Putting My Mom on a Diet: Week 19 Meal Plan and Weigh-In

Putting My Mom on a Diet: Meal Plan Week 19 #weightloss #motivation  | AndieMitchell.com

If you’re new to the series, I’m putting my mom on a diet (because she asked me to, and I’ve lost 135 pounds myself (naturally). So here’s what you need to know: Part 1, here is the plan I designed for her, and here are her weekly updates: week 1week 2week 3week 4week 5week 6week 7week 8week 9week 10week 11week 12week 13week 14week 15week 16week 17week 18week 191 month eating on her own1 year later



Breakfast: Thomas’ Whole Wheat English Muffin (120) + 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter (100) + banana (100) = 320

Lunch: Ham & Cheese Pita Pocket
1 Arnold Italian Herb Pocket Thin (200) + 2 slices baked deli ham (about 2 oz = 60) + 1 slice Cheddar cheese (about 1 oz = 100) + lettuce & tomato (10) + 1 teaspoon mustard (5) = 375

Snack: Honey Crisp Apple (100)

lettuce wraps

Dinner: Chinese Turkey Lettuce Wraps (335) + 3/4 cup brown rice (~170) = 505

Dessert: Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich (150)

Total: 1450




same B, L, S, & Dessert (945)

pulled pork

Dinner: 1 serving Slow Cooker Barbecue Pulled Pork (280) + 1 small-ish sweet potato (6 ounces cooked =150) + 1 ½ cups mixed salad (20) with 1 tablespoons Ken’s Steak House Light Caesar Dressing (40) = 490

Total: 1435




same B, L, S, & Dessert (945)

Dinner on the run: McDonald’s cheeseburger (300) + side salad (20) + 1/2 Newman’s Own Caesar dressing packet (95) = 415

Total: 1360




same B, L, S, & Dessert (945)

Dinner: 2 egg omelet (140) with 1/2 cup sauteed onion, red pepper, and zucchini (20 for veg + 30 for 1 teaspoon oil = 50) + 1 oz feta cheese (70) = 260 + 1 1/2 cups red grapes (90) = 320

Total: 1295




Breakfast: Thomas’ Whole Wheat English Muffin (120) + 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter (100) + banana (100) = 320

Out to lunch at Panera: Bowl Broccoli Cheddar Soup at Panera with a small piece of French bread (330 for soup + ~150 for bread = 480)

Dinner: ?

*Andie note: I have absolutely no idea what Mom ate this night. Yikes. Sorry, friends.




Breakfast: 1 1/2 cups Cascadian Farm Honey Nut O’s cereal (165) + 1 banana (100) + 1 cup 1% milk (110) = 375

Lunch: 1 Thomas’ Whole Wheat English Muffin (120) + 2 tablespoons peanut butter (200) + 1 tablespoons (50) = 370

Out to dinner: 4 ounces filet mignon (240) + 2/3 cup garlic smashed potatoes (300) = 540

Dessert: Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich (150)

Total: 1435




Out to brunch: Belgian waffle (~350 for waffle alone) + 1/4 cup maple syrup (200) + 2 slices bacon (70) + 1/2 cup home fries (~150) = 770

Snack: Honey Crisp apple with 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter (200)

Dinner: small steak & cheese sub from local sandwich shop (600)

Dessert: Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich (150)

Total: 1720



Week 19 Weigh-In:

Starting Weight: 210

Week 1 Weight: 201.4 (down 8.6)

Week 2 Weight: 199.4 (down 2.0)

Week 3 Weight: 199 (down 0.4)

Week 4 Weight: 196 (down 3)

Week 5 Weight: 194.4 (down 1.6)

Week 6 Weight: 193 (down 1.4)

Week 7 Weight: 192 (down 1)

Week 8 Weight: 188.8 (down 3.2)

Week 9 Weight: 187.6 (down 1.2)

Week 10 Weight: 186.4 (down 1.2)

Week 11 Weight: 186.4 (same)

Week 12 Weight: 186 (down .4)

Week 13 Weight: 183.6 (down 2.4)

Week 14 Weight: 183.2 (down .4)

Week 15 Weight: 182 (down 1.2)

Week 16 Weight: 179.8 (down 2.2)

Week 17 Weight: 179.6 (down .2)

Week 18 Weight: 178.6 (down 1)

Week 19 Weight: 175.8 (down 2.8)

Total Pounds Lost: 34.2 pounds


Mom’s thoughts on progress so far:

“Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful fall we are having.  I don’t ever remember a fall that was this mild and sunny!  I just wanted to take a minute and express my sympathy to the family of Colleen Ritzer, a brave and wonderful woman who made a difference in many lives at Danvers High School.  I cannot believe that something that horrific could happen to this beautiful person.  My prayers and thoughts are with her family and all the people of Danvers.

This is my last week of having Andrea around and I am quite saddened by this.  I know that I am lucky that she is only a 4 hour ride or a phone call away and I feel happy about that.  As a parent, despite her age or any other circumstances we want to just keep our kids around us for as long as possible.  I would love to have my children around me at all times.  This will be a huge adjustment and I of course will set her room up like a museum till she comes home again for visits.  She has been such a support to me and such a great listener that I will cherish the time i had with her here!  I have done a lot of shopping for her new place, a lot of decorating in my head (picturing how I would like it to look).  But with that said, as long as she is happy, changes her bed every week and keep things clean, how can I complain?

I have had a good week eating this past week.  I sort of cut down in small ways.  I have not been bringing too many snacks to work and have really been eating three good meals a day.  Being that it is apple season, I have been ferociously eating them as well as bananas.  For breakfast I have been sticking to an un-toasted English muffin with a tablespoon of the good peanut butter on it.  I am going to be eating pita bread for now as quite frankly I am getting a little bored with the lavash bread (I think it gets too gummy sometimes).  I am definitely moving a lot more and I make sure to take my dog for long walks as often as possible.

Funny thing: my shoes are feeling a little big lately (I must have been holding onto fluids) but not to worry — my sister gave me a few pairs of new Ferragamo/Selby and Pappagallo shoes that don’t quite fit her.  I also noticed that my shirts and sweaters from last winter are all stretched out.  I guess they didn’t fit me too well last year and I just wore them small anyway and stretched them out.  Now they look like hell, baggy and not fitted.  I always liked wearing my clothes more fitted despite my girth.  Please believe me I am not really complaining as I am glad to be a lot less swollen.  I have been picking a few things up as I need them, but I am really hoping to get to a healthy weight that I can live with and then buy fitted stuff then.  I did manage to lose some weight this week, but I always joke that I’m still in that new stage where I feel like I’m one cupcake away from gaining it all back :)

Wishing you all the best! Oh and Happy Halloween!!

Take care,


*Andie note: I’m moving this weeeeeeek! WHAT. I have a Halloween cookie recipe coming to you Wednesday morning, because I’m feeling festive and going crazy. I’ll be sure to write more soon.



28 thoughts on “Putting My Mom on a Diet: Week 19 Meal Plan and Weigh-In

  1. Anne

    Congratulations Maryellen on your 35 lb. weight loss.i am so proud of you!!! I know you are going to miss Andie, but she will be happy and you will be happy for her. She is only a phone call, text or email away….And I am so excited for her to have this new adventure.
    Have a good week and keep up the good work!

  2. Emma

    34 pounds down while eating such lovely food! Truly wonderful and inspiring, both the weight loss and the food ideas!

  3. Anne Weber-Falk

    Well done Maryellen. I understand what you mean about being one cupcake away. You seem to have things under control though. It looks like you are starting to move to more intuitive eating. Keep up the good work. I hope you feel proud of yourself. You should be.

  4. Amanda June

    “One cupcake away from gaining it all back” — how that resonates! Unfortunately, although I’ve maintained an 80+ pound weight loss for over 2 years now, I STILL feel like I’m on that teetering edge — every time I have a big meal or feel a bit stuffed I feel as though I’m clearly looking pretty much as big as I ever did. Anyway, you’re doing fantastic! Way to persevere!!

  5. Janet V

    Hi Maryellen! I am nervous for you with Andie leaving. You will keep working hard at your progress right? (it is really weird to worry about people you’ve never met)
    I am thrilled for you!! You are doing so so well :-) I bet you look Uh Maze Ing.
    Oh, my neighbor lost a lot of weight. She told me that while she was in the process she’d go to the “good” Good Will and buy stuff since she knew she’d only be in it for a while and it was inexpensive to pick up a few things. for what it’s worth. . . :-) Look forward to reading this every week! Thank you for putting yourself out there and inspiring others!!

    1. T.

      When my weight was going down after pregnancies, I’d get one new pair of pants at Target and one pair of jeans, that way I had two things that actually fit to hold me through to the next size. Usually they are cheap enough and it’s fun to have something that actually fits. I found if I wore pants too loose then I thought I could eat whatever I wanted because I was so darn “skinny!”
      You are an inspiration as usual! Thank you for sharing your life with us!
      Oh, and if Andie changes her bed linens like once every six months, she’ll be absolutely fine. I’ve been doing an experiment the last 10 years and have empirically proven that nothing bad will happen. :)

  6. Janet V

    AND – I just looked over your weekly progress and do you realize that you have been down or even (just once) this whole time? That’s incredible!

  7. Ti

    Andie, wish you luck on the move and Maryellen, you are a rock star in the weight loss/healthy eating department. You are quite the inspiration, both of you are. It’s nice to see people taking it off at a steady pace. I get so tired of fads and it really doesn’t do you any good in the long run.

    I’ve been walking and making better choices and I am down 10 lbs just from that. I love the pics of Maryellen’s dinners. Just seeing them makes me want to add more veggies to my plate ;)

  8. CrysHouse

    I’ve been reading since the very first week, and I get so excited to see these posts! Congrats on your weight loss so far, Mary Ellen! Keep up the good work :)

    (And Andie, I’m looking forward to that cook book!)

  9. Linda

    Just wondering if your mom drinks coffee? I love what you are doing for her and having all of the meals described with calorie counts and the beautiful pictures. Coffee is my downfall though and just wondering what she puts in hers.

  10. momtaxijulie

    You are doing great! I tend do to eat like that too where you just find something that tastes good and eat it unti you are sick of it lol. I was doing those 100 calories english muffins, a fried egg (in Pam) , a slice of ham and a tiny bit of red. fat cheese for WEEKS for breakfast. Finally got sick of it lol.

  11. Claudia

    Sometimes, we all need a mentor to help us along, and I cannot imagine your mum having a better weight loss mentor than you – you are quite amazing. You are giving her not just a diet, but a whole new lifestyle. Wonderful! And seeing such love between mom and daughter is also wonderful.

  12. Jenny Jones

    As long as Andrea is just a phone call away, you’ll be fine. After all – you wouldn’t want to let her down after all her effort!

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