Two things.

Queen Anne 070


You know this speaks to me:

Queen Anne 073

Oh, and also:

Daniel's note and cookies 002

*True story: I woke up to this message from Daniel. Packing peanuts. Poor grammar. Swoon.



35 thoughts on “Two things.

  1. Caitlin

    Wait….that wasn’t Daniel, that was ME! And I wrote you an an entire note on that counter. I think he heard about the marriage proposal.

  2. Melissa

    *doesn’t immediately go mention it to her husband so that he knows it’s okay to be super romantic twenty-four seven*

    That’s nice.

  3. Anna

    Possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen made with packing peanuts. I got butterflies in my tummy for you after seeing this!

  4. Anne

    My husband is from Seattle so on my first trip there when we were engaged, he took me to El Diablo! We’re big coffee fans..and your pictures just took me back:)

  5. Cindy


    Daniel is alright in my book!

    I got to work the other day with an I Love You in a stickey note in my iPad.

    SWOON is right!!!

  6. Patricia

    It’s so nice that even tiny expressions make us all swoony. It’s nice that you can be swooned. I would hope that Daniel leaves little tokens of love everyday!

  7. Nicole

    I’m in love with your packing peanuts message. Way too adorable, and I may have to try that on my hubby sometime soon. :)


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