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A few weeks back, I shared with you our morning routine and now I’m back with a full day-in-the-life. Each day might vary when it comes to activities but our weekdays usually follow a predictable schedule. If James could talk, he’d tell you that our days involve a few reps of eat, play, sleep, which is true! But there’s also a fair amount of cleaning and working going on, too. Oh! And we can’t forget the nourishing meals and snacks that fuel us throughout our day either. I consider myself lucky that James will eat pretty much all of the foods I make him, but planning ahead, meal prepping basics like whole grains and roasted or steamed veggies is a huge help. And for those busy afternoons when I know I’ll be out of the house for hours and don’t want to bring anything that needs refrigeration, I really like having the option of grabbing a granola bar with wholesome ingredients that also tastes good, like the New Cascadian Farm Organic Fruit Infused Bars. More on those and all our eats below!


6am — 12pm
Our mornings are pretty identical to the one I shared in our morning routine, so I won’t bore you!


Meal times with a baby are messy endeavors, let me tell you, but it IS fun seeing your little one enjoying all of these new foods. For lunch, I usually give James several different kinds of foods—veggies, fruits, some type of protein, whole grains…you name it. He loves steamed or roasted veggies (thankfully) so I always put those right on his tray first while I heat the rest of the meal (peas and carrots are a hit lately). He will pick them up and take his time eating and playing with them. We have a bib with a deep lip on the bottom, which conveniently catches a lot of what doesn’t make it into his mouth. Other go-to foods are hummus, sweet potatoes, shredded chicken, crumbled turkey burger, peanut butter, and fish like salmon or cod. The good thing about him being open to pretty much every food at the moment is that I can give him lots of the same foods we eat for dinner (and also means that I can make the same food for the both of us).

2pm — 4pm
Since Daniel and I both work from home, we’re able to provide one another with blocks of time where each of us can work. Between 2pm and 6pm most days, this is the chunk of time when Daniel takes over actively caring for our guy and I get work done. The work depends on the day, but it’s typically testing recipes, photographing those recipes, writing, editing my weekly articles for Yahoo, or any of the administrative tasks that come along with running a business.

While I plug away at my To Do list, Daniel puts James down for a nap from 2 to 3pm. Now that James is taking two naps a day (rather than a nap every 2-3 hours) it frees us up to do more outside of the house and for longer periods of time. Some days Daniel and James go swimming at his sister’s pool, or visit the bunnies and goats at the farm up the street, or play at the park, or go for a walk around the neighborhood or at the nearby nature preserve…and on and on. There’s always something to do and especially when it’s nice out.

4:30pm — 6:00
Once a week, that work block is a little shorter since have swim class, which James loves. He’s slowly getting the hang of floating on his back but blowing bubbles in the water usually just means drinking the pool water. The class is 30 minutes long and in reality, it’s probably more of a workout for me since I hold him in the water the whole time. I’m hungry when I get out of the pool and at this point lunch is a distant memory and dinner is still hours away, so I usually pull out a quick snack, like those Cascadian Farm Organic Fruit Infused Bars I mentioned.

They’re perfect for quick, on-the-go snack time. I can put one in his swim bag and eat it after I put him in his dry clothes after class (which is, funny enough, also kind of a workout :). I’ve tried two of the new flavors so far (blueberry lemon and orange cranberry. There’s also a cherry almond flavor I’m excited to try) and am loving that they have fresh, real fruit flavor. Each bar is organic, made with nutritious ingredients like whole grain oats, dried fruit, and nuts, and has 10 grams of whole grain.

Sometimes James starts to fall asleep on the ride home from swim class but we talk and sing to him to keep him awake for the 20-minute ride home. If he sleeps on the way home he won’t be tired at bed time. Once we get home, we feed him dinner. He usually eats whole milk yogurt mixed with peanut butter. He really likes it and will eat a big portion that keeps him full for a long time.


Bath time! James loves it. He plays with a big toy ship and pours water on himself and laughs like crazy. Drying him and getting him dressed is a two man job since he likes to alligator roll and try to get away. We have to make ridiculous noises to keep him distracted as one of us puts a diaper on him and slips on his pjs.

Bedtime. I say goodnight, rub his head, and tell him I’ll be waiting for him first thing in the morning with 3,000 fresh kisses. Daniel feeds him a small bottle before brushing his teeth and rocking him in the chair. Then Daniel puts him in his crib when he is drowsy and lately, he has been great about putting himself to sleep.

broiled salmon for dinner

7pm — 10pm
Then Daniel and I have dinner together and spend an hour or two relaxing, playing Jeopardy, and more often than not, reminiscing about all the cute things James did during the day :)



8 thoughts on “Day In The Life

  1. Kevin H

    I really like reading your daily life blogs, think you’re interesting and inspiring with a healthy outlook on life. ***Keep it up ***

  2. Sam

    It’s a little sad to me that most of your posts are sponsored ads nowadays; I’m not surprised the only people interacting with your blog are bots. I used to love reading this blog, but now it feels painfully shallow. If you’ve ever seen Community–it’s kind of like “Subway,” in which a man has to live out his life as a walking advertisement.

    Obviously, on a free-to-read blog, you owe readers nothing, but it does sadden me. Perhaps it’s simply that “healthy living blogs” are a thing of the past and Instagram (even shallower and more ad-infused) has taken over.

    1. Andie Mitchell Post author

      Hey Sam,
      I’m hearing that you care about authenticity among bloggers—that’s valid and respectable! Since January 1st of 2019 I’ve published 72 original, unsponsored blog posts. I have only created 8 sponsored blog posts. I care a whole lot about this balance. I haven’t been feeling too well for the past month and so I haven’t shared a handful of the new recipes I made or published as many “What I Love This Week” posts (getting back to those this week though) but in general I do my best and am proud of the ratio I’ve created here, especially this year.

      1. hannah

        Jumped on your blog after finishing your book up-
        for the third time. Andie, you will always be an inspirational human and I’m so glad you’re out here doing your thing!

    2. Rachel

      Sam, I feel the same way, and I know we’re not alone. It *is* a shame. Having some sponsored posts is not mutually exclusive with inspired, thoughtful writing. Unfortunately, that’s not happening here anymore – and it hasn’t in years, frankly. Most posts now feel perfunctory, lackluster. I keep coming back, hoping and hoping we can get the old Andie back, who genuinely wanted to share and connect. I keep getting disappointed. If anything, it makes me appreciate the work from Liz of Frugalwoods and Gena of The Full Helping even more deeply.

  3. Jessica


    Andie, I enjoy your blog now and have for years. You’ve gone through lots of changes over the past years, between marriage, buying a house, and having a baby. It’s natural if your blogging changes too (though I still find it personal, touching, and fun!). My own journaling/writing has changed tremendously since getting married and buying a house, and I don’t even have kids.

    Anyway, I think it’s awesome that you’re still posting regularly despite having so much on your plate. But even if you didn’t, or if you changed your style, career, or whatever, that’s totally natural and okay! I appreciate your open honesty and general sweetness that I see here and on Instagram. You’re one of the very few (maybe the only one?) popular accounts that I follow.


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