5 Healthy Foods I Love: Part 2

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1. Rolled Oats.

I haven’t found a grain I like more. They puff with piping hot water and turn into the fluffiest, creamiest bowlful. Simmered with one [fruit fly-loving] ripe banana and topped with a soup spoon of melting peanut butter…I’m one happy girl everyday at 6:30am.

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2. Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges

They’re creamy and so full of flavor. I love to smear one in the center of my [seriously, who flips these right?!] omelet, spread them in the crannies of an english muffin with two eggs over easy, stir them into hot grains for a cheesy side dish. They melt well. They pop with flavor. They’re easy to use and less messy than, say, my lusty relationship with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

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No, they’re not better than the best stinky and savory cheeses. Cheese purists, discontinue reading and move swiftly along to item #3.

No, I don’t recommend you eat them because they’re only 35 calories per wedge. No, they’re not just perfect in the name of portion-control. They’re smooth and rich and delicious. I’d buy ‘em even if they had 150 calories a triangle. Try the Smoked Mozzarella and Basil or the French Onion- my favorites.

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3. Pink Lady Apples.

Without question the best apple if you’re looking for super sweet-meets-tart. They *taste like a candy apple all by their onesies.

*I generally do not consent to likening fruit to dessert. Void where prohibited.


4. Iced Americanos from Starbucks.

Filled with two creamy inches of vanilla soymilk

Tell me these fit the list? Also, tell me I’ll be reimbursed in the afterlife.

couscous 045

5. Potatoes.

I’m never going to love pasta. Not going to give a hoot about rice or couscous. Not even going to stand for white carbs being disrespected.

Potatoes are my favorite of any starch. White- baked and fluffy-middled, fried ‘til they’re tanned, sliced and stuck in the oven with cheese and cream, tater-totted. Sweets. Garnets. Yams.  All of ‘em.

What are your favorites?



41 thoughts on “5 Healthy Foods I Love: Part 2

  1. Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat

    Oh my goodness… Starbucks Iced Americanos and Pink Lady Apples…. both 2 of my biggest faves! I’ve never really been a Laughing Cow cheese kind of girl, but my parents did buy me those little cheeses in the red cases – I think they’re called Babybel? Those were a childhood fave. And on the subject of omelettes.. I bought a new frying pan the other day and actually got a perfect flip. I almost shed a tear of joy, it was beautiful!

  2. Liv @ The Salty n' Sweet

    Oatmeal, YES! But I’ve never tried a Laughing Cow in my life! I need to get on that….

    My favorites are in-season navel oranges (the juiciest and sweetest things on Earth!), Greek yogurt with a little bit of honey and granola, spinach <3, sweet potatoes and dark chocolate (necessary for mental health!).

  3. Mila @ loftyappetite

    I haven’t bought laughing cow cheese in so long! that’s going on the grocery list. yummm. and i totally agree about lady pink apples, i have one in my lunch for work today. hmm… lady pink apples dipped into laughing cow cheese… yes please :)

  4. Laurel

    Something about the texture of Laughing Cow weirds me out a bit, but I hear so many raves I figure I should give it another shot- maybe the flavors you mentioned.

    I was eating a Pink Lady apple as I read this, and it made me laugh. Yum :)

  5. Meg

    My favorite healthy food not on this list? Tomatoes. It’s coming to be fresh, local tomato season here in New England, and there is nothing better. Sliced with olive oil and basil, chopped with feta and cucumbers, mixed into fresh pico de gallo… Or just on their own, with a sprinkle of salt. So good!

  6. johnny

    My fridge wouldn’t be complete without those delicious rounds of laughing cow cheese! Potatoes, potatoes who can get enough! Love the way you think :)

  7. Gina

    I could probably put goat cheese on everything! I’m also in love with Pink Lady apples and somewhat obsessed with dark red cherries.

  8. Riss

    Oh… and the one “weird” food I am currently obsessed with… Japanese Sweet Potatoes. I like them baked and sliced into rounds. I take them to work as a snack… no toppings needed! They taste nothing like “normal” sweet potatoes… or regular potatoes for that matter. You’ll just have to give them a whirl, yourself.

    And although I do eat them plain most of the time. I’ll admit it. They are pretty much heavenly slathered in nut butter.

    Go try them. Right now.

  9. ML

    I love Pink Lady apples! I used to totally love Granny Smith’s, but Pink Lady are what I eat nowadays. .
    Also, I must try the laughing cow in my omelet. I usually do goat cheese or shredded mexican cheese, but the flavors of laughing cow might break up the monotony of those!

  10. Andrea

    yummy post! love all these foods…

    just wanted to say i love your blog sooo much! you truly seem to love food and enjoy it :) so inspiring to me as i’m recovering from BED and Anorexia and your blog is so encouraging for me to develop that love for food again and not for calories or restriction or bingeing..

  11. Rachel

    Oh, I never thought about spreading the cheese wedge on an english muffin – that sounds sooo good!

    And I also love pink lady apples. They’e actually just about the only apple I like and will eat.

  12. Brooke @ Waiting to Rise

    Okay, loving your part 1 and part 2 of foods…here are my top ten (aka what i’m digging now…it kinda changes)

    bananas, m and ms, peanut butter, pasta, peas, waffles, greek yogurt, tuna salad, honey nut cheerios, and hummus…

    wow, not too many veggies in there…hmm, maybe i should change that…or, maybe not lol

    Thanks for the cool post with great pics!

  13. Natalie

    I love pink lady apples! I can’t get enough of them. I love oats too. My favorite add-ins are 1/4 C. Blueberries, 1/4 C. Raspberries before cooking, so they burst and mix all through, 1 T. honey, and 1 T. Almond Milk. It’s berry-licious!

  14. Anneliesz

    Rice is my potato. My mom spoiled me growing up and made her special concoction of rice as love. Ours was not a potato or bread house really. Give me a warm, slightly charred on the edges corn tortilla and a serving or rice and I’m set.

  15. Martha

    I love cheese, so I decided to try the Laughing Cow cheese wedges… Oh my goodness! Sooo good! I’m currently on a diet and these are just perfect because I feel like I’m indulging but they really aren’t that bad for you! I actually spread one on a turkey burger tonight – heaven!!!

  16. Amanda June

    Pink Lady apples are pretty good…but reading your description I can’t help but think you’ve never tasted a honeycrisp apple. Come September, it needs to be priority 1 for you. To me, they are such in a class their own it’s possible they shouldn’t even be called apples.

  17. Lindsey @ Trail to Train

    Just out of curiosity, and you have probably given direct instructions on here before that I’m too lazy to hunt for, but how EXACTLY do you make your ‘banana peanut butter oatmeal’? I know you have mentioned that you eat it daily and I want to try it but I’m curious as the right way to do it. I don’t want to make it wrong and be incorrectly turned off of it forever! That sounds tragic. Peanut butter and banana is my FAVORITE combination (I’ve never been a fan of fluff…I’m sorry I know that hurts to hear) but I imagine I would love this oatmeal! Enlighten me please :)

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