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The last time I visited New Orleans, in between guzzling from size-of-my-arm souvenir hurricane cups and chowing down on muffuletta sandwiches, I made it my business to eat the macarons at Sucre.

They’re famous. Mother Oprah herself had raved about them, and that was certainly enough motivation for me.

Seconds into chewing my first one at the shop—a salted caramel—I knew that the press was right to have been so affectionate about these petite confections. The macarons are fabulous. They’re crisp at first bite—as you break through the paper-thin crusts—only to reveal chewy, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth centers.

sucre macarons

Soon, you, too, could be eating these little gems. Sucre has generously offered to give one reader their signature NOLA Collection + NOLA Macarons. *Note that the macarons are gluten free and flavors include salted caramel, chicory, southern pecan and bananas foster (yum). 

To be automatically entered to win: follow me on Twitter @StayForDinner and tweet the link to this post about the giveaway along with: #macaron

The winner will be announced on Thursday 5/30 at 10pm EST!

**UPDATE 5/30 10:19pm: After reviewing all of the tweets and collecting the total number you all sent, I used a random integer generator to select a winner: @LinseyMonster! Congrats Linsey and a sincere THANK YOU to all who followed and entered the giveaway today! 




27 thoughts on “Sucre Macaron Giveaway

  1. Tanya

    Great! This seems to be a great way to feed my cravings without even hurting my weight. I would love to have the chance to have this. Thanks for sharing this though!

  2. Andie Mitchell Post author

    All–thank you so much for participating in the giveaway! The winner has been announced above (@LinseyMonster).

    I promise the next giveaway will be more standard and simply involve leaving a comment as your entry, as I know many of you don’t use Twitter and therefore might have felt left out.



  3. S.E

    Hi Andie,

    These look amazing. Any chance you might give us an Andie Mitchell* recipe for these Macarons? I don’t know how complicated they are to make, but are something I would love to try!



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