that when the honeymoon phase is over or when you split up (which, in a book sense, is MUCH happier) we will still be there as your friend. And we’re okay with that.

  16. johnny

    You are so beutiful! You are also very hard on yourself. It does brighten my day when I see a new post but I am guilty of not keeping this a two way street. You put yourself out there hoping for response to see if what you are saying means something to someone else. We as readers have to realize that you need us as much as we need you. I to make a promise right now! I will be more faithful and if I don’t have much to say I will just say Hi because I know it’s important to know we all are still there.
    I am overcome sometimes knowing there is a friend right here that is willing to share her life (even if it is just a blog) and make mine all the more full as a result!
    Love You Andie! :)

  17. Laura

    I would normally say quantity over quality, but girl, you write so well that I think I could ready you three times a day! Seriously, as a previous poster said, don’t be too hard on yourself. We love you , we care for you, we know you have a lot on your plate with the book and this blog. Often or not it’s just such a great pleasure when you write.

  18. Bailey @ Onederland or Bust!

    I stumbled across your blog a few months ago, so I never “knew” you as a consistent blogger. I read your story and instantly became a fan and your blog is one of my favourites. I get excited when I see a new post from you, regardless if it was the first in 9 days or not. I love your honesty and your writing style is brilliant. I can’t wait to read your books!

  19. Sally

    You’re a new friend for me, but feel I feel like we’re wonderful, comfortable old friends. In that case it seems as though no time has passed when we “reconnect”. Quantity is good, but quality is keeping me coming back. Raise a glass to your new goal in communicating more often. It sure will be loved on this end!

  20. Mindy

    The photo of white cake made me salivate:)

    So good to hear from you – I just figured book writing probably takes a whole lot out of a person!

    I’m always happy to see a new post:)

  21. Tamara

    No apologies, needed… and yes, I would be interested in pretty much anything you have to say. I’m a relatively new blogger and still sorting out the whole quantity vs. quality conundrum, but I must say that everything you post moves me, so the quality is coming through loud and clear, Andie.

    Keep on doing whatever works for you, and treat yourself with loving kindness, always! You deserve it. No guilt. Anyone who judges you for your posting schedule is dealing with their own issues, bless their hearts. Hugs to you!!

  22. Bonnie Mabus

    I just found you on Pinterest and I’m so glad you’re back. I’ll look forward to hearing from you more often! Hang in there…that’s all any of us can do!

  23. 3petitsprinces

    I want you to know that I found your blog abot two weeks ago & read & absorbed & pondered. Wow. You are an amazing lady. So much of what you wrote about your struggles with eating are ones I have felt. When I saw you were working on a book, I thought (and this is truly a compliment because I read a lot of cooking blogs and have yet to feel this way when one of them announces a forthcoming book), “Seriously? Oh my gosh, sign me up for an advance copy!! I dont care what it costs, this woman is onto something!!!” Something you said has been floating in my head the last two weeks. You said something like, “I cant do this forever but I can do it today, here, now.” when I’ve been tempted to overeat or just put some food in my mouth for no other reason than habit or boredom, those words come to me. Thank you. I have had an all or nothing mentality for far too long. And I think your blog embodies the idea that its not all or nothing. I need to hear that every day. But I also know you have a life so I dont expect you to say it every day. :)
    You are empowering me. Thank you.

  24. Bridget

    The selfish part of me wants to cheer from the mountain top that I will be connected with your words more frequently, but the empathetic side of me knows the pressure of trying to please others all too well. Do what you need to do, whenever you need to do it and know that your readers will be thrilled to read your words whenever you are able to share them (and pictures too- I love your pictures!)

  25. Derek D.

    Wow, you are really hard on yourself. I can relate to that, but I wonder where that comes from in you. You think you are letting us down by what you think is inconsistent posts. It makes me wonder about the times you have been let down. It makes me wonder about times when maybe you got blamed or took blame for something that is really not your fault.

    What I wish for you is that you go outside and live a life that inspires you to write. It doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be mindful, right? Your photos in this post are exactly what I am talking about. Sometimes a walk through the park or in a kitschy store can make you see new wonders. Then come back and enjoy the release of writing it out. If something gets in the way of that, write about it (which I think you have done a good job of so far…)

  26. renee

    GLAD YOU’RE BACK :) It’s obvious you are very loved, so please don’t beat yourself up any longer.

    BTW>>gotta say>>>the pic of your grocery cart is my fave. I would love to read a post on what you buy on an average trip.

    Keep on keepin’ on!
    xox from Minneapolis

  27. Karen

    Thank you for this post! I don’t blog, at all, not that creative and i’d probably do 1 or 2 posts and that would be the end of it :). I understand what you are saying though. It is hard to keep up with something that needs to be kept up with. You get so good at it for a couple of weeks and then all of a sudden something comes up and then something else and before you know it days have passed!! I do exactly the same thing with just about everything in my life that is not directly involved in my day to day. I’ve spent years trying to get better and sometimes I am and sometimes I’m not. But what counts is being true to yourself and doing what you need to do. I’ve just recently started following your blog and it’s awesome when I get an email regarding a new post. Even if it is only 1 or 2 times a week. I look forward to what is there for us to read :). Thank you again, your blog is very meaningful for me and speaks to me with every post. (Sorry for my erratic thoughts. )

  28. Nicole

    Just like everyone else has already said, I enjoy seeing new pictures and hearing new stories whenever you post them; whether it be about something funny that happened or a serious topic about depression. It has now become part of my daily routine to see what’s new in Andie’s world(its on my bookmark toolbar :))because truthfully this is the only blog I have ever read and I LOVE that I can relate to you in so many ways. Keep up the good work on your book and look forward to more posts!
    -Nicole (Minneapolis, MN)

  29. rachel in cali.

    Love it! Just do what you do without the stress of it all. Post whenever you want to say hi or to share the big stuff! And maybe one day you’ll have something to say 3x/day, and maybe others will be days apart. It’s okay! :)

  30. Colette

    O my gosh, inconsiderate people on the sidewalk (or roadway) is one of my biggest pet peeves!!! I’m glad I’m not alone :).

  31. Trish

    I miss you when you don’t post, and wonder what adventures you have gotten yourself up to. However, I always know that you will be back, and will tell us about what you’ve been doing (if you feel so inclined).

    I love your stories, and your recipes, but more than that, I like your honesty. Your ability to make even the toughest days make sense, and that sometimes the answer to all life’s problems is a slice of cake (a slice, not the whole cake).

    1. Trish

      Ps: People who stop in the middle of the sidewalk, or insist on walking 3 abreast and not moving for anyone are perhaps the worst people in the world.

      1. Meshell

        My pet peeve are people meanmugging me for walking my dog on my left. He is trained that way and I want him in the grass, not sniffing you! They play chicken until they realize that I am not going to move to the right side of the sidewalk. I am going to walk my dog the way I was trained to walk him. (Mind you, I smile and will move all the way over to the left so they have plenty of room to move around me).

  32. KAY

    I just came across your blog yesterday and I have to say that I love it! You seem so sweet and so easy to relate to and it is nice to know that someone else is struggling the same way that I am, it gives me some kind of validation I guess lol So, yes if you can, please post more! lol I may sound dumb for asking, but what book are you writing?

  33. Melissa

    LOVE YOU! I feel fortunate to have been a part of your journey in getting this book deal, but also knew that it would be a MAJOR change in your life. You DESERVE this Andie, but you also need to allow yourself some time to breathe and just be still. We’ll all be here when you need us and we will wait patiently when you need some space. That’s what friends do. I have no doubt that this book will be breathtaking, honest, warm and funny and that it will resonate with people the world over. Just continue to be you. It’s what you do best and why we love you. XOXO

  34. Rosanna

    I will take quality over quality any day. However I have been checking everyday to see if there was a new post as I am new to your blog and wasn’t sure how often you posted! Such an inspirational blog, I actually look at your ‘what I miss from 135lbs ago’ blog often to keep me motivated!

  35. Ashley


    Sometimes the best of friends can leave, separate, take a hiatus, and pick up right where they left off. In my imagination, you are exactly one of these friends. You will find the balance you want to find. :)

    Keep on keeping on momma-


  36. Meshell

    First time commenter and long time fan…. And I have to say that this is easily one of my favorite blog posts since I began reading blogs in 2004. Why? Because this embodies why I follow blogs.

    I feel like I am your friend. I think about you when I am allowing myself to take in preservative foods without guilt. I think about you when I eat a cookie while walking my dog. I think about you and all the beautiful people I follow.

    Do they know I am their friend? Do they know I think about them? That I hope they will like my blog (as I prepare releasing it). That I hope they will be my friend too.

    Then there is this post that says “I get it. And you’re my friend.” Wow. This speaks volumes. Thank you and I love you. You are Love and Light. <3

  37. DeeDee

    I would not say I am a big blog follower but I have been following your blog for a few months and I must say I have had a great time doing it. I love the way you write and how you express yourself. I have found that reading your blog is fun and uplifting and I look forward to it everyday. I love to see your posts on food, travel, experiences. Okay – everything.

    Thanks for sharing!

  38. andrea @ my kinda perfect

    as a blogger who also feels in the middle of the quality vs. quantity of posts…i have to tell you, to hear it from a (more successful) blogger, is so refreshing. and i think that’s what made me fall in love with ‘can you stay for dinner’ in the first place…your refreshing attitude and outlook.

    is it disappointing to visit some of your favorite blogs day after day without a new post? yup…but after experiencing the craziness of life (and technical difficulties) as a blogger myself, i know why sometimes there are lapses. sometimes it’s literally you don’t have time to get the words typed, organized and published, and sometimes it’s that you’re out experiencing the world instead of blogging about it 24/7.

    whether you post 3x a day, 3x a week, or 3x a month (please, no)…i’ll be here reading…and checking every day for an update.

    and yes, i get extremely frustrated when people stop in the middle of the sidewalk in front of me. they make a better wall than a walkway! =)

  39. Bambi

    Hi Andie!
    I found your blog via pinterest a few months ago and I spent hours reading your story and all of your posts. You pulled me in with your story, your voice, your honesty, and your love for your readers. I read so many healthy living and weight loss blogs but I never felt as connected to any of them as I do to you.
    No worries about the lack of posts your book is a huge part of you, and I can’t wait to read it.
    I look forward to becoming better friends as I read your posts.

  40. Michelle

    Hi Andie..

    This is my 1st time commenting on ure blog, i’m not big into checking in on blogs until i found ure’s…. you are truly an inspiration and i LOVE love ure blog and the way you write and really try to connect with us all…

    i like everyone else that has commented i agree that 9 days is wayyyyyy too long,

    Anyway stay well and looking forward already to ure next check in with us


  41. Jen

    I can’t speak for others, but I’d like to think that others might agree with me when I say, I understand, apology accepted (but not really necessary). Life happens and as friends, I get that. I too, on occasion, will fall off the face of the earth. I don’t mean too, but sometimes that’s the best I can do at the time. The important thing is that you are back! I’ve missed you, and I’m so glad to hear from you again.

  42. Cinnamon @ eatpraytri

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but haven’t commented before. I just felt the need to tell you how much I relate to this. I’ve been wrestling with this subject for a while now concerning my own blog and you really did state it quite eloquently. You have such a beautiful story, writing tone and ability to connect. You are honest, sincere and genuine and people can see that through the computer screen. I strive to be like that as well. I appreciate you and once a week or seven times a week, I will read.
    Oh, and people stopping in front of you while walking….don’t get me started! :-)

  43. Mary

    I love your blog & your honesty. Your humor, grace, & realistic aproach to living with food is a breath of fresh air in a clogged blogosphere of falsehoods & unrealistic diets.
    I look forward to your blog, to your book, & to many more travel photos.

  44. Katie

    Dear, dear Andie,

    As a self-professed superfan of “Can You Stay,” I think I speak for all of us when I say: we wondered, we wished, we worried, we waited… but for heaven’s sake, dear friend, you didn’t let anyone down! We love you! We get it. We’re excited you’re back and can’t wait for more.

    Good friends are like stars–just because you can’t always see
    them, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there (beaming madly)! XO.

  45. Marie

    Your book is going to be the greatest gift that you can give to your readers/friends! I’m glad you took the time to write it! You’re a human being who needs time to think up what to write on this blog next, time to work, time to write a book, time to have fun and time to her dang self! Your friends here adore you but, your absences from blog posting are understood completely. Anything you have to say, show or share is worth the wait. Any true friend would agree! :)

  46. Regan

    I regularly check your blog whether you’ve posted recently or not. Thanks for thinking of all of us and we love ya how you are! ;)

  47. Vera

    Enjoyed the photos, especially the clouds and the grocery cart ones. I’m grateful for your truth. It’s okay that you don’t always have time to post a blog; we don’t always have time to read them either. But we’re really happy to hear from you and know that you’re there. What I like most about your blog is that you think of us (your readers) as your friends, your confidants. You care about us enough to think of us in other moments, even when you’re busy with other things. Yes, we think of you, too. We’re are all in this together, even though our lives are very different – we each have our own joys, sorrows, struggles, longings, regrets, challenges, happinesses and goofiness, too. I also enjoy reading the replies of your other readers, and hearing their kindness, concern and love. So thanks to you, Andie, for caring enough to create this club. And thanks to all of you out there, for being you.

  48. vicki

    I love this post. So honest and willing to share even your mistakes. I am a big fan of do-overs! Your blog is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your stories.

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  50. Andie

    I am having technical difficulties with the blog that are preventing me from publishing a new post. I will try to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

  51. Cindy

    I started my weight loss journey a year ago and I’ve been actively searching for ‘good’ blogs during that time. I was trying to develop a Top 10 blogs list that I would check on a regular basis. I was looking for a variety of weight loss/inspiration/recipe types all in one blog. I really liked yours and was totally engrossed with reading through your stories, recipes, posts, etc for a few days. However, I am one of those who likes to see new posts at least every few days and I started to get irritated with what I considered to be way too infrequent posting. I also get that it’s your choice or how you blog and I get that you’ve got other things going on. So I just quit checking back because I didn’t want to be so annoyed over something so trivial. I hope you consider this a true compliment and not a criticism. I love how you write and your meaningful posts. I’ll still check back but it won’t be nearly as frequent.

    1. Laura

      You can sign up, as I have, to get the blog via email. That way, whenever a blog is posted here, you will get it in your inbox and not miss a single one. I do that with several blogs I most like and it works well with a busy life! :)

      1. Cindy

        Thanks, Laura! I’m new (relatively) to following blogs and I never tick the ‘notify me when someone replies to this post’ boxes at the bottom. But I just noticed that I can subscribe to get notified when there are new posts. Yay!

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  53. Sue

    Andie. You touch my heart in so many ways. Do not feel bad about taking time for you and your goals and endeavoours. I am thinking you need to learn to care for you.
    I love reading your blog. I would love more to hear you are happy.
    Love you girl! <3 hugs to you because you are lovely and loved. your weight does not matter.

  54. Ms. O

    That’s exactly how I feel about the blogger I frequently visit, be it Martha Stewart or you; a friend I’d like to hear the story everyday. no matter how minor. I even feel bad when I miss something from being away for a while. like you post on depression, i feel bad I was there when you posted it. so thank you for seeing us as a friend.

  55. noni

    I’m a little sad. I know I have no right to be, but still. I would love to hear more from you. I’m not talking about the last weeks or months, it’s more the past six months or the last year. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the series about your mom, it was really inspiring, but my litte selfish me misses you and your thoughts, recipies, and stories:)


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