Quick and Easy Lunch Wraps and Soups


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When I lived with with my parents before moving into my new house, one thing I liked to do was make them lunch to bring to work. Each night I would try to pack them healthy and tasty balanced meals that would keep them satisfied throughout a 10-hour work day. As someone who works from home, I forgot how much hassle can be involved when you have to pre-plan your lunch every day—from making sure you have the right fresh ingredients to setting aside time to prepare them. Naturally there will be nights when you either forget to go to the store or simply can’t get there and then days when you just don’t have the energy to make and pack healthy lunches. For those times, Ready Pac Foods Fresh Prep’d Wraps and Soup Kits make a great addition to your lunch arsenal.

ReadyPac Fresh Prep'd Wrap Kits

The Ready Pac Foods Fresh Prep’d kits are complete lunches that can be prepared in minutes. They have fresh, separated ingredients that come in a convenient package that is easy to grab on the go. To make the soups, all you have to do is mix the ingredients in the bowl provided (the kit even includes a spoon), add water to the fill-line marked on the bowl, and microwave for 3 minutes.

ReadyPac Fresh Prep'd Soup Kits

Each soup has 250 calories or less, 11-18 grams of protein and at least ½ cup of fresh veggies. The wraps are just as quick to prepare—you just toss all of the ingredients in the package and fold them up inside the tortilla. Each wrap contains ½ to ¾-cup of vegetables, between 13 and 23g of protein, and 420-470 calories.

Ready Pac Fresh Prep'd Soup Kits

I think these kits would be convenient to keep on hand when you needed a quick lunch that doesn’t involve a lot of prep. They’re a healthy and cheap alternative to most takeout lunch options. I have already dropped some off at my parent’s house. If you want to try these kits, they’re available in the refrigerated produce or deli case at your local grocery store (they’re also on Amazon Fresh!) for around $4.99 a pop!



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