Giveaway: Traditional Medicinals Tea Assortment (Closed)


From all of the enthusiastic comments and emails I received on my last post reviewing my tea assortment from Traditional Medicinals, it’s clear we’re all just a big circle of [tea] drinkers. Many of you wrote to me asking if you could buy this same variety package, which only made sense because–who doesn’t want their very own box filled with dozens of different herbal tea blends? I want another one already.

traditional medicinals-5

Well, good news, friends. Traditional Medicinals has kindly offered to give me two packages of assorted teas to give away to you. And I’m thrilled. Two of you will be getting your own collection of the following:

  • Organic Peppermint
  • Organic Chamomile w/ Lavender
  • Organic Dandelion Root
  • Organic Ginger
  • Nighty Night
  • EveryDay Detox Lemon
  • Traditional Medicinals mug and bag
  • Super Plants Tea Box Sampler

So fantastic.

To enter to win one of the two prize packages: Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite brand and flavor of tea! I’ll randomly select two winners by Friday 1/11 at 6pm ET.

Good luck!

*********UPDATE: CONTEST NOW CLOSED 1/11/13 at 7:00pm ET******

I used a true random number generator to select winners from the comments, and…they…are….

natalie– comment # 59 on Jan 10 at 12:25 pm:  “My all time favorite tea is PG Tips – I grew up drinking that in England. Lately I’ve been trying different Green Teas, but havent picked a favorite brand just yet”

Erika–comment #131 on Jan 10 10:24 pm “Bravissimo by David’s Tea. Mmm…David’s Tea is divine!”

Thank you so much to all of you who entered and took the time to write a comment! I don’t know if it’s normal for a blogger to feel so terribly guilty not being able to send a box to each of her readers, and I don’t think it’s a standard play for her to write down every single tea mentioned in this 500-something-long list.

Maybe another giveaway soon!



439 thoughts on “Giveaway: Traditional Medicinals Tea Assortment (Closed)

    1. Gretchen

      I love Tazo Passion Tea and Sleepytime Vanilla by Celestial Seasonings. Recently as I sink into my “old age” (turning 30 is a bit scary) I truly enjoy a cup of tea each night before I go to bed.

    2. Rebel

      I love green tea. Usually from peet’s! Gen ma cha is a favorite, but I also need a good earl grey with bergamot! Have a great weekend!

    3. Laura Cannon

      Hi there!! My current favorite brand is Celestial Seasonings and my favorite flavor is peach. I would LOVE to try Traditional Medicinals!

    4. Alisha

      I like Tazo Passion as well.

      I tried Snapple tea – the ones you brew yourself. It was gross hot but when I drank it as ice tea, it was good

    5. Braden Appleton

      I love all types of tea but my absolute favorite is a homemade blend. I have a friend that makes her own teas. Her company is called Rosehaven. We’re from Springfield, TN. Well she makes the most heavenly oolong tea. I love to drink it with a wedge of orange and just a touch of milk :-) yum.

    6. Michelle

      There’s a tea shop in my hometown that makes a “Creme de la Earl Grey” that is to die for. I need to restock!

    7. Christi

      My favorite type of tea is green tea with jasmine. I especially love the Dragon Pearls from Teavana. Upton Teas has a nice one too!

    8. Meg

      I usually drink typhoo or the red Yorkshire tea lately. They’re delicious but lately it’s mostly coffee because my roommate always has some made!

  1. Angela

    My favorite is Teavana’s My Morning Mate. But that’s a caffeinated tea. I would love to try any of those relaxing teas you listed!

  2. Jennifer

    Awesome! I love Traditional Medicinals, especially the varieties for colds/cough symptoms. And Celestial Seasonings. Their Candy Cane Lane herbal tea was a fabulous treat during the holidays.

  3. Rebecca

    My favorite is actually Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night, so this giveaway is amazing to me! :) Nighty night is the best… a big part of my nighttime routine!

  4. Sarah

    HI Andie!
    I love your blog and always come here for inspiration for healthy eating.

    I actually have two favorite kinds of tea, I love the Trader Joe’s Vanilla Cinnamon Black Tea. And Stash Lemon Ginger tea. So Yummy! I love tea!

  5. Jessica McKnight

    Well, I left a comment yesterday with my current favorite (Celestial Seasonings – Honey Vanilla Chamomile). My all-time favorite is Bigelow White Tea w/ Tangerine and I can NEVER find it in the stores anymore :(

  6. sandra

    My favorite is Constand Comment- Lemon lift,
    you are offering several flavors that I have never seen before and I have heard alot lately about Dandalion root and would like to try it as I am having some medical issues and think it might help.

  7. Adriana

    My current favorite is a Trader Joes seasonal tea called “Candy Cane Green tea.” It combines peppermint and vanilla flavorings and is SO delicious.

  8. Elizabeth

    I always drink Stash Jasmine Blossom Green Tea – it smells like fresh flowers! But I’d like to try some new favors, so winning this tea sampler would be awesome!

  9. Alma

    My favorite tea used to be a cherry green tea produced by (which was bought out by Teavana…which meant they discontinued it). If anyone knows of anything similar (beautiful sencha with rosy-cherry floral notes–please let me know).

    Lately, I’ve been digging Harney and Sons Paris tea. It’s really yummy without any sugar (always a bonus). It’s a black tea that’s a little herbal tasting with vanilla and lemon notes.

  10. Leia

    During the day I like Twinings Earl Grey. At night, I love relaxing with a cup of Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea.
    The organic ginger tea sounds delicious!

  11. PW

    My favorite tea would have to be Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea. It is, and I quote, “A soothing blend of chamomile, spearmint and lemongrass, Sleepytime is the most beloved of our herbal tea recipes.” I’d say with a slogan like that, it has to be good.

  12. Wendi

    So I’m guessing my love of gold old southern sweet tea on ice doesn’t count! After reading your previous post though, I think I’d like to try some! So PICK ME PICK ME :)

  13. Lyndsay

    I used to love Honest Tea’s hot Lori’s Lemon tea- but they stopped carry their tea bags. It’s been a long time since I was able to enjoy a hot cup of tea. I’ve lately preferred Honest Tea’s bottled tea in Jasmine Green Energy and their Raspberry Field tea.

  14. joy

    I am a serious tea drinker, at least 6 glasses or cups aday. I have tried all kinds but keep coming back to my two favorites. Twinings english breakfast and tazo awake. Stronger the better.

  15. Emily H

    My favorite tea is definitely TJ’s peppermint green tea. It’s only available during the holiday season, so I think that makes it extra special! One of my new year’s resolutions is to savor the moment more, so perhaps stopping and sipping a mug of hot tea each day would help me accomplish that resolution!

  16. Betsy

    I love Paromi Teas. They are a bit of a splurge, but so worth it. I’m also a huge fan of Chamomile Lavender, and Parmomi’s variety is soo delicious. It immediately transports me from my cubicle to Provence!

  17. Sally

    Right now I’m loving Celestial’s Gingerbread Spice tea. It’s like Christmas in a cup! I like adding a little steamed almond milk and cinnamon. It’s simply delightful.

  18. Patricia

    During the holiday season, I stock up on Celestial Seasoning’s Sugar Cookie. I also love Numi’s Chocolate Pu-erh for a dessert tea. Also, Teavana’s Silver Yin Zhen Pearls White Tea is an all time favorite. I just love tea and would love to try this assortment.

  19. Alex

    AH! I LOVE THIS! I read your post yesterday and was SO jealous! I LOVE Traditional Medicinals! I use their Roasted Dandelion Root to help detox when I’m having a reaction from food chemicals and when I am sick I live on their Cold Care teas! They kick a cold in the butt every time and I can’t even count the number of people I’ve told to buy it. My 11 year old son ASKS for it when he doesn’t feel good and he asks for the Peppermint when his sensitive stomach isn’t feeling well.
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get something like this! And here I thought you were the luckiest girl around. :)
    I hope I get to be that lucky too! :)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. Emma

    Traditional red rose for me!

    I also really like green teas and herbal teas as I am a singer and they really help relax the voice and help keep me cold free!

  21. Lauren

    I like all kinds of teas, but a recent favorite has been the Teavana blend of blueberry and pineapple kona pop. So fruity and delicious! And it tastes good iced too. :)

  22. Donna baumgartner

    I am ashamed to say I I am very inexperienced in tea but I like earl grey and English breakfast.
    I sure am willing to learn though :)

  23. Ro

    oh man. There’s a local tea shop that makes this Cream Earl Grey that I absolutely love.

    Also, hello. =) I found your blog about a month ago and I’ve been reading it religiously. I find your writing very evocative, and I’m looking forward to your book!

  24. natalie

    My all time favorite tea is PG Tips – I grew up drinking that in England. Lately I’ve been trying different Green Teas, but havent picked a favorite brand just yet :)

  25. Reiko Riley

    My favorite tea brand is Numi Organic and I am in LOVE with their Toasted Rice. It actually helped me kick my daily coffee habit. I still enjoy a cup of joe every now and again but I am not longer a slave to it!

  26. Pheralyn

    I love Harney and Sons “Paris Tea”, Stash “Lemon Ginger” tea, as well as many others. (I also love your blog.) Thanks for this post! And thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing Traditional Medicinals Tea Assortment!

  27. Robynn

    I am just venturing into the tea realm, and am not a connoisseur just yet, I so enjoy Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile in the afternoon to get me through that 3pm work rut, and their Gingerbread Spice is so yummy; anything that makes me feel like it’s Christmas time is always good…even 2 weeks after the real event. Even if not a winner, I will definitely be looking for Traditional Medicinals at Whole Foods, thanks for the post!

  28. Tina

    Wow! Picking a fav. Not sure just yet. I am new to teas. However so far I have liked the orange black tea I jave tried the best. I am thinking it would be great cold as well! Cant wait for summer to try it!
    Thanks !

  29. Allison

    Promise not to laugh?? My favorite Traditional Medicinals tea is Smooth Move. I love the licorice flavor and besides who doesn’t need a good “flushing” out every once in a while. ;)

  30. Melanie

    My fave is actually Aveda Herbal Tea, but it’s super pricey. Yogi tea and Traditional Medicinals are second – just opened some new Chamomile this morning!

  31. Jennielynn

    I have favorite teas for different times of the day. Morning tea is usually Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast. I like Peet’s Earl Grey in the afternoon. And Sleepytime tea is my favorite for bedtime.

    If I had to choose one, I guess I’d go with Peet’s Earl Grey, but I’m glad I don’t have to!

  32. Melody from Indiana

    I am actually a coffee drinker that is going to try to convert to tea . . .so this would be awesome!!!

  33. Sheila

    Sorry Traditional Medicinals, but mine would be Celebration Herbals Organic Rose Hip tea. The scent reminds me of my mother’s rose garden, and the old Herbal Essences shampoo. Definitely “feel good” memories!

  34. Aubrey

    I drink green tea and chamomile tea, although I’ve never tried Traditional Medicinals. I usually don’t notice which brand I’m buying at the time, as I move in and out of tea-frenzy mode. I do like Celestial Seasonings though. Very cool of TM to do this, my fingers are crossed!

  35. Teresa

    I am partial to Tazo Awake in the mornings and Runa Amazon Guayusa Cinnamon tea for the afternoon. Guayusa teas have more caffeine and anti-oxidants than other teas.

  36. Sarah

    I have many favorites (Todd & Holland, in Chicago, is great) but lately my favorite “tea” has been a home brewed concoction of ginger, honey, and water. I like my ginger drinks to be supremely spicy, and brewing my own with fresh ginger root fits that bill perfectly. And it’s even better in the summer with a splash of lime!

  37. Kathy

    I love many different teas, including Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer, but I keep going back to the traditional Earl Grey. I drink that several times a week.

  38. Mariyam

    My favorite tea changes every few months, right now I love sipping on Trader Joe’s jasmine green tea at work and at night Celestial Seasonings sleepy time tea!

  39. Joy

    I love Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice tea. Thoroughly delicious… in fact I’m drinking it right now :)

  40. Ali

    My favorite as of right now is Bigelow’s Vanilla Chai. I love the pleasant scent it leaves to waft throughout the house.

  41. Nikki

    My go-to black tea is Glengettie tea. Just makes a perfect cup of tea on a cold tea. My all-time favorite tea is Green Walnut tea from Tea Guys…so delicious!

  42. Megan

    My favorite brand tea (so far that I’ve tried) is either Tazo Teas or Teavana Teas! I really enjoy the Passion and Zen flavors in the Tazo and the Youthberry is the only flavor I’ve tried from Teavana. I love tea so much!

  43. Karin R

    I love Aveda’s calming tea – it has a minty flavor, and is naturally sweet, so no need to add honey or agave!

  44. Carolyn

    I love many teas (choosing one depends so much on my mood, my environment, what I’ve eaten that day, etc.), but my stand-by, never-say-no tea is Stash Spicy Licorice tea. I don’t even like licorice, but this tea – this tea that is almost impossible for me to find within a 30-mile radius where I live in California – is sweet and spicy and reminds me of home.

  45. Len

    Tazo passionfruit is my favorite tea! I also like fruit tea, from Dr. Tea in China, but I ran out and don’t know how to find it over here in the U.S.

  46. Ellen Renee

    I love Earl Grey and English Breakfast teas but will occasionally choose vanilla chai. It has been a very busy day…need a nice relaxing cup of tea.

  47. Tara

    Salada black tea, it’s the tea I grew up drinking because it’s what my grandmother drank. Also, when I was younger the tabs would have weird little sayings on the back.

  48. Katie

    I drink so much tea, it’s difficult to pick a favourite! Though David’s Tea’s ‘Cinnamon Hearts’ is definitely leading the pack :)

  49. Donna Wasman

    I am a tea lover. I drink more tea in the winter than I do coffee…way more! A lot of black teas but I have sampled many types of teas. Unfortunately I have only used 1 or 2 of the Traditional Medicinals and would love to try the sampler package. Actually before I saw this blog I emailed the company to find out where I could buy the box and sample set I saw on your web site. A lot of us have the same idea. Hah! Hope to hear from you to make a tea dream come true.

  50. Kayla

    My now husband and I jokingly call ourselves “tea snobs” after traveling to Ireland and having tea time every single day. That was a major thing we took home with us. My current favorite tea is Teavana’s Zingiber Ginger Coconut Rooibos Tea. Sooo good.

  51. Maria

    suger cookie sleigh ride, all the way! i’ve only had it once, though, & am not sure of the brand. the peppermint tea sounds amazing! have a fantastic day, andie!

  52. Kelley

    Yummy! My favorite tea is Yogi Skin Detox. Not sure it does anything for my skin, but I keep drinking it regardless. It’s sweet and flowery and reminds me of summertime…can’t go wrong with that! As always, thanks for winderful posts, Andie. You are my absolute favorite.

  53. Danny

    My old roommate used to travel the world at random, and every time he came back from China he give me boxes and boxes of local Chinese teas. I don’t know what brands they are or what the type is, especially since it’s all in Chinese, but it’s all fantastic and I don’t think I’ll run out for another ten years!

  54. Emily

    This is spectacular! I’d have to say my favorite teas are Impra black currant and Tazo wild sweet orange, iced of course! I also like I make tea from dried peppermint leaves from my garden. Delish!

  55. Allison

    I have two favorite teas: Yogi Kombucha Green Tea and Tazo Decaf Chai. I also love that Yogi teas have little inspirational messages on each of the tea bags paper tags.

  56. Julie N.

    It’s so difficult to narrow it down to just one tea! So I think I’ll have to put them into categories: Traditional: I love Lady Grey, Medicinal: LOVE Traditional Medicinals Peppermint, Iced: Hibiscus Lavender! :) :)

  57. HollyC

    I like Celestial Seasonings, Nutcracker Sweet. Its a holiday blend, but I like it all year long. After reading all the comments, I’m going to have to try some other brands and flavors! Your assortment would be a good start! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. Bek @ Crave

    I’ve never had tea, since the one time I tried it was when my bf poisoned it with 3 teaspoons of sugar (how he likes it) and I couldn’t down it. I’ve smelt my MIL having it and I’ve wanted so much to try it- maybe now is my chance ;)

  59. crystal froemming

    I am new to the world of tea, only a few weeks in so the only brands I have tried are Celestial and Yogi, I like Yogi. I enjoy both kinds I have Blueberry Slim Life green tea and Kombucha green tea. I would love to broaden my world of tea :)

  60. Allison

    I am right now in love with the cranberry apple zinger from Celestial Seasonings- so flavorful and cozy! All year round, though, I love the ginger tea from Traditional Medicinals, a favorite after dinner beverage! Drinking a hot cup of tea in a great mug is one of my regular ways to unwind.

  61. jamie

    i am a tea drinker wanna be | it’s one of my new year’s goals | i even bought an amazing mug i love | looking around for a favorite

  62. Mary Tazo Awake Tea. Serve it with a little milk and some honey. It’s always wonderful. Happiness in a cup!

  63. Jodie

    My favorite brand is Tea Lula, a store local to the Chicagoland area. They have a great selection of herbal teas; my favorite is Mango Honeybush. A close second favorite tea is peppermint, any brand.

  64. Laura

    I love Tazo teas, but lately I’ve been hooked to Jasmine tea sold by our local Asian restaurant. The owner brings it back from China every time she visits and it is AMAZING.

  65. krista

    I love Tea! I think I drink to much though. Right now I am on a green tea kick, Twinings is pretty good, but I love he stuff my friend brings back from china!

  66. tara

    My favorite does change seasonally but I love vanilla-flavored teas for energy. Something about them is really comforting but energizing at the same time. I love Vanilla Rooibos by Tazo; it’s especially good with a little warm soy milk or vanilla almond milk.

  67. Nancy

    I love the pumpkin tea in the fall and peppermint tea around the holidays. Rest of the time I drink green tea with jasmine or lemon. Would love to try this brand of tea, sounds so warming and good and I would love one of their mugs!!

  68. Tamara

    I’m very traditional (boring!) when it comes to tea – Earl Grey in the morning and green tea throughout the day. After reading all the posts, I think I need to be a bit more adventurous!

  69. Samantha

    My favorite is a small tea company in Indianapolis called Humboldt Tea Company. Loose leaf tea or pod tea in any variety for me!

  70. Christina

    When I visited Ukraine several years ago I discovered drinking hot tea was wonderful even when I’m not sick. I found Lipton Indian spice when I was there and have yet to find it here. Right now I am loving Lipton cranberry pomegranate green tea!

  71. Kaitlin

    I really like the Yogi tea brand, although my favorite changes all the time. I usually have two or three different boxes open at a time. Right now I really like the Vanilla Spice Energy and the Kava Stress Relief.

  72. Sara Jo Lehrer

    Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat is a lifesaver this time of year with the cold/flu going around! Can’t be beat :)

  73. Rachel H

    Call me boring but I’m a Lipton regular iced tea sort of girl. I think I need to broaden my tea horizons. :0)

  74. M

    I really like Tazo Passion, though lately, I’ve been much more in to green teas. Right now I’m drinking Lipton’s Blackberry and pomegranate super fruit green tea. YUM

  75. Colleen

    At the coffee shop in my town, I have fallen in love with the vanilla almond tea. I have never been able to find it again, but I am obsessed!

  76. Shelley

    The husband + I are big fans of Trader Joe’s Bed Time Tea! As a side note, we’re also fans of most anything from Trader Joe’s! :)

  77. Morgan

    I’ll be honest, I’m not a big tea drinker, but it’s something I’ve really been wanting to try and and change – this seems like it would be the perfect opportunity!

  78. MeL

    I am prone to bronchial infections and keep Breathe Easy around pretty much all the time. Very comforting and soothing.

  79. Genelle K.

    Rooibos! It is a red tea native to South Africa, where I was raised. It has no caffeine so we were allowed to drink it as children. My british grandfather shared his tea ritual with me from the time I could hold my own cup :)

  80. Abby

    I guess my go to would be TAZO Refresh tea…but I love trying out new teas and am always on the look out for one that I haven’t had before!

  81. Kristi-Rae

    My favorite is the Celestial Seasonings “Sleepy Time” Tea. Paired with honey and I am in ‘Blissville’. :)

  82. Monica

    David’s tea, kinda like teavana. My go to’s are organic Kanpe (probably the best tea you would ever try) and organic blueberry jam. Yum!

  83. Mary W

    I actually love all of Traditional Medicinals teas. My favorites are their “female wellness” teas. I’ve used the Raspberry tea while pregnant and the Mother’s Milk tea many times. Currently, I’m drinking their Gypsy Cold Care and Throat Coat tea since my household has come down with a bad cold. I really LOVE that they also make kids tea. My kids think it’s soo cool that they get their own cup of special tea.

  84. Shannon

    Right now I am enjoying Cinnamon tea by Light of Day. My tea cupboard is filled with tea from all different companies.

  85. Jen C.

    Lately my favorite tea is Stash’s Breakfast Fusion. It’s a yummy blend of black and green teas and provides just enough pick-me-up for the day ahead.

  86. Tami

    Celestial Seasonings Green Tea: Candy Cane Lane. Just how they can make tea taste exactly like a candy cane, the world may never know. :)

  87. Stephanie Callaway

    I’m loving peppermint tea right now! Great for my digestive issues! Sometimes ill throw in the Arbonne liver cleanse tea too!

  88. shanon

    I was a barista for a couple of years so we learned play around with teas. I’m a serious fan of mixing Tazo’s Refresh and Wild Sweet Orange. You steep them hot and then shake and pour over ice and add sugar to taste. It’s sooooo good it tastes like springtime!

  89. Jessica T

    I’m a big fan of peppermint, so I purchase Bigelow Mint Medley quite a bit. I gave up coffee a couple years ago (I miss it SO MUCH, but I am sleeping a lot better!), and hot herbal tea has become my favorite substitute. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  90. Jodi

    My all time favourite tea is the Trader Joe’s Candy Cane green tea. It is only available around Thanksgiving and I load my cart up in order to make it through the rest of the year.

  91. Erin

    Yay for tea! I turned my boyfriend onto it, and now he’ll go make it himself and for me! He loves relaxing tea as caffeine affects him pretty greatly, and I love just any kind. I like some sort of tropical tea that I get at Cost Plus, and I recently made an impulse purchase of Fresh and Easy brand ginger tea (because my tummy hurt). It was amazing!

  92. Debra

    When I stopped drinking soft drinks, tea became my fav. I don’t drink coffee. I like the flavored teas but citrus green tea is my favorite. Finally something that tastes good and is good for me!

  93. Phoebe

    When I’m sick I like Yogi cold season tea and Traditional Medicinals breathe easy.

    For everyday afternoon tea, I’m a PG Tips girl!

  94. Jamie

    Enlightened Healers Soothing Blend. I’m lucky to have a mother who is an herbalist and she makes me tea blends under the name Enlightened Healers. I am addicted to her Soothing blend which helps with inflammation but also has a calming affect thanks to the chammomile.

    Also, Twinnings Earl Grey is my go to for morning caffeinated tea.

  95. Betsy K

    My favorite tea to purchase is Stash – Lemon Ginger

    My favorite tea in the world is a concoction done in Ann Arbor, Mi at a local coffeehouse – Espresso Royale, called the GINGER DRAGON! It is so lemony and gingery…I miss it so much now that I am in NY!

  96. Bridget

    I wish I could say that I have tried it before and have a favorite flavor, but I can’t. But I after your post the other day I went in search on their web site for this tea because I thought it would make great gifts to send out (especialy the throat coat) to friends who are sick this winter and for holiday gifts next year. I would LOVE to try the tea myself too :) I can picture myself now… sipping TM tea, dreaming of Leonardo Dicaprio ;)

  97. Kristin

    Hi Andie! I love your website and I love that you are doing this giveaway! I have just started to try hot teas, and am falling in love with them. I have gotten to try some through friends, but have also picked up some from Teavana which was a combination of Wild Orange Blossom and Youthberry. It is fantastic! I love how the tea is so relaxing and pulls you away from reality if only for a little while. It’s so comforting and I look forward to it whenever I can have some. I would love to expand the types of tea I try, so I would love to try the Traditional Medicinals brand. Thank you much!

  98. Kathy

    I am not a tea drinker but my kids are. They are constantly trying new brands and flavors. One loves black and another loves green. I myself am still looking for the perfect flavor.

  99. Kirstyn

    I love Traditional Medicinals Ginger Green tea- so smooth and awesome for you! I also love a mug of Traditional Medicinals peppermint tea (:

  100. Margaret

    I love chai tea. I usually by Celestial Seasons but try different ones all the time. I have a vanilla caramel that smells and tastes heavenly.

  101. Becky W.

    I really enjoy Celestial Seasonings Chamomile and any fruit flavored tea. I actually gave up soda completely and always order unsweetened iced tea with my meals out now. I’m convinced that was a big help in my 40 pound weight loss last year. Bring on the tea! :)

  102. Holly

    My favorite for the moment is Tazo Organic Chai. However, I am reawakening my tea senses and love to try everything!

    Thanks for sharing this brand with me.

    I am just starting to drink tea again after not drinking it for years. I had half a diet coke on the first and so far none the rest of the year. Yes, I know it is only the eleventh of January.

    I am now drinking tea every day.

  103. Katy

    I like to drink about 3 different kinds each day, but if I were to pick a favorite right now?… Youthberry from Teavana. I just discovered Teavana! It’s expensive, though so I’m rationing ;)

  104. Sarah

    My office mate and I are tea fans, her desk is the go-to for Traditional Medicinal Lemon Echinacea not only for the taste but for it’s cold-combating properties. I keep their Breathe Easy and Throat Coat for the same purposes, but I’m also a major fan of Yogi tea. Right now I’m into their DeTox and Seven-Berry Antioxidant varieties.

  105. Jennifer

    I can’t even pick just one–Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Vanilla is a great way to unwind at the end of the day; Tazo Passion tea is so good hot or iced; Trader Joe’s Crimson tea is awesome, too! I love herby blends and “tension tamers” and ginger teas, too…I could go on forever. Tea is the best.

  106. Laura

    I like a lot of varities of teas and am always looking to try a new one. My favourite however is Fujian’s Green Tea.

  107. Grace M.

    My morning favorite is Yogi Vanilla or Mint perfect energy! Throughout the day I drink iced tea or a Chi if I’m cold! I’ve had a blast reading through everyone else’s comments and I have some great ideas on what to buy next!!

  108. Mary

    Choice organic teas – love all their stuff. Currently I’m drinking a Bancha Hojicha which is a roasted green tea.

  109. leah

    Although I have never had Traditional Medicinals Teas, I would love to try the organic ginger tea. Right now I am big on Greek mountain tea. Boiled in a pot on the stove with a cinnamon stick and the dried flowers. Amazing! Thank you Andie for your thoughts everyday. I look forward to them!

  110. jess

    I’ve always been an Earl Grey fan, but recently I’ve decided that green tea is pretty delicious! My husband and I are partial to Trader Joe’s teas, but alas, our nearest TJ’s is now 3 hours away. :(

  111. CATe

    my favorite tea is Constant Comment! It has been since I was a kid and I have no idea why, but I totally understand its name!

  112. Jessie S

    I love a good Earl Grey. Right now I am enjoying the Royal Earl Grey from Tea Embassy. I also love Rishi’s Masala Chai blend. Just enough spice.

  113. Camara

    OK, so I love tea. Always have. I’ve been drinking Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea since I was a kid. But, a David’s Tea just opened up in the town where I work and oh my goodness that place is amazing. I’ve only been once, to buy my mom some delicious teas for Christmas, but I am so excited to go back and get some for myself.

  114. Holly

    I love tea! Right now I’m enjoying Trader Joe’s Vanilla and Cinnamon black tea-I had to stock up since it’s a holiday special. So yummy!

  115. Samantha

    Hi there!

    Right now, I drink Bigelow’s green tea (favorite) as well as Celestial Seasoning’s Sleepytime Tea. I love trying new teas though! I’ve been looking for teas that aid in health such as headaches, bloating, etc.

  116. M.E.

    I love TeaForte Madagascar Vanilla I believe it’s called. It’s kind of expensive so it’s a real treat when I have it. Tastes like dessert!

  117. Anne

    Hi Andie, Thanks for offering this giveaway and compelling me to post. I appreciate and look forward to your thoughtful writing and your gracious willingness to share.

    Like you, I an a coffee-holic during the a.m. Once the coffee is gone, I move to tea.

    My favorite tea is Good Earth Original Sweet & Spicy. It reminds me of the Red Hots candies.

  118. Chardonnay

    Having never tried Traditional Medicinals’ tea, they can’t be my favorite. (yet.) So I’d have to say that my favorite tea brand at the moment is Republic of Tea, with the favorite flavor being a toss up between Gogi Raspberry Green Tea, and Ginger Peach Green Tea!

  119. Eve

    Celestial Seasonings green and white tea with ginseng and honey was recommended to me when I had a really bad cough. It’s become my favourite tea now!!

  120. Esther

    I have a tea problem, based on the number of boxes in my cabinet. But if I had to choose, I’d say my favorites are tie between Good Earth Sweet and Spicy and Republic of Tea Ginger Orange Mint. If I HAD to choose.

  121. Amanda Kim

    I’ve been a fan of Traditional Medicinals tea for many years and just adore Throat Coat when I feel a cold coming on.

  122. Lindsey Renee

    While peppermint tea has a permanent place in my heart, my favorite tea is Tazo Vanilla Rooibos. It is so naturally sweet that all you have to do is put in a little half and half so that it will be nice and creamy. It’s almost like a smoother chai. It’s absolutely lovely.

  123. susan

    I work at a student health center on a campus that serves a student population of about 30,000! With flu season gripping us tightly, I think the Ginger Aid tea is awesome! I often recommend ginger to our students who are experiencing nausea/vomiting. I often wish i had a stash of products to offer them since they are all broke :)

  124. Leah

    Awesome giveaway! Some people think I’m boring when it comes to tea because my absolute favorite is plain green. But lately I’ve started boiling raw ginger root, and using the water to steep my tea in. It’s so lovely and makes for a happy belly. I don’t have a favorite brand, but I would sure be psyched to win this set! :)

  125. Kristal

    Hi Andie, my favorite is Good Earth Original Sweet & Spicy Tea & Herb Blend. I was just about to hop on their website to see if I could order a box:)

  126. Seanna

    At work I love to mix Tazo Awake tea with Tazo Earl Grey – it really gets me going! These would be a nice change when I want to relax more – thanks for the chance to win them!

  127. Ti

    Trader Joes makes a tea called RELAX that I like. Has lots of slippery elm which soothes my throat when I am feeling icky. Naturally sweet too which is nice.

  128. Kristin

    I’m so excited about this! I have been dying to try the Roasted Dandelion Root. My favorite tea is Tazo Chai. I usually have it as an after-lunch “dessert” with a little almond milk.

  129. Jessica

    I love both Celestial Seasonings and Yogi tea brands. From Celestial Seasonings I love anything Zinger (lemon, raspberry, etc.), and from yogi I love their ginger (such a tummy soother!) and Egyptian licorice.

  130. Erin

    I love tea, and I am always looking for new kinds. If I had to choose just one, I would say that my favorite is Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea.

  131. Amy

    Celestial Seasonings’ classic Sleepytime has to be my all-time go-to favorite. It is so relaxing. But I love to try new teas. And my husband has started drinking more tea as he kicks his soda habit. Thank you for this giveaway!

  132. Ariel

    I lovelovelove Yogi Triple Echinacea Green Tea :) My puggie even tries to stick her squished face in it to get a taste!

  133. Nichelle Trout

    This it WAY too hard…how many characters do I get!!?? :) Okay, so my love affair with tea started when I was in college and about 4 years ago got pretty intense! I started with green teas, because they seemed comfortable to me, and then slowly expanded and have tried so many teas, I can hardly keep track and now you want me to pick a favorite? Oh no…

    –Trader Joe’s Organic Green Tea-Light & Yummy
    –Traditional Medicinals, Organic Raspberry Leaf, a must have for those pesky girly monthly visits!, Echinacea Plus, whenever I feel a cold coming on!, Everyday Detox Lemon, so good!
    –Yogi, Green Tea Super Antioxidant, my go to every day, Healthy Fasting and Peach Detox.

    I can keep going, but I won’t…I’m pretty sure I may have broke the rules with this extra long post, I just can’t help myself!

    Thanks Andie!

  134. Patricia Hoffman

    I am a huge fan of the cinnamon stick from Bigelow. When I’m sick, I love it with a bit of honey and a touch of cream. So heavenly!

  135. Kelsey

    I normally get loose leaf tea of the green and white variety, but I love having tea bags on hand for those work mornings when brewing a pot just isn’t in the works!

  136. Daniela c.

    My favorite tea is linden flower tea, I am not sure of the brand as it is hard to find. I usually dry some up, if I find a tree 

  137. Holly

    Andie, I love your blog! I just found it and have really been enjoying reading every post. Can’t wait for your book(s)!
    I’m pretty new to tea drinking. I’ve always been a coffee gal. So far my favorites have been Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Vanilla and a chocolate mint tea from the Tea Guys.

  138. Elise

    I am loving Earl Grey tea lately, and my husband is on a Peppermint tea kick! I usually drink the Celestial Seasoning brand of tea, but I am starting to dabble in trying out some loose leaf! Fun Stuff!

  139. kristin

    I love MarketSpice tea from Seattle’s Pike Place market. You have to order it off their website, but it is SOOOO worth it.

  140. Nikol

    My favorite lately has been True Blueberry by Celestial Seasonings. But I am also quite fond of the Licorice tea made by Stash.

  141. Eva

    Right now, I love having a cup of Sleepytime tea by Celestial Seasonings with my daughter! She is 5 and loves it too!

  142. Elin

    I love both Tazo’s organic line and Yogi teas. However I’m very much a loose leaf kind of girl. I love anything that’s really smoky and spicy.

  143. Brooke

    Regular green tea is my favorite, but if I just can’t sleep, I steep a mug of Bedtime tea by Yogi. It’s so soothing. Your blog has become a daily staple in my life. I work midnights as a 911 dispatcher and if I’m ever overly stressed, I come straight here to read and relax.

  144. Sam E.

    I have always been a huge Traditional Medicinals fan. My loyalty is evenly split between Throat Coat (it really works!) and Lemon Ginger (delicious!).

  145. Amy V

    What a great giveaway! I have never tried Traditional Medicinald, but the Chamomile lavender looks especially good! I really love chamomile tea and sometimes do a blend of chamomile and calm/bedtime from Yogi teas. Right now my very favorite tea is called Honeybush Vanilla by Adagio tea

  146. Kelly F.

    I’m currently enjoying Republic of Teas Get Lost brand. I have a cup in the evening and its spicy yet sweet taste helps to satisfy any cravings I might have for an evening snack.

  147. Julie B

    I love all sorts of tea. My current favorite is Modi Estate Assam from Chado, a tea shop and tearoom. I love herbal teas as well.

  148. jesspants

    I make pilgrimages to Trader Joe’s for their peppermint tea. In fact, I was just there this past weekend, and (no joke) bought 10 boxes! It is my constant companion at work and at home, and really helps with my motion sickness.

  149. Vanessa

    I love Tazo Wild Sweet Orange and Might Leaf Marrakesh Mint but can’t seem to find either of them anywhere lately :( so I have switched to Celestial seasonings Tension Tamer, or anything Rooibos, or with licorice root…Okay, I just love all tea… I can’t make a choice.

  150. Meredith B.

    I’ve been obsessed with Bigelow Herb Plus Probiotics Lemon Ginger tea. I drink at least two big mugs of it a day… along with green tea.

  151. Kelsey

    I currently really love anything by London Tea Company.. especially their breakfast tea. I am trying to fill my kitchen with more herbal teas for the afternoons though!

  152. Hallie

    Oh my goodness I don’t quite know how to pick a favorite tea!! I guess I will go with my favorite of the moment, Teavanna’s Youthberry! It is so citrusy and delicious I can’t get enough, plus I just love to make it in my nifty one cup loose leaf tea maker :) I know what you mean about the ritual!!

    P.S. I love love love your blog, thank you for being such an inspiration to me :)

  153. Julia

    My favorite at the moment is Yogi brand Detox. I love it and would drink it all day every day if I could haha. But I love trying new ones and hope to add some more to my collection!! Wink Wink

  154. Maria

    My favorite tea is organic green tea with mint. I find it to be very refreshing after a meal. Thanks for your blog, it is very inspiring! :)

  155. Marcia M

    I’ve been drinking (and loving) all forms of what we call “bush tea” in the islands as far back as I can it’s safe to say I’ve had a love affair with tea all my life. I drink it throughout the day and always before bed. My favorite tea (right now) is Teavana’s Cacao Mint Black Tea..peppermint with a hint of hazelnut (which makes everything better)- all cholatey, minty goodness…yum!

  156. Lori W

    I think my favorite is Zen by Tazo…but I love Bigelow’s Sweet Dreams and once had loose tea from a little organic shop that was Lavendar Earl Grey…loved that stuff!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  157. Kate

    My two all time favorite brands are Mighty Leaf, vanilla bean flavor, and Numi (any flavor). They have such rich and inviting flavors!

  158. sarah

    I’m a sucker for Sleepytime tea! I think it’s Celestial Seasonings? I also often have 1 green tea + 1 mint tea (at the same time). I am a tea hoarder!

  159. Patti M.

    I drink regular old Lipton the most – my morning must start that way.I love Tazo Zen as a refreshing pick me up. I absolutely love trying new teas.

  160. Michelle

    I am a huge tea drinker these days …with temps in the 30s around here in Boston it always calms and warms me! I like yogi tea with the sayings on each bag in flavors like chamomile!

  161. Mary

    I love all tea, seriously! But my favorite is probably vanilla peppermint– so smooth & delish and not at all bitter like some minty teas. What a great giveaway!

  162. Alyssa

    My current favorite is a vanilla and cinnamon black tea from Trader Joe’s. Though it could be just because the package features a tea-drinking lemur covered in Christmas lights…

  163. Anjanette

    I’ve been digging on zhena’s gypsy tea – coconut chai. Super yummy!

    I would love to win the tea assortment (or purchase a similar one). I love the whole presentation of the teas, tabs, and box.

  164. Laura

    My favorite brand of tea is Numi. My favorite flavor is always changing – but currently, I’m loving anything flowery, especially jasmine green tea.

  165. Roza

    My favourite brand was Teopia, but they closed their store in my local shopping mall:'( My favourite flavour of tea is probably green… But I did purchase an almond biscotti that tastes a little heavenly:)

  166. Cat

    I am obsessed with tea, and my fave changes more often than the weather! Currently I am loving Genmai tea.

    I also luuuuuv bubble tea – does that count?

  167. Ryane

    My favorite time of year is when trader joe’s peppermint green tea comes out!

    If not that, then celestial seasonings antioxidant.

  168. Amanda F.

    I want this soooo bad! My favorite tea flavor is peppermint, and would you believe it – I’m drinking Traditional Medicinals at this very moment, because yeserday’s post made me want some so I hurried right out to the co-op after work (after scouring their site for the assorted tea set that you received – you lucky thing!). I would do backflips for this tea assortment – pick me, pick me!!!

  169. Tara C

    My favorite has the fuzzy bear, and it’s Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Sinus Soother. There is some aloe and mint in there. Put a little honey, maybe lemon, and I am in cozy heaven!!

  170. Allison Green

    Seriously, Andi? What self respecting comfort-food-ophile doesn’t stand by Constant Comment? It is like seeing an old friend when you are given a selection from which to choose. You just know its gonna be there for you.

  171. Nicole S

    I love tea! I make my own iced tea from Lipton loose black tea. It’s better than anything you’ll ever find in a store! For hot tea, I love Lipton blackberry, any kind of peppermint, and Tazo passion :)

  172. Diana

    Not to be too lah-dee-dah but Harrod’s Lemon Verbena is delicious. On this side of the pond, it’s Bigelow’s “I Love Lemon.”
    I think I am seeing a trend here.

  173. Julie

    I’ve gone through bouts of being a Tea fanatic. My most recent was The Republic of Tea’s Double Green Matcha Tea. Before that I was hooked on Zhena’s Gypsy Tea’s Coconut Chai. I would love to give all the teas you mentioned a sample!

  174. Meg

    My New Year’s resolution has been to try and cut way back on the caffeine, and my new favorite herbal tea is Stash Tea’s Yumberry Blackcurrant. Looking forward to the summer, because I think it would be awesome iced, too!

  175. Kelly B.

    Oh, My! I thought I was a serious tea drinker! My favorite tea is from a sweet little shop in Vero Beach, FL called “Tea and Chi.” Their caramel black tea is my all-time go-to favorite. I also swear by their “Get Better/Bad Weather tea, it has been known to shorten a cough/cold drastically! Check out their web site and tell Maria and Randy I sent you!

  176. Wendy Kidd

    Right now, my favorite tea is Bigelow’s Plantation Mint. I have just become interested in the Bach flower remedies and herbal medicines, and the idea of these teas fascinates me. I would love to try them!

  177. Shawna

    as far as boxed store-bought teas go, i really like the Yogi brand teas- especially the Ginger and the Peach Detox flavors/blends. :) keep on sippin’!

  178. Sarah

    I love Yogi Tea. Especially the Yogi Calm tea soo yummy and I’m convinced that it is calming :)
    I’d love to try the tea you have reviewed especially with these lovely winter sinus issues!

  179. Jen H.

    Great giveaway! My favorite tea for every day is Bigelow Organic Green Tea. The seasonal Celestial Seasonings Sugar Plum Spice is very delicious too..

  180. Cynthia

    Sleepytime Vanilla is a current favorite. And the best time for tea is always right before bed. It guarantees a great night’s sleep, and as a Kindergarten teacher, I will always be grateful for one of those!

  181. Caylie

    I like the Yogi chai and a different brand chai mixed together.
    I would love to try some of the teas the other commenters have mentioned!

  182. Samantha

    I love so many different teas, but my favorites are Chinese blacks – particularly Hao-Ya or kemun. Harney and Sons are my favorite brand.

  183. Kathy

    I grew up drinking Tetely tea. Just found your website, love it. Thanks for all the great weight loss tips. Just joined WW and am looking for ways to keep me on track.


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