Las Vegas Taste Tour: Day One



About three weeks ago, I received an email invitation to spend three full days and nights in Las Vegas on the Harrah’s Resort Taste Tour.

Now, before we go any further, I admit that I draw a rather alarming number of parallels between my life and that of Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. An alarming number.

And well, aside from constantly living on the verge of impending sugar-euphoria, spending days and weeks on end at Theo Chocolate Factory here in Seattle, and the fact that both Charlie and I have grandpas named Joe, I think you’ll agree this opportunity feels a bit like slipping a golden ticket out of a chocolate bar, don’t you think?



I reread the email just to be sure of its existence, and my sanity, and accepted the invitation. The details:

When you join us on November 12th through 15th, you’ll dine at eleven of our best restaurants, sample selections from the famous Bobby Flay, and have access to our top chefs including the world-renowned Francois Payard and Rock-N-Roll Chef Kerry Simon.  During your stay, your taste buds will travel the globe, indulging in foods from France, Italy, China, and the American Southwest.   In between meals, our top chefs and mixologists will teach you how to take your own recipes and drinks to the next level.



Here’s what I took away from all of that: Dear Andrea, Las Vegas requests the pleasure of your company at its weekend-long wining and dining festival. Yours truly, God.

I think that’s a fairly solid summary statement. I’ve always done well with reading comprehension.




I’ve been to Vegas three times. In fact, I was just in Sin City this past July with Daniel for the World Series of Poker. So while I’d like to think I know the lay of the land there, it’s a place where I am constantly discovering new hot spots, new restaurants, new clubs, shows, and excessive pizzazz. This time, I’ll be a returning guest at Caesar’s Palace, the hotel and casino I stayed at on my first trip to Vegas in 2007. And what a memorable trip that was. My other visits were to The Rio and The Venetian, both of which were fabulous for different and unique eateries and atmospheres.


So as we speak, or communicate electronically rather, I’m on a flight from Seattle to Vegas for what should be a foodie frenzy. My own throwdown with the Strip. Come with me as I sample a dozen different restaurants, bars, casinos, and dessert spots. I’ll blog all that I eat, drink, and lose in craps. Stay tuned!



19 thoughts on “Las Vegas Taste Tour: Day One

  1. Melanie

    Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for stopping by my new blog! I am excited to finally have it up and running. This Vegas opportunity sounds fabulous! I want to come! I am guessing it was via FoodBuzz? Look forward to reading all about it!

  2. Lu

    I can’t wait for the review. I’ve been waiting to go to Vegas until I received an unbiased opinion from someone I trust, and who’s food I drool over. Happy coincidence that it’s the same person! Have fun and enjoy every minute of your journey.

  3. Jenna

    How incredibly awesome!! I am slightly jealous–but I’m comforting myself with the fact that I recently won a holiday baking weekend at the Pioneer Woman’s ranch and there will also be wine and food galore.
    Enjoy every minute of your trip!


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