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For James’ first Fourth of July, we drove up to my aunt and uncle’s lake house in New Hampshire and spent the day swimming in the lake, eating hamburgers and hotdogs, and catching up with family. The whole day was fun and memorable, and I’m especially thankful to report that James handled the 90-minute car rides there and back like a champ. He’s never been too fond of long car rides (he does fall asleep for 20 minutes or so) but he surprised me. He slept for almost half of the drive up and only cried for the last 30 minutes on the drive home (one thing that helped was bringing a few toys specifically for the ride back).

I’m also proud to report that I managed to coordinate not one but *two* red, white, and blue outfits for each of us. But one thing I always wonder while getting us ready for a party or holiday is, how do moms look put together at these things? I might look halfway to decent before we leave the house (roughly a 50% chance) but once I arrive anywhere I’m in a light sweat, my hair is frizzing (and if it’s down, James is very likely using pieces of it like a rope swing), any makeup I had on is now nonexistent, and my clothes are now definitely wrinkled. Should I just accept that I’ll look disheveled for the next, oh, 5 to 18 years (a pretty easy trade off for the love of my life) or is there a trick to it?


Hotel Hackers Are Hiding in the Remote Control Curtains
Hackers are able to breach hotel security and steal your personal information, and while there are some things you can do to protect yourself, it seems impossible to be 100% safe in this wifi world. Are you freaked out yet? Me too.

Do Hand Dryers Hurt Kids’ Hearing?
The answer is…probably, but the real story is the amazing 13-year-old who researched the question and had her findings published in a medical journal.

Walmart VS Amazon
The future of retail is online, and Walmart is desperately trying to put itself in a position to compete with Amazon. Maybe consumers will have two choices in the future, instead of one.

My Family’s Slave
She lived with us for 56 years. She raised me and my siblings without pay. I was 11, a typical American kid, before I realized who she was.

This piece was published in 2017, but I just came across it. It’s an astonishing piece of feature writing, about a Filipino family who immigrated to America with their slave. Yes, it’s very long, but it’s worth it.


The Sopranos (HBO)
Remember how I was the last human being to get into Game of Thrones? This is the next rendition of that. I’ve wanted to watch The Sopranos for years. I’ve even started the pilot a half dozen times (just as I did with GoT), but never managed to stick with it. Then last week, after spotting the show at the top of yet another list of best TV shows, I tried again. Twenty years after its premiere, I’m a made woman.


The secret to extending the life of fresh berries (blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries) involves a quick vinegar bath. Here are the details.


40 Watermelon Recipes That Are Essential for Summer Barbecues

3 Summer Crostini Recipes with Grilled Corn, Asparagus and Tomatoes

Greek Dip with Hummus and Tzatziki

Grilled Pineapple with Coconut Rum Sauce



8 thoughts on “What I Love This Week

  1. Ashley

    Looking nice in public gets better I promise! If it’s going to be hot and sticky, my thick hair goes up in a cute updo or braid. Anything off my neck and contained. Minimal make up to begin with so it’s not nasty by the time you arrive and simple outfits! I feel like if I get to crazy with the outfit, it looks awful an hour in. Also, t shirt dresses are my secret to looking like I have my life together. Basically a super long t shirt and every time I wear one I get comments on how nice and put together I look

  2. lynn

    I’m so jealous you’re watching Sopranos for the first time – it’s so great! After we finished we took a tour of NJ locations too…

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