Street Donuts Truck Seattle, WA


My name is Andie and I’m an east coast baby.

I was born with a Donut just meant for Dunkin’


In and around Massachusetts,

boy oh boy,

there are some donuts to be had.

Had and loved and crumbled in between sips of steaming coffee.



Cake or yeast-risen, all perfectly puffed and fried. They’re glassy with a dipping of sweet sugar syrup or crystallized in cinnamon sugar, snowy with coconut, or frosted thickly with chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.

I’ve tasted my way through New England’s best donut shops, and here, having lived in Seattle for just over a year now, I’ve found two that sweeten me like they’re supposed to.seattle_street_donuts-09

The first place was Top Pot Doughnuts, a Seattle favorite. Their donuts are honking and lusty. They’re shattery and tan on the outside but so soft-centered, so billowy inside. Each donut is the size of a bagel, overfilled with creams and jellies, and so rich you’re sure a sugar coma is promptly on her way.

Perfect. seattle_street_donuts-12

The second place, a truck- so appropriate in the Pacific Northwest food landscape,

is on the corner of 2nd and Pike.

This parked pop-up freshly fries and serves silver dollar sized donuts in deep, parchment-lined bowls. Flavors are unique and inspired- you can choose among a dusting of cardamom and zingy ginger, cinnamon-sugar, flakes of coconut, a drizzle of chocolate or caramel, a smattering of vanilla pudding, and even crushed candy, like Nerds. seattle_street_donuts-13

My friend, Karlyn, and I set our hearts and stomachs on a petite dozen for breakfast.

Doughy dough donuts and strong coffee and a chatty, long walk before the workday.

The donuts are spooned, fresh from the bubbling oil, then piled crispy and bronzed one on top of another in a bowl, and tossed quickly with toppings that gently melt on the outside of each hot little bun. Half of ours were crackly with cardamom and ginger, the other classically crystalline in cinnamon and sugar. seattle_street_donuts-14

We took our baby donut buckets in one hand, Herkimer drip coffee in the other.

Breakfast on her best behavior.

Each ‘o’ smelled of funnel cakes and fried dough, the intoxicating kind sold at carnival carts. And I,

I forgot, at least for a solid fifteen minutes while walking the just-sunning streets down by Seattle’s shore, that the world would continue spinning when my last donut was swallowed. seattle_street_donuts-02

These golden puffs are crisp crusted with light, air puffed centers. They taste buttery and old fashioned- yeast risen, with a pulling, tender chew. The ones shaken with cardamom and ginger were subtly zingy and faintly sweet, while the cinnamon-sugared ones tasted warm, just cozy with spice.seattle_street_donuts-03

Get here if you can.


Where are the best donuts in your city? I’d like to visit :)



34 thoughts on “Street Donuts Truck Seattle, WA

  1. Charlotte

    My sisters and I LOVE Mighty-O donuts by Green Lake, but we’re going to have to check out this truck next weekend. Fried goodness!!

  2. Megly

    You have such a way with words. I love your food descriptions- they inspire me :) As for donuts around here… I much prefer cake donuts, but there’s a place near here called Yo Yo Donuts that makes one of those tasty maple bacon guys and it. is. GOOD.

  3. Natalie S.

    Those look delicious. Cardamom-ginger sounds like a delightful combination to shake onto a doughnut.

    In Austin, the best doughnuts are at Mrs. Johnson’s. This place is only open from 9pm to 9am. You can generally find a line snaking out the door at 3 a.m. They’re perfect.

    Runner-up is Gourdough’s, a food trailer. Their donuts are the size of a dinner plate. Sometimes they are topped with bacon. Swoon.

  4. Debra

    Here on Maui there is a decades old bakery upcountry in the beautiful small town of Makawao. Nestled on the slopes of Mt. Haleakala, Makawao is a charming little cowboy inspired hamlet. Kamoda’s Bakery sells these little balls of cream filled heaven. Komado’s cream puffs are known worldwide. They even have ’em guava filled! I’ve never had their doughnuts as I can’t get passed the cream puffs! I just came back from a trip to VooDoo Doughnuts in Portland OR. Epic!!!

  5. Christin

    I just “stumbledupon” your blog last week, but I’m hooked on your food descriptions already!! Your personal story is inspiring, and you write amazingly. It’s almost akin to food porn to read your blog. And I mean that in the nicest, least dirty way!!

  6. Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat

    These are so cute! We have a market called St Jacob’s here, and on the weekends I go with my roommates to get produce. In one of the buildings, there’s a mini-donut making stall where you get to watch them put the little gobs of dough into the fryer. They get moved along by this little metal contraption thing, then a fork-like bit pops them out into a dish of either cinnamon sugar or icing. I could watch them all day LOL! Small things please small minds!

  7. Eunice

    I had the best donuts ever in my life a few weeks ago at STK, a steakhouse on South Beach. We were there to try their Miami Spice menu and one of the desserts was a “Bag o’Donuts”. They were dollar-sized, topped with cinnamon sugar and had a dulce de leche filling. And they came with vanilla creme and chocolate fondue. Uhhh I have been thinking about these donuts since that day. No words to describe how delicious they were. Yours look very similar!

  8. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    Those looks so yummy! I have a friend in Seattle so we may just hit this place up when we go some year! We had the big UBER donut at Bob’s Donuts in San Fran and for a plain chocolate iced donut the size of your head (literally),it was surprisingly fluffy, light tasting and delicious. I think we got the apple fritters which were recommended too but not as good as that big ol’ donut. :)

  9. Lisa

    You just turned on my need for donuts….although I will not be buying them where I live…the only option I know about here is dunkin donuts and I can live without those. I will be in Boston in a few weeks though…hmmmmm. Yum!

  10. Claire

    That cardamom and ginger combo has me drooling. Fragrant spices such as these are oh-so decadent.

    If you ever end up roadtripping through the USA, please stop in Wichita, Kansas so that you can try The Donut Whole. Your life will be forever changed, I swear.

  11. Kendall (On An Inhale)

    Dunkin donuts (the actual donuts) make me sick. I think I was fed one to many as a child. My grandparents would bring us munchkins every morning in the summer. Real homemade donuts are amazing. Yes I spell them donuts too :)

  12. Stacy

    Top Pot – oh how I miss! the Mini Doughnut sounds divine!
    For further yummy baked goods and an egg salad sandwich that will blow your mind take Highway 2 past Monroe to the Sultan Bakery in Sultan and enjoy

  13. Bee

    Loooove donuts! My new favorite is actually a tiny Western Mass chain that makes tiny donuts by the bucketfull using this little machine that looks like something out of Willy Wonka. When I worked at the mall I would time my breaks so that I would be able to get and devour a fresh batch. I need to visit Seattle, it seems like the perfect foodie city :)

  14. Martha

    Ahhh this post would have served me well a week and a half ago when I was actually in Seattle, standing on the corner of 2nd and Pike!!! Hopefully I’ll be back to Seattle again someday =)

  15. Carole

    One of the many things I love about your blog is that I don’t need to eat things like this, because your descriptions are so tantalizing, I feel like I’ve eaten them after I’ve finished reading. :)

    Voodoo Donuts in Portland is supposed to be out of this world too.

  16. Gina

    I was thisclose to trying those the other day!!! My favorite is between Daily Dozen at the southern end of the Pike Place Market and Tommy D’s at Dahlia Lounge or Bakery.

  17. Melanie Lurry

    Come to Omaha, NE! We don’t have an amazing doughnut shop, but we have a pretty good one called Donut Stop! It’s in our downtown area, and the hours are awesome 10pm-10am! My friends and I LOVE having a place to go to get a sweet tooth fix in the middle of the night! We sometimes go on late nights around 1am, get doughnuts (good old sugar coated is my favorite!) and we play board games! This shop is so cool because they have a whole shelf of board games like Monopoly, Life, Trivial Pursuit, and UNO! You can go play whenever you’d like and the coffee is free refills! :) Come visit, and I’ll buy you a doughnut!

  18. Emma @ La Vie en Ginger

    There’s a place called Doughnut Vault here in Chicago that has gotten a TON of hype. Their premise is a trip—they open “sometime between 9am and 10am” and only make 300 donuts per day, so people line up starting around 7:30am to taste the magic. Kind of obnoxious, but apparently worth it. Thanks for the reminder to put that on my to-do list.

  19. AllieNic @ Frisky Lemon

    mmMMMmm…donuts. I live in Medford, MA and I believe there are approximately 10 Dunkin’ Donuts in my town. I go there for coffee occasionally and the plain sticks call my name…but I have to say, I usually save my donut ration for homemade apple cider donuts from Boyer’s Orchard in Monkton, VT–right next to my hometown. There’s really nothing like a fresh, warm apple cider donut…dipped in hot apple cider! YUM. P.s. Donut or Doughnut?

  20. Paige

    Oh, wow. I work at Beecher’s, so what better thing to do after a few hours of throwing cheese around than walk 3 blocks on my break for some of these?! Thanks for the recommendation!

  21. Ashley

    Definitely take a road trip south to Voodoo Doughnuts here in Portland. Your taste buds will never be the same.


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