Here are some of the photos I’ve taken recently. I think they show that I brunch a lot. See what you can make of them:

brunch at fonda

Brunch at Fonda. Huevos divorciados and a bloody mary, or two.

brunch at hundred acres

Brunch at Hundred Acres. This was our shared starter and no, three was certainly not enough.


Small (and oddly assorted) trips to the local market. I learned a hard lesson week one in Manhattan when I tried to walk home from Whole Foods in Columbus Circle with 5 full paper bags. Never again.


Home cooking for a dinner party. These are a true favorite: PJ’s Meatballs


Appreciating cappuccino art before a business meeting.

dream dry

A [first] trip to Deamdry with my girlfriends when Kate came to visit from North Carolina. Someone else styling my hair for the night is just about the greatest gift of all.


Before and after. This is real life.

green juice and sandwich

Green juice.

green juice

Lots of it.


Pancakes at brunch to counterbalance the greens.

patty melt

Also a patty melt.

lincoln square theater

A little snow won’t keep me from seeing every Golden Globe nominee. What have you seen? Who are you rooting for?

recipe book


More of these kinds of photos are on instagram

I have two new recipes coming your way this week!



9 thoughts on “Recently

  1. Nichole C

    Brunch is definitely my favorite, any day of the week! I saw that Breaking Bad notebook online, too and thought it was awesome. Glad NYC seems to be treating you so well, Andi. xo

  2. BC

    These pictures are amazing. They make me want to travel to NYC and other places to live their way of life… grocery trips more than once a week, neighborhood restaurants, etc…

  3. Philana

    As long as you’re making it a point to watch Globe-nominated films, I highly recommend you add one television nominee to your list: Orphan Black. (There has only been one ten-episode season, so it’s watchable in one day.) Tatiana Maslany is up for Best Actress, and she is absolutely incredible.

    Despite the cold, it seems like you are having a great time in New York. To many more happy brunches in the new year!

  4. Sarah

    Those San Marzano tomatoes from Whole Foods changed my cooking life! They are incredible. I have to buy three or four cans every time I go there.

  5. Becky

    Food looks delicious, but I’m more interested in the Cappucino – been off coffee for a week and I can’t wait to have a latte :)


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