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Hi Friends!

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far! We’ve been having really humid weather in Massachusetts lately, so it’s been pretty uncomfortable moving around as a giant pregnant woman. I don’t know how I would deal without air conditioning. I usually wake up on top of the blankets and look over to see Daniel shivering under a comforter and an additional quilt he got in the middle of the night. Poor guy <3 [caption id="attachment_16399" align="aligncenter" width="680"]in ground pool floating in the pool feels amazing these days [/caption]

I am now 35 weeks! I’m getting really excited and a little impatient. I’m super thankful that I haven’t had any major problems or complications but now I just really want to meet the little guy. We went to the hospital where I will be delivering and had a tour. I’m a little uneasy about delivering in Boston, depending on the time of day traffic could be a real issue. But it was nice to be able to visualize how everything is going to work.

Here are some links I’ve read recently while dealing with night sweats or peeing 16 times a day :)

The New York Times did a fascinating profile on Goop. Equal parts interesting, silly, and yes, “aspirational.”

Sleep is one of the most critical aspects of health and wellness and really just general success in all areas of life. But it’s so often overlooked. A sleep scientist was on Fresh Air talking about the immense importance of sleep.

I always love these lists. Here are some of the unhealthiest meals in America. I know I’m supposed to be grossed out, but honestly a 2700 calorie breakfast burrito sounds pretty darn good right now.

Here are some hacks for picky eaters. Could be good for parents trying to get their kids to eat more nutritious stuff.

I know exercise doesn’t come easy to a lot of us (raises hand…then counts it as exercise for the day) but it really is great for health. According to a study in Australia, lots of physical activity halved the risk of stroke, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes over ten years.



10 thoughts on “Quick Life Update

  1. Donna M Glade-Tau

    Bending over to tie my shoes after my first baby was an exciting experience. Soon; very soon.

  2. Jane

    I’m so excited for you, Andie (and Daniel!). I had no idea you were expecting. What a long journey you two have had together. Please believe that it is very rare to pop that baby out before you get to the hospital. That’s the least of your worries. Just bring something good to read, or an audio book, podcast, whatever. It can be a long deal, but keeping your mind calm is perfect for welcoming the joy you are about to have!!!

    Love, prayers and best wishes!


  3. Doreen Cox

    You’re in what I call the Head banging stage .Every night you go to bed thinking this could be the night , and in the morning you wake up and bang your head saying I’m still pregnant . Next stage you get to fill up those tiny clothes and wrap those arms around the real thing not just your belly and then you think are they crazy for letting this tiny little one come home with us ,but those are all the thoughts of a loving parent which I’m sure you’ll be.

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