How Toby Reed Lost 95 Pounds

How Toby Reed Lost 95 Pounds: "I Couldn’t Let My Newborn Son Down, So I Had to Figure Out How to Change"

Weight-Loss Win is a weekly series I do for Yahoo Beauty. Here is an excerpt from this week’s inspiring story:

Toby Reed is 36 and 6 feet tall, and he currently weighs 185 pounds. In 2010, after seeing the tragic deaths of his immediate family caused partly by obesity, he was determined to forge a healthier path for the sake of his newborn son. This is the story of his weight-loss journey. [Continue reading…]



3 thoughts on “How Toby Reed Lost 95 Pounds

  1. P. Robert

    That is great man, I love to see people change their life. Not only that you are healthier, but also the confidence and quality of life is improved. Keep up the good work !!

  2. Dami

    Well for me, cardio has really helped me a lot in my weight loss journey and keeping off the scale too. I think the most important secret to losing weight is to eat healthily. By controlling out diet like eating less sugar and carbs and eating more protein goes a long way in helping us to lose weight the right way. I’ve been following this diet for a week now and I’ve lost close to 3lbs.


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